5 Stylish Shower Panels To Transform Your Bathroom

5 Stylish Shower Panels To Transform Your Bathroom

March 19, 2024

Are you tired of scrubbing away dirty, moldy shower grout lines? Are you dreaming of a sleek, modern bathroom that's easy to maintain? Look no further than stylish shower panels.  

These waterproof wall coverings offer a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution to traditional tiled showers, allowing you to create a spa-like oasis in your home.  

Furthermore, they are much more hygienic than tile. Without any grout lines for mold and mildew to grow, they're naturally antibacterial. This means less cleaning for you over time.  

Stylistically, shower panels mimic the look of luxury materials like stone and glass at a fraction of the cost. With seamless surfaces in various colors and textures, your shower space feels polished and hotel-esque. Installation is simpler than tile - just peel and stick the panels onto clean walls. 

This article will explore five stunning shower panel options that will elevate the look and feel of your bathroom. 


1. White Sparkle Shower Panels 

If you've been searching for something classic and handy for quite some time, then Large White Sparkle is the choice. These panels glitz your shower, living in a gentle, shiny effect, taking it to a sensational yet controlled touch of elegance. It reflects a bright and open atmosphere with its spotless white color. The pristine white creates a sense of openness and brightness, making even the smallest bathrooms feel more spacious.  

Also, these shower panels' practical benefit is their ease of use. Unlike the high-maintenance ceramic tiles that quickly foster mold and mildew growth in the grout lines, the shower panel is watertight and, therefore, seamless for constant enjoyment. The good looks come from minimal cleaning, just wiping with water to maintain a lustrous appearance. 

Moreover, the panels are designed for effortless installation. Their large size means fewer joints and a smoother, more cohesive look. With simple household tools, you can transform your shower area in no time without the hassle and mess of tiling. 


2. Subtle Grey Marble Shower Panels 

Additionally, for those who appreciate the timeless beauty of marble but desire a low-maintenance solution, the Large Subtle Grey Marble Shower Panels are a perfect choice. These panels offer authentic beauty, displaying the natural marble class but with all PVC's strength and practical qualities—waterproof, hygienic, and multifunctional. 

The grey veinings are very subtle, giving the shower depth and character to make it look sophisticated and modern. The panels will go well with any design scheme and may give an option to either have a modern or traditional aesthetic. 

Elevate your bathroom with the stunning collection of shower panels. These premium panels are designed to blend functionality and style seamlessly, creating a luxurious and modern shower experience. They're also incredibly lightweight, making installation a breeze, even in tight spaces. 


3. Concrete Shower Panels 

Embrace the industrial chic trend with the Large Concrete Shower Panels. These panels are perfect for creating a raw, urban aesthetic in your bathroom, adding depth and texture to the space. 

This panel is inspired by concrete design, which makes it visually striking and incredibly practical. The matte finish and subtle variations in tone create a sense of depth and interest, while the waterproof PVC material ensures long-lasting durability and easy maintenance. 

4. Lava Concrete Shower Panels 

If you're drawn to the rugged beauty of natural stone but prefer a more pronounced and dramatic aesthetic, the  Lava Concrete Shower Panels are an excellent option. These panels feature a bold, textured design that evokes volcanic rock's raw, untamed beauty. 

Furthermore, these panels' deep, earthy tones and irregular patterns create a striking visual impact, transforming your shower area into a true focal point. Whether you prefer a rustic or contemporary design aesthetic, these panels can add a touch of organic beauty to your bathroom. 

Like all Floors to Walls shower panels, the Lava Concrete panels are waterproof, easy to clean, and resistant to mold and mildew. They're also incredibly durable, ensuring your bathroom maintains its stunning appearance for years. 

5. Herringbone Shower Panels 

For those seeking a touch of sophistication and elegance in their bathroom, the Large Matt Chevron Herringbone Multi Blue Shower Panels or the Large Matt Chevron Herringbone Multi Navy Shower Panels are sure to impress. The panels feature vibrant patterned drapery in dark matte blue or navy hues with a herringbone pattern that lends to the space's depth and visual interest. 

The herringbone pattern is not only eye-pleasing but also whips up a feeling of energy and motion, eliciting the line of sight along the direction of the lines. It creates an optical magic that makes even the smallest room look like less of the end. 

These panels are perfect for that person who admires genuine timeless design components with a contemporary turn. Such installations may suit polished chrome fixtures and accents to ensure a minimalist and lavish style.  


Whichever shower panels you choose, ensure you get the best when transforming your bathroom design and function. Remember, shower panels are waterproof. So, they do not require special cleaning products and are quite convenient to install. 

Give shower panels a try and enjoy the charm and usefulness they bring to your bathroom as you create a spa atmosphere. Thanks to various designs and styles, you will undoubtedly select the one that will be the perfect fit for your aesthetics and atmosphere in the place that you will appreciate for a long time.  





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