5 Best Ways To Boost SEO in 2024

5 Best Ways To Boost SEO in 2024

May 04, 2024

As we step into 2024, we all are trying to update our SEO Strategies and boost our website's SEO in 2024. To help you with the same, we're here with 5 best ways to boost SEO in 2024.

We'll be discussing various elements you need to take care of and the actions you can take to boost SEO for your website and gain the visibility, audience and reach that you deserve.

UX (User Experience)

When we think of starting a website, we think about all the value we're going to provide others with. This means, user experience matters more than any other factor or element of SEO to boost your website. 

To ensure that the audience - user experience - is great, consider the following to ensure a smooth user experience.

  • To improve site speed 
  1. Compress images
  2. Clear browser cache
  3. Reduce CSS/ Javascript 
  4. Make sure the website design is attractive
  5. Make navigation easy on all types of devices
  • Test regularly to know and improve the errors and problems your users are facing.
  • Use A/B testing for different layouts, fonts, content types etc to know what's best for your website 


In addition, reduce the steps between interaction and conversion, use and insert engaging visuals on your website and, last but not least - use clear CTAs.

Video Content 

These times, users want easy ways to gain what they want and it means you have to make things easier for them to access and understand. To achieve this, sharing video content makes it easier for users to understand and utilize all the information.

Storytelling helps you provide value to your users interestingly and effectively. To make it effective you can do the mentioned -

  • To make it accessible and scalable, provide captions and transcripts for the video
  • Use engaging thumbnails and titles to increase visibility, reach and click-through rates.
  • Collaborate with different website owners, influencers and industry experts to widen your range of audience as well as information 
  • To appear in organic search and increase organic traffic on your website, use relevant keywords in descriptions and tags

All the visuals, especially videos, help your audience to understand you and your knowledge in a better way and find the solution to their queries.

Local SEO 

If you know SEO well, you'll know that Local SEO isn't just about creating a Google My Business Profile. Want to know what's important and what to do? Let's see! 

  • Providing satisfaction and then asking for reviews is a very good practice as it helps you increase your authority online as well as offline.
  • Use local keywords in the meta titles and descriptions of your content to let the search engine bots crawl and reach your web page.
  • Create content related to local news, recent events and current activities that are related to your industry and business.


  • Be active in engaging with local influencers and the local community to enhance visibility and local audience to your website.


  • Take steps to provide correct and easy-to-find information about your website and business 


These steps help you boost your website's visibility and increase the number of local audiences to your website.

Voice Search Optimization 

People use voice search to make searching fast without using hands and it seems a great option when you're occupied. The illiterate audience out there uses voice search to get what they need. 

Shortly, more than 80 percent of users will switch to voice search. To match the pace with this trend, consider -

  • Using long tail keywords that are natural and used in a conversational tone
  • Focus on providing direct and clear answers for the user's query


  • Use Schema Markup to provide relevant content and to be used in voice search results.
  • Focus on targeting local SEO and blend it according to voice search. Local audiences tend to use voice search more than the global audience 


Voice search can help you gain local audiences as well as global audiences. Content with long tail keywords helps in more conversions than short or one-word keywords.

Diverse Content 

We all get bored sometimes z and so does our audience - of repetitive content, the same format and the same type. How to gain their interest and keep them engaged?

Create content in the form of text, videos, podcasts, webinars, infographics etc. Make sure to provide quality with diverse content. With that, optimize it for search engines and add keywords and descriptions for each of them. To take a step further, add alt text.


To gain visibility, audience and authority, websites use SEO to appear in search engine result pages (SERPs). By following all the listed above steps and elements, you can give a boost to the SEO of your website and gain success. This helps you get closer to your goal and reach it faster and more effectively.

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