6 Travel Tips for First-Time Umrah Travellers

6 Travel Tips for First-Time Umrah Travellers

March 06, 2024

As Muslims, we travel to the sacred sites where the holy city of Mecca spreads over the globe. Umrah is a lesser pilgrimage for Muslims of the world. Muslims travel there for the sacred journey frequently. This holy journey can be Hajj or Umrah, which holds immense significance for Muslims.

If you will perform Umrah for the first time, you might be looking for tips. As a first-timer, the Umrah journey might look complicated and daunting, but as a seasonal traveller, it may be easy for you.

Before starting the essential tips, one of the most critical steps is to book your Umrah travel packages. This is the most necessary step before embarking on your journey.

Here are some unique travel advice for your Umrah journey:

Plan and prepare well in advance for Umrah:

Planning and preparation for the Umrah trip is a crucial step. Can you travel without essential plans and preparations? Just think about it. Your planning and preparation list must include:

  • Arranging your travel documents and visa
  • Securing your Umrah flights
  • Make sure to have accommodation in Mecca and Medina
  • Research properly and book your Umrah trip
  • Ensure that you are aware of the Umrah rituals

Essential items for Umrah:

As a first-timer, you might need to know what essential items you require for the Umrah journey. Firstly, let it be clear that you will perform Umrah not for any other reason. So, your top priority should be packing only the essential items while excluding the otherworldly items. You can pack:

  1. Comfortable clothes and shoes
  2. Ihram attire (different for both men and women)
  3. Prayer essentials
  4. Self-care hygiene items
  5. Medications/money
  6. Emergency contact numbers

Prepare essential documents for Umrah:

Keep copies of all essential documents, including IDs, passports, and visas – pretty cool. But you are thinking about the original documents, for sure. Your original documents will help you at any stage of your trip, but the copies will help in case you lose the original ones. Ok, let’s review some essential documents of Umrah:

  1. Valid passport and visa – the primary docs
  2. You can seek an Umrah visa, but alternatives are also available
  3. Health certificate, if necessary
  4. Insurance (optional)
  5. Flight tickets or Umrah tickets 
  6. Accommodation in Mecca and Medina
  7. Money/cash/finances

Prioritize comfort during travelling:

Comfort is essential throughout your journey when travelling to Mecca/Medina. Check out the factors that allow you to feel comfortable during your trip. If you hesitate or panic during your flight, remember Allah (SWT) and keep yourself busy in your prayers. Here are the factors that depend on your comfort during travelling or stay in Saudi Arabia:

  • Weather conditions
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Staying hydrated
  • Taking care of your health
  • Take breaks while on your Umrah journey


  1. Be ready for a spiritual environment:

Umrah is a spiritual act, and you will enjoy its spirituality. But practising spirituality before departing on your Umrah journey is also best. All you need to do is focus on your intentions to perform Umrah, offer prayers, practice spirituality, remember Allah (SWT), etc.


  1. Embrace cultural experience during Umrah:

Undoubtedly, you will perform Umrah in Mecca, the holiest city of Saudi Arabia. After performing rituals, you might go to Medina. The thing to note is that you will see different cultures in Saudi Arabia, and every country has its own culture. You can also delve into Saudi culture by doing certain activities such as:

  • Explore the whole of Medina City
  • Try local cuisine
  • Check out the Saudi dresses
  • Use the Arabic language for communication
  • Visit historical and Islamic sites/Ziyarats
  • Explore the traditional life
  • Explore Saudi heritage
  • You can also hike in the mountains, for sure!



In conclusion, doing Umrah as a first-timer can be a new experience, but you can make this experience authentic and memorable. Literally, Umrah will give you an unforgettable experience – the spiritual one. It would be appreciated if you travel with your loved ones such as family members, relatives, friends, etc. But solo traveller is also acceptable. Whether you travel in any way, you must reserve your Umrah trip through a reputable travel agency. That’s an important part. Don’t forget it at any cost; it’s best to make the budget line for Umrah and reserve the things.

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