Trending Topics to Rank Your Blog in 2024

Trending Topics to Rank Your Blog in 2024

November 28, 2023

Trending Topics to Rank Your Blog in 2024

Hey Readers,

How are you doing?

Hope, all is well.

So, today we are headed toward an unexplored world, where we check out some trending topics.

Why are they important?

Because effective keyword research is what helps you in making your blog search-worthy.

Now, if you lack research and trending topics, you failed the fight, before indulging in it.

Seems, Important?

Yes, it is.

So, today, we will do a complete analysis of some topics, and tools, and why it is good to write about them.

These topics can be of diverse niches, so basically, we all have something in this blog.

So, let’s get started with a basic introduction to keyword research, and then we will move forward to our topics.

What is Keyword Research in Blog Writing?

A computer screen displaying a diagram titled “Understanding the Basics of Keyword Research for Blogging Success”. The diagram illustrates a flowchart outlining the steps involved in keyword research. The flowchart starts with brainstorming terms related to a blog’s topic, then moves on to identifying relevant keywords with high search volume and low competition. The final steps involve incorporating these keywords into blog posts and tracking their performance.

So basically, Digital marketing is a vast sector that is known for its always-changing nature. 

And, in such a scenario, one thing that never changes is the careful use of keywords. 

Think of keywords as your online compass, guiding businesses and content creators through the ever-evolving landscape of search engines. 

So, let’s understand why it matters, how to do it, and its crucial role in boosting website traffic.

In simple terms, Keyword research is basically the process of figuring out the words and phrases people use when they search for things on the internet. 

It's about choosing the right words that match the topic of your blog and can bring in more people to read it. Think of it as talking in the same language your audience uses when they're looking for information, answers, or just something fun.

Why does keyword exploration matter for your blog?

Text overlay on a blue background reads:

It's not about digital marketing, or advertising a blog, it's about reaching the readers.

And that’s all that we need in the end after all the hectic research, writing, proofreading, and editing processes. 

So, make sure you go through all of this very keenly.

Helps People Find Your Blog:

In the vast online world, where there are so many blogs, using the right keywords is like putting up a sign that says, "Hey, come check out my blog!" It guides the right people to your content.

Gets Noticed by Search Engines:

Search engines like Google really like it when your content is closely connected to the words people are searching for. By cleverly including these words in your blog, you increase the chances of your blog showing up in search results.

Builds a Connection with Your Readers:

Keyword exploration is not just about ranking high in search results. It's also a tool to understand what your readers are interested in. By knowing their language, you can create content that speaks directly to them, making your connection with them stronger.

Keeps Your Content Relevant:

Using carefully chosen keywords ensures that your blog stays interesting and important to both your readers and search engines. This keeps people coming back for more because they know they'll find something useful and enjoyable.

Helps Plan Your Content:

It's like having a roadmap for your blog. Keyword exploration helps you see what's missing in your current content and discover new topics that people are interested in. This way, you can always keep your blog fresh and exciting.

Gives You an Edge Over Competitors:

Keeping an eye on what keywords your competitors are using can give you some smart ideas. You can find new opportunities, make your content stand out, and fill in the gaps that others might have missed.

Brings Long-lasting Traffic:

Unlike paid ads that give you quick results, using the right keywords can bring in a steady flow of visitors over time. It's like building a loyal audience that keeps coming back because they genuinely like what you're offering.

So, in the complex world of blogging, where creativity meets strategy, keyword exploration is a powerful ally. 

It's more than just a way to get your blog noticed by search engines; it's the foundation of how you create your content. 

By speaking the language of your audience, you not only boost your blog's visibility but also create a strong connection with your readers. 

So, embrace the art of keyword exploration, and watch your blog rise to new heights in the ever-changing world of the internet.

Now, let’s check out some of the tools that make your keyword research easy and understandable.

Top Tools for Keyword Research for Your Blog

Text overlay on a blue background reads:

These tools are highly recommended by me and some well-known marketers, so you can trust them surely.

Although, if you find something else, that is good, cheaper, and relatable, you can go for that also.

So, let’s begin the discussion with some free tools.

Google Trends

In the world of online analytics, Google Trends is a powerful tool provided by Google. It helps people understand what's popular in online searches over time. Instead of using complex words, let's break down the key features of Google Trends in simpler terms:

Comparing Search Terms:

Instead of just looking at one search term, you can compare the popularity of multiple terms or topics at the same time.

The results are shown on a scale from 0 to 100, with 100 being the peak popularity.

Choosing Time Periods:

You can choose specific time periods to analyze the data. This helps in seeing how the popularity of a topic changes over hours, days, months, or even years.

Location Insights:

You can see what people are searching for in different places like countries, states, or cities.

