All about the Pista Dry Fruit and its Price in Pakistan

All about the Pista Dry Fruit and its Price in Pakistan

January 24, 2024

One of the most unique dry fruits in terms of both appearance and taste in Pakistan is the Pista dry fruit. This dry fruit comes in a clamshell-like outer shell, with the fruit inside being a bright green color. When roasted, the nut tends to have a very salty and nutty taste to it.

The tree from which the pistachio nut grows is thought to have originated in Iran, which is still the biggest producer of this dry fruit. The Pista usually grows best in deserts and otherwise dry weather areas. In this article, we will talk in detail about this dry fruit in Pakistan and everything to do with its price.

Pista Dry Fruit in Pakistan

Unfortunately, the majority of the Pista dry fruit found in Pakistan is imported from outside, mainly from Iran itself. While there has been discussion and efforts to cultivate it in parts of the Balochistan province, the level of production is still very little to non-existent to this day.

What affects the Pistachio Price in Pakistan?

When we talk about the Pistachio price in Pakistan, this dry fruit is definitely on the upper side among dry fruit prices. While most people know how expensive this dry fruit is, not many people are aware of why it has this price point.

The first reason, as stated above, is that the Pista requires a very specific kind of environment to cultivate, which ends up being specific enough to greatly limit the areas in which it is grown. 

The pistachio requires an area with a very cool winter time (close to zero degrees, in fact) for a significant period, followed by a dry, hot summer. This is why deserts are the main kind of region where this dry fruit is found. Other than Iran, Pistachios are grown mostly in certain drier areas of America (mostly California), as well as some Middle Eastern countries.

What this means, of course, is that this dry fruit has to be imported into Pakistan from outside. This adds a high overhead, including shipping costs, import taxes and duties and so on and so forth, which means that when it eventually reaches the consumer in Pakistan from Iran, the price tag is relatively much higher.

But even in areas where they are grown, the process itself is also quite laborious. First of all, once planted, it will take nearly five years before the tree becomes mature enough to start bearing fruit, and even then, very little. It will take close to two decades for the tree to bear the most fruit possible.

But then, even at their peak, the amount of nuts that a single tree produces is very little, which means that you have to have a very large amount of trees that have to be taken care of and managed in a single area for there to be enough product to make it worthwhile as a cultivator of the crop.

And that all is not to mention the fact that these trees alternate each year between peak and low fruit production. And when you are harvesting the amount of meticulous labor that is required, especially in places like Iran where most of the work is still done by hand, it is no surprise why the pistachio price in Pakistan is so high.

Current 1 kg Pista Price in Pakistan

Now that we have explained to you all that there is to know about why this dry fruit costs as much as it does, here is the current price of this dry fruit as of the time of writing.

As of the time of writing, the 1 kg Pista price in Pakistan is in the range of 4000 to 4500 rupees depending on where you buy them.

To give you a point of comparison, if you are not able to tell how much this price is, the mong phali, probably the most commonly consumed dry fruit in Pakistan, will cost you around 1000 rupees for the same amount.

Similarly, the price of another common dry fruit, the walnut, is about 800 to 900 rupees for a single kilogram. As you can tell from these examples, the pistachio dry fruit is definitely on the upper end of dry fruit prices.

The price is mostly comparable to the cashew nut, which is another dry fruit that is also imported in Pakistan. This dry fruit will also cost you between 4500 and 5000 rupees for one kilogram. This is probably the reason why both of these dry fruits are mostly seen used as a topping on sweet dishes and not much else.

Interestingly, while the dry fruit itself is not that common, the pista as a flavor among different kinds of foods, particularly sweet foods, is quite common in Pakistan. Everything from ice cream to even custards have Pista as a common flavor in Pakistan.


The pista is a very delicious dry fruit with quite a unique appearance among dry fruits. Unfortunately, due to being imported, the 1 kg pista price in Pakistan is usually too high for most families to afford. This means that it is usually relegated to simple topping food and not much else.


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