5 Benefits of Custom Beard Oil Boxes to Help You Boost Sales

5 Benefits of Custom Beard Oil Boxes to Help You Boost Sales

April 24, 2024

The rise of beards as a fashion statement has increased the demand for beard-care products. Beard oil, one of the basic elements of keeping facial hair in good health, has seen an exceptional growth in sales recently. This tough competition has given rise to novice marketing methods for beard oil. One such method is using custom beard oil boxes.

These boxes are used to pack beard oils or serums. A better box ensures that your product instantly gets noticed by buyers. This article explains the different benefits of using custom packaging for beard oils.

Benefits of Using Custom Beard Oil Boxes

Attract Buyers Attraction

Almost all beard oil sellers use custom packaging for their products. The trick here is not only using custom boxes but using boxes designed better than your customers. Such boxes have better visual appeal than other boxes.

Counter Brand Loyalty

Beard oil buyers are highly brand-specific. They don’t switch brands or flavors unless other brands have something impressive to offer. One way to get noticed on a store’s shelf or on social media platforms is with a different and eye-catching beard box. Online buyers are highly influenced by packing since they can’t hold the product and check its quality. The two ways you can convince an online shopper to purchase your beard oil are good looking packaging and positive reviews.

Create the Premium Beard Feel

Guys are very sensitive about their beards. They don’t hesitate to spend a few bucks extra if they get a premium product. By designing your custom beard oil boxes professionally, you can help create an air of luxury around your brand. Apart from the images, displaying important information is also critical to making your beard oil a hit.

Safety and Durability

Beard oils usually come in glass bottles. Custom boxes can help you keep these bottles safe on shelves and avoid dirt and debris, heat, and moisture. Moreover, you can ask your suppliers for inserts and cushions to keep the bottles safe for a long time.

Custom boxes allow brands to pick materials according to their business needs. For example, brands shipping boxes over long distances can use corrugated stock for increased protection against weight, pressure, and shocks.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Non-recyclable packaging doesn’t go down well with beard growers. They are generally eco-conscious folks who prefer to play a positive role while shopping. Brands can use this to their benefit and showcase their commitment to sustainable and green business practices.

Some Tips for Designing Custom Beard Oil Boxes

Research your target audience’s preferences, demographics, and purchasing power. Design packaging specifically tailored around these factors.

Use high-quality and original images. You can also go with bearded celebrities who have a huge fan following.

Make sure the packaging is easy to use, and ensures product safety in the long run.

The packaging must be consistent with your brand’s overall marketing tactics.

Final Words

Custom beard oil boxes can help you increase sales if you know how to use them properly. The benefits explained above are just the beginning. These custom printed boxes are the way forward for beard oil brands if they want to build brand recognition and authority, and multiply revenues.

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