This is helpful in understanding regional interests and trends.

Related Questions and Topics:

Google Trends also shows you related questions and topics. This gives you a broader understanding of what people are interested in around a particular subject.

Real-time Updates:

The tool provides almost real-time information. This means you can stay updated on what's trending at the moment and how people's interests are changing quickly.

Category Filters:

You can filter trends into categories like Arts & Entertainment, Health, News, Science, and more. This helps you focus on specific areas of interest.

In simple terms, Google Trends is a must-have tool for marketers, researchers, and anyone curious about what people are searching for online. It helps businesses understand what customers like, discover new trends, and plan their strategies accordingly.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Strategist is a powerful tool for bloggers who want to improve how they plan their content. Let's break down its key uses for blog writing in simple terms:

Keyword Exploration:

  • Find important words related to your blog's topic.
  • Helps you discover words that many people are searching for on Google, making sure your content matches what users are looking for.

Insights into Search Volumes:

  • Understand how often specific keywords are searched each month.
  • Lets you focus on words that lots of people search for, increasing the chance that your blog will be seen.

Analysis of Competitive Landscape:

  • Check how many others are using the same keywords.
  • Helps you choose words with less competition, making it easier for your blog to appear higher in search results.

Keyword Patterns:

  • Figure out if certain keywords are becoming more or less popular over time.
  • Keeps you updated on trending topics, allowing you to adjust your content strategy accordingly.

Geographic Targeting:

  • Customize your keyword search for specific locations.
  • Useful for bloggers focusing on regional or local subjects, making sure your chosen words match where your audience is.

Ideation for Advertisement Groups (Optional):

  • Come up with ideas for organizing keywords for paid promotions.
  • Not necessarily if you don't use ads, but can give you more insights into how to group and organize keywords for advertising.

Cyclical Trends:

  • Helps in Identifying keywords that change in popularity during different seasons.
  • Helps you plan your content around seasonal trends, making sure your blog stays relevant and timely.

By using the Google Keyword Strategist, bloggers can improve their content strategy, boost their search engine optimization (SEO), and make sure their blog matches what their audience is curious about and searching for on Google.

Now, let’s move onto the Paid ones.


Ubersuggest is a helpful tool for boosting your online presence, especially when it comes to figuring out the right keywords. It was created by Neil Patel, a well-known expert in digital marketing. The tool comes in two versions: free and paid.

The free version of Ubersuggest is great for beginners or anyone looking for basic keyword suggestions. It helps you understand which words and phrases are important for improving your online content. This free version is perfect if you're just starting with SEO or need some fundamental keyword ideas to make your website perform better on search engines.

If you're more experienced or want extra features, the paid version of Ubersuggest takes keyword exploration to the next level. It gives you a detailed look at keywords, letting you see how effective they are and the competition around them. The paid version also analyzes the keyword strategies used by your competitors, providing valuable insights to improve your own approach for better results.

Whether you're just beginning to explore keywords or you're an experienced pro looking for advanced tools, Ubersuggest, with its free and premium options, is a versatile solution designed to enhance your online presence through smart keyword strategies.



In search of the right words for your blog, SEMrush Keyword planner is like a helpful friend for bloggers. This powerful tool helps discover the most relevant words, with a big collection and insights into what people are searching for. It gives content creators important information like how often people search for a term, how much competition there is, and how complicated the words are. This helps them choose words that match what they want to write about.

One cool thing about SEMrush is its ability to find long and detailed phrases. This lets bloggers connect with a more specific and interested audience. The tool also helps bloggers keep up with trends, so they can stay ahead by knowing what people are searching for. By working well with other tools and platforms, SEMrush Lexical Strategist becomes a must-have for bloggers who want their content to show up well on search engines.

SEMrush also helps bloggers figure out where they can do better than their competition. It goes beyond just finding words and offers a complete way to manage content. Whether understanding where certain words are more popular or looking at search results, SEMrush helps bloggers make smart choices to improve their content and reach a bigger and more specific audience.


Using Ahrefs to explore blog keywords means starting with basic keywords, looking closely at different keyword ideas, and carefully studying metrics like search volume and keyword difficulty. Pay attention to keywords with a good search volume, and analyze how difficult it is to rank for them. This helps you understand the potential for getting clicks and attracting organic traffic.

Organize and refine keywords based on factors like search volume and difficulty. Focus on longer, more specific keywords (called long-tail keywords) to attract targeted visitors. Check what keywords your competitors are using to find content gaps and adjust your strategy accordingly. Build a detailed content plan around the chosen keywords, creating high-quality and relevant content.

Regularly check how your blog is performing using Ahrefs, and make strategic changes based on evolving keyword trends and site analytics. Planning keywords is an ongoing process, and being adaptable to changes in how people search is crucial for long-term success.

