Best Strategy Games on Android: Choose the Top Ones

Best Strategy Games on Android: Choose the Top Ones

July 11, 2024

Android offers a variety of exciting strategy games, including a few that are impressively diverse. Sid Meier's Railroads, for example, can be a slower-paced economic simulator, or Rusted Warfare can be a fast-paced action game. Whatever your choice, you can find a game to challenge your mind and reflexes. A budget Android tablet is recommended for better performance with these games, even though you can play them on any Android phone. Listed below are our picks for the best strategy games on Google Play to help you find the right match within the genre. With options ranging from top-tier simulators to tower defense options, there's something for everyone here.

Best Android Strategy Games: Offline + Online

Raid: Shadow Legends

Its immersive gameplay and extensive champion roster make Raid: Shadow Legends one of the most popular fantasy RPGs for mobile and PC. With mystical creatures, epic battles, and strategic gameplay, Plarium's game immerses players in a dark fantasy world. The game's turn-based combat takes place across dungeons and arenas where teams of champions from different factions battle to the death. The world's leading RPG enthusiasts continue to be captivated by "Raid: Shadow Legends" because of its incredible graphics, complicated progression system, and frequent content updates.

Civilization VI

In recent years, strategy fans have been enchanted by the venerable Civilization name, and the franchise is now on mobile devices. Although it is recommended that you play it on an Android tablet for the best experience, it can be played on a desktop as well with some UI tweaks.


In Civilization VI, you can choose between England and the Huns as your civilization. As you lead them through history, you must defeat rivals, develop technologies, and spread your religion. You'll spend hours playing this game. There may be performance issues with older devices late in the game if you use an older device.

Mafia City

The number of strategy games available today is absolutely staggering, whether you want to run your own empire, fight in a fantasy world, or strategize through the Second World War. In most of them, however, you are not allowed to play a crime boss. You may have guessed by now that Mafia City is all about the mafia.


Various structures will be built and maintained in Mafia City and you will also train different units (like bikers) to expand your empire of crime cooperatively or competitively with other players. The game's popularity on mobile devices is very easy to understand.

Bloons TD 6

The Bloons franchise has made the transition seamlessly from online flash games to mobile games. TD 6 is easily the best entry in the Bloons series. There are several waves of enemies coming at you, so monkeys need to defend themselves against them. For you to win, you'll have to use every tool at your disposal, like the monkey versus balloon concept.


In addition to game modes, it has a large number of maps as well. Test your balloon and monkey knowledge with the more challenging game modes. You'll be entertained for hours. You can buy the standalone version for $7 if you don't want to subscribe to Netflix.

Rusted Warfare

The Rusted Warfare game is a fully functional RTS that is available on mobile devices. You can control a staggering number of units in Rusted Warfare, from tiny tanks to massive battleships, which are inspired by the RTS games of the 1990s. Despite Total Annihilation's dated graphics, the classic tone doesn't suffer. The chaotic battles in Rusted Warfare may seem intimidating at first, but when you learn to control the game, you'll be pleasantly surprised. With touchscreen controls, groups of units can be sent off to battle, and your production lines can be organized using a limited number of buildings.

Wrapping Up

With depth, challenge, and diverse gameplay experiences, these top Android strategy games cater to every strategic preference, from building civilizations and commanding armies to exploring space and orchestrating pandemics. This collection of strategy games on your mobile device ensures hours of engaging gameplay regardless of whether you're a fan of turn-based tactics or grand empire building.


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