Triumph Daytona 660: A Review of the New Middleweight Supersport Tourer

Triumph Daytona 660: A Review of the New Middleweight Supersport Tourer

January 12, 2024


If you are looking for a new motorcycle that combines the thrill of a supersport with the comfort of a tourer, you might want to check out the Triumph Daytona 660. This is the latest addition to the Triumph 660cc platform, which also includes the Trident and the Tiger Sport. The Triumph Daytona 660 is a highly anticipated motorcycle that aims to fill the gap in the middleweight segment, where there are not many options for sporty and versatile bikes. In this review, we will take a closer look at the design, features, performance, price, and value of the Daytona 660, and see how it compares with other competitors in the market.

Design and Features

The Daytona 660 is based on the same engine and chassis as the Trident but with some modifications to make it more suitable for sporty riding. The engine is a liquid-cooled, 12-valve, DOHC, inline 3-cylinder that produces 81 PS at 10,250 rpm and 64 Nm at 6,250 rpm. The engine has a 270-degree crank that gives it a distinctive sound and character, as well as a smooth and linear power delivery. The engine is paired with a 6-speed gearbox that has a slip-and-assist clutch and a bi-directional quick-shifter.

The chassis is a tubular steel perimeter frame that is light and agile, with a 23.9-degree rake and a 104.7 mm trail. The suspension is a 41 mm Showa upside-down separate function fork at the front and a Showa mono-shock with preload adjustment at the rear. The brakes are Nissin twin 310 mm discs with two-piston sliding calipers at the front and a single 255 mm disc with a single-piston sliding caliper at the rear. The wheels are 17-inch cast aluminum alloy with Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires.

The Daytona 660 has a sleek and sporty design that is inspired by the previous Daytona models, such as the 675 and the 955. The bike has a full fairing that covers the radiator and the engine, a dual LED headlight with daytime running lights, a bubble windscreen, a single-seat tail unit, and an LED tail light. The bike also has a 14-liter fuel tank, a 5-inch TFT instrument panel, and a USB charging socket. The bike comes in two color options: Snowdonia white/ Sapphire Black, Satin Granite/ Satin Jet black, Carnival Red/ Sapphire Black

The Daytona 660 has a range of electronic features that enhance the riding experience and safety. The bike has ride-by-wire throttle, four riding modes (Road, Rain, Sport, and Rider), traction control, ABS, and a Bluetooth connectivity module that allows the rider to access phone calls, music, navigation, and GoPro control via the My Triumph app.

Performance and Handling

The Daytona 660 is a bike that delivers a thrilling and engaging ride, both on the road and on the track. The bike has a strong and responsive engine that offers plenty of torque and power throughout the rev range. The bike can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 230 km/h. The bike also has a smooth and precise gearbox that allows the rider to shift gears quickly and effortlessly. The quick-shifter is especially useful for upshifting and downshifting without using the clutch, which makes the ride more seamless and fun.

The bike has a nimble and agile chassis that handles well in different situations. The bike has a light and compact feel, with a low seat height of 810 mm and a dry weight of 189 kg. The bike is easy to maneuver and steer, with good balance and stability. The bike also has a compliant and adjustable suspension that absorbs the bumps and provides good feedback. The bike has a confident and powerful braking system that offers good modulation and control. The bike also has a refined and sophisticated electronics package that enhances the ride quality and safety. The riding modes allow the rider to customize the throttle response, traction control, and ABS settings according to the road conditions and preferences. The traction control and ABS are also switchable, which gives the rider more freedom and flexibility.

The Daytona 660 is a bike that excels in both sporty and touring scenarios. The bike has a sporty and aggressive riding position, with clip-on handlebars, rear-set footpegs, and a narrow seat. The bike offers good aerodynamics and wind protection, thanks to the full fairing and the windscreen. The bike also has a comfortable and ergonomic riding position, with a relaxed reach to the bars, a spacious legroom, and a supportive seat. The bike also has a decent fuel economy, with an average of 4.1 L/100 km and a range of over 300 km. The bike also has a USB charging socket that allows the rider to charge their devices on the go.

Price and Value

The Daytona 660 is a bike that offers great value for money, considering its features, performance, and quality. The bike has a price tag of ₹ 8.95 lakh (ex-showroom) in India, which is competitive and reasonable for its segment. The bike also has a low cost of ownership, maintenance, insurance, and accessories, compared to other bikes in the market. The bike also comes with a two-year unlimited mileage warranty and a 16,000 km service interval.

The Daytona 660 is a bike that competes with other middleweight supersport tourers, such as the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R and the Aprilia RS 660. The Ninja ZX-6R is a bike that has a more powerful engine, a more advanced suspension, and a more aggressive design, but it also has a higher price, a heavier weight, and a less versatile character. The RS 660 is a bike that has a more innovative engine, more sophisticated electronics, and a more stylish design, but it also has a higher price, a lower fuel capacity, and a less comfortable riding position. The Daytona 660 is a bike that has a balanced and well-rounded package, that offers a good combination of features, performance, and value.


The Triumph Daytona 660 is a bike that is a worthy successor to the legendary Daytona models, and a welcome addition to the middleweight segment. The bike is a versatile and fun bike that can satisfy both the sporty and the touring riders, with its strong and smooth engine, agile and stable chassis, sleek and sporty design, and refined and sophisticated electronics. The bike is also a value-for-money bike that offers a competitive and reasonable price, a low cost of ownership, and high quality and reliability. The bike is a bike that deserves a place in your garage, if you are looking for a new middleweight supersport tourer.

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