Apart from these tools, a few like MOZ, and Similarweb, are also some of the trendy keyword research tools used widely in the industry.

You can use them all to get effective results and now, let’s move on to some of the trending topics to rank quickly.

Trending Topic to Help You Rank Well

Text overlay on a blue background reads:

In the fast-changing world of money matters, where economic ups and downs and global uncertainties can make investors feel uneasy, a carefully put-together guide for navigating the complexities of investing can be like a guiding light in a storm. As people, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic, take on more responsibility for their financial well-being, there's a growing need for solid personal finance strategies. This article aims to break down the topic of investing, focusing specifically on a step-by-step guide to investing in Crypto or something.

Understanding Money Matters After the Pandemic The effects of the pandemic have pushed individuals to strengthen their financial positions. The principal’s guide on "Creating a Personal Financial Plan" captures this common feeling. As people aim to grow their financial portfolios, systematic investment guides become crucial tools for achieving financial goals.

The Power of Conversations in Finance In the financial world, trust is essential. Conversations with industry experts, and sharing insights from professionals, carry a lot of weight. Topics like "What's Happening in Crypto? A Talk with Someone" and "Fixed Deposits: Planning for the Unexpected?" give readers expert perspectives, building trust and reliability.

Brands, with their notable interview-based content like " Exclusive Talk with Our Data Director," show how combining industry knowledge with expert opinions is effective.

Using Lists in Finance, where information overload is a constant challenge, lists provide a concise yet comprehensive solution. "Top 15 Investment Strategies for 2023" can give readers practical insights to improve their returns. Lists work well with finance audiences, allowing them to quickly go through investment options.

Understanding SaaS for Beginners In the world of Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud technology is everywhere. Guides that explain how to use SaaS products, like "The Beginner's Guide to Google Analytics" by How-to-Geek, help professionals enhance their tech skills.

Using Lists for eCommerce and SaaS in eCommerce, where there are countless products, lists are invaluable. "Top 10 Brands in India 2023" and "The 20 Best Free Note-Taking Apps in 2023" by Click Up show how lists capture attention and provide useful information.

Connecting Through Customer Stories in EdTech and Healthcare EdTech and healthcare thrive on relatability. Sharing real stories of change through customer blogs, like "How [Product/Service] is Changing the Lives of [Community]," creates a strong connection. 

Making Decisions with Product Comparisons in SaaS and eCommerce, consumers often face choices. Comparative stories like "A1 and A2: Which One is Right for You?" and "Seeking Health Loss Tips: 10 Options You Must Know" help consumers make informed decisions.

Revealing the Future with Product Updates For industries like SaaS and healthcare, staying ahead is crucial. Stories like "Google Algorithm Update – What You Need to Know" and "OpenAI Unveils 'World's First' AI Library” are some of the topics the audience can use to stay ahead with technology.

Shaping Company Culture in Finance and Healthcare Company culture blogs, covering topics like "5 Strategies for Strengthening Your Company Culture After the Layoffs" and "Companies That Make Work-Culture Enjoyable" can offer insights into the values of organizations in diverse sectors.

Making Content Creation Easier To create content efficiently, having a strong strategy, scheduling posts, creating attention-grabbing headlines, and using interviews and user-generated content are essential steps. Being flexible and recognizing optimal working periods further streamline the process.

I would love to mention a blog from where I gain such insights, so if you want to read about these topics more enthusiastically, please follow the link.


Text overlay on a white background reads:

So, this is the perfect time to end the blog.

Hope, I kept all my promises and delivered on what you came for.

If you have any suggestions, please do let me know in the comment section.

Also, if you want to discuss something about the blog, you can find me on LinkedIn.

Like I always say, it is hard to leave you all.

So, use this blog, all the tools, and strategies, to grow your blog.

Mention me on your sites, and blogs, so I'll be a part of your success journey.

Will see you in the next blog.

Till then, Stay Healthy and stay Relevant.



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Keeping up with current trends, whether they pertain to cultural phenomena or emerging technologies, is key to creating interesting content that connects with consumers.

Thanks for this great post! The information provided is very useful and well-presented. I learned a lot and will definitely be coming back for more. Your blog is a fantastic resource for anyone seeking quality information. Keep it up!

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Thank you for sharing such informative content! I found your insights incredibly helpful and enlightening. Your blog is a valuable resource, and I appreciate the effort you put into making it so informative and engaging. Keep up the great work!

As a seasoned blogger, identifying trending topics is essential for maintaining relevance and boosting readership in 2024. From emerging technologies to cultural phenomena, staying abreast of current trends ensures engaging content that resonates with audiences. Leveraging data analytics and audience insights helps prioritize topics that drive traffic and engagement.

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