How to choose the ideal children's desk and chair?

How to choose the ideal children's desk and chair?

January 21, 2024

Parents have always attached great importance to children's health. Therefore, many parents are very selective when it comes to children’s products. Children's study tables and chairs, as a tool to correct children's sitting posture when studying, have entered most families and will be popularized in every household in the future. Therefore, many businesses have seen the market prospects in this area and want to get a share of it. The current market for children's learning tables and chairs is a mixed bag. So how should you choose a better children’s study desk and chair? In this issue of Business Article Online, the editor will give you an analysis.

First of all, when choosing children’s study tables and chairs, you should pay attention to these 4 points:

 1. Look at your budget, don’t compare with brands. The most expensive is not necessarily the best, it is more important to buy the right one!
2. Depending on your age, don’t ask for too many functions. Don’t think of a set of tables and chairs as Transformers, practicality is more important!
3. Look at the material and consider safety. Not only should the load-bearing capacity of tables and chairs be considered, but also whether the material may cause radiation or allergies to children.
4. Considering the space, the apartment type is very important. Don’t choose the size blindly, space placement is very important!

First, let’s take a look at the budget. Currently, the prices of study desks on the market range from a few hundred to tens of thousands. The editordivided the brands of study desks and chairs on the market into the following categories:

The first category is foreign or Taiwanese brand learning tables and chairs: such as the originator of children's learning tables ``Moll", etc., the price is more than 8,000. Because of tariffs and distribution commissions the price-performance ratio will be relatively low.

The second category is Taiwanese brands: such as Compura, Dajiang Zhou, Yasuo, etcThe prices are also basically between 8,000~12,000 between. Relatively speaking, the price is still relatively high.

The third category is the domestic leading brand: Representative brands include Zhuoku, Doctor Youcheng, Hutong, Guangming Yuandi, etcThe price Between 2000~5000 yuan, the bidding is relatively high, and the editor still recommends this category.

The fourth category is Taobao’s miscellaneous brands: mainly concentrated brands of low-priced study tables, with prices below 1,000 yuan, and product quality The levels are uneven and there is no guarantee. Buyer also shop at UK Discount Code

In this wayAfter classification analysis, the broad category range you want to choose will be very clear. Don't underestimate our domestic brands. Their research on ergonomics is now weaker than foreign ones,The design is also more more in line with our own country’s children’s growth needs , and most of a set of children's tables and chairs are priced in the 2000-5000 yuan range, the pricing is very reasonable,so this Products of similar brands are more popular. (Of courseIf you have good economic conditions, don’t want to waste time choosing, It is possible to enter the imported study desk and chair with your eyes closed)

Next we will base on our own specific needs Rank again:


1, Is it ergonomic:Any tool we use daily should be ergonomic and < a i=3>Only ergonomically designed study desks and chairs can truly help children sit upright.

2. Adjustable tables and chairs: Children grow very quickly. When choosing study tables and chairs, be sure to choose adjustable ones. Otherwise, the height of the table and chairs does not match the height, and the child's sitting posture will become incorrect.

3. Tiltable desktop: Remember to choose a study table with adjustable desktop angle. The optimal tilt angle is between 0-50°.

4. Material safety:Do not choose various particle boards that use a large amount of adhesives, such as formaldehyde, benzene, etc. There will be more volatile and radioactive substances. Although solid wood panels are environmentally friendly, they are prone to cracking. It is best to choose solid wood composite panels with very little adhesive.

5. Structural safety: The structural safety of children's products must be very important, such as anti-hand pinching, anti-collision, soft edge sealing and rounded corner design are essential. Product gaps must comply with children's furniture standards.

After seeing this, I believe everyone should have an idea of ​​how to choose a good set of children's tables and chairs. I hope that all children can have study desks and chairs that suit them, and study happily and healthily!


It is no longer necessary to mention the importance of child safety seats, but many people still don’t know how to choose child safety seats. There are a lot of articles on how to choose child safety seats on the Internet, but there are many articles about how to choose child safety seats. The articles all start from the aspects of function, brand, safety performance, etc. In fact, the most important thing when choosing a child safety seat is to determine the group. Recommending safety seats without talking about the group is a rogue behavior. Many people are used to determining the group of child safety seats by age. However, due to differences in individual development, this approach is no longer scientific enough. The latest European i-size standard determines the first element of the group of child safety seats. It’s height, then weight, and finally age. For example, CYBEX Sirona S is a safety seat for 0-4 years old. The suitable weight range is 0-18kg and the height range is 45-105cm. Some children under the age of four are over 105cm tall and weigh 20kg. They cannot be used at this time. This is a child safety seat. When the height and weight are still within the usable range but the age exceeds the usable range, this safety seat can no longer be used. Therefore, when choosing a safety seat, you must first determine the appropriate combination based on these comprehensive factors. Customers also view at NHS Discount Voucher


After determining the group, you need to see whether reverse installation is required. According to the latest European i-size standard, children under 15 months old must use reverse-installed child safety seats. This is because the backrest of the safety seat can better support the head and neck, and transfer the impact to the child's back during emergency braking or frontal collision. The large area of ​​force on the backrest can effectively reduce the pressure on the spine, thereby reducing Impact on children's neck and head. Taking CYBEX Sirona S as an example, in order to prevent parents from turning the child safety seat to the forward direction prematurely, a DDC error-stopping device is installed. There is a steering lock key on the backrest of the safety seat shell. When the child's height is less than 76cm . If the child is less than 16 months old, the child safety seat cannot be adjusted to forward installation. Experts remind that the longer the reverse installation time, the better the security.


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