A Comprehensive Guide to Incontinence Product Selection

A Comprehensive Guide to Incontinence Product Selection

January 25, 2024

Roughly a third to a quarter of the American women and men population deal with incontinence. This topic doesn't frequently surface in everyday conversations since not many people may openly want to discuss it. Reasonably enough, incontinence can be a relatively sensitive topic, and understandably so. 

The good thing is no one has to feel isolated for the lack of help. As society becomes more aware, solutions continue to pop up. That steadily provides the much-needed help that hasn't been available before.  

Various incontinence products have come out, all in the bid to help every patient dealing with this condition protect and protect their most intimate secret. So, it helps to understand how to pick the best incontinence product, and this article will guide you through the process. 


What Do You Need to Know When Getting Incontinence Products? 

Adults dealing with incontinence may have a hard time expressing it to everyone around them and may prefer going low-key. That's pretty understandable. The good thing is that incontinence products let you manage your condition privately, which can be much better. These products range from adult pullups, pads, and liners to underpads, which are always handy. Here are helpful tips to help you with your selections. 

1. Assess Your Incontinence Needs  

Determining your incontinence needs can help you pick ideal products tailored to your taste. Therefore, ensure you assess the type and severity of your incontinence, classifying it as severe, light, or moderate. 

Some products cater to people of a specific gender for better fit and comfort. Still, it's best to assess your lifestyle and activity levels. That should help you find incontinