How to Remove PST password in Outlook?

How to Remove PST password in Outlook?

June 05, 2024

How to Remove PST password in Outlook?

Outlook Express is an Internet email client which is used to send and receive emails as well as manage tasks, calendar, and contacts. Normally, users of Outlook tend to keep backups of their PST files in order to protect the data stored in their Outlook. In addition, users encrypt their PST files to guard against illegal access and sharing. They can occasionally lose track of their password, which prevents them from accessing the saved PST file. The issue is that Outlook is unable to decrypt PST files. Your PST file data is therefore encrypted unless you use a third-party program to decode it.

You have two options for removing a password from a PST file. Utilizing a PST password recovery program or doing it manually. This post will cover both third-party and manual methods for successfully removing the PST password, accommodating varying user needs and technical skill levels.


Manual Methods for PST Password Removal

Now, it is time to describe the method of password retrieval from the PST file by using only the necessary tools. These instructions will prove most fascinating to you if you happen to be of the hands-on type who enjoys learning new tips on how to use his hands.

But before we can proceed, there is one thing that needs to be brought into question. As signified these are manual methods that require a user to have Microsoft Outlook installed in their computers.

Method 1: Remove PST password using pst19upg.exe

Microsoft provides the pst19upg.exe application, which was mainly used to upgrade the format of PST files in prior Outlook versions. This utility's ability to extract passwords from PST files is a little-known feature. Here's how to put it to use:

Steps to Manually Remove the Password Using pst19upg.exe

  1. Firstly, Close your Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Now create a copy of your PST file.
  3. Launch SCANPST.exe to fix the PST file.
  4. Proceed to move the file to the location of pst19upg.exe.
  5. Now, launch the Command Prompt.
  6. After entering the pst19upg.exe location, press the Enter key.
  7. Press the Enter key after entering pst19upg.exe -x PSTFileCopy.pst.
  8. After that, It will then produce a new file PSTFileCopy.psx
  9. Now, Change the name of the original PST file.
  10. Press the Enter key after entering pst19upg.exe -i PSTFileCopy.psx.
  11. Lastly, It will then generate a new file that does not have a password.


Remember that this technique is limited to Outlook versions 2002 and below. It is possible that the pst19upg.exe tool is not compatible with more recent versions of Outlook. Before undertaking this operation, always make sure you have backups of your PST files, as it requires major file structure adjustments.

Method 2: Using the Change Password Option Remove the Password from the PST File

Users who wish to erase their PST file password and know it can use this procedure. To update or remove the password from a PST file, use the built-in features in Microsoft Outlook. Here's a detailed how to:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook, then select the File tab.
  2. Select the Account Settings option by clicking Account Settings.
  3. Choose the PST file by clicking the Data Files tab.
  4. Choose the PST and Click the Settings option.
  5. Enter your previous password by clicking the Change Password button.
  6. Click the OK button after leaving the other fields empty.


Your PST file's password will be successfully removed after this procedure. You will no longer require a password in order to view the contents of this PST file going forward. Because it does not require any outside tools, it is a simple and secure solution.

Recall that Outlook is unable to recover your PST password if you have forgotten it. This situation calls for the use of a third-party PST password recovery program, which takes us to the following section of this tutorial.

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Method 3: Remove Password from PST file Using the Expert Suggested Method

SysTools Password Remover Tool is a specially developed tool to unlock PST file and to rescue PST password or to remove PST password effectively to minimize the necessity of the original password. The main apparent advantage of this tool is that it can be used on a PST file with the forgotten password. Below is a step-by-step guide extended from the original steps.

Steps to Remove PST password in Outlook Using Professional Method

  1. Install the PST password removal program in your system.
  2. Click the Add File option and Add Folder to add the Password Protected PST File.
  3. Check the Locked PST Status.
  4. Finally, to erase the password from Outlook PST, click the erase Password button.


The SysTools PST Password Remover program is a great tool for anyone who wishes to change their PST passwords since it can successfully remove the password from a PST file.


The majority of the time, users want to remove their password from Outlook data files after setting it on a PST file. Therefore, we have talked about a manual solution to unlock the pst file password in this blog. There are several options listed in this article; which one you choose is entirely up to you.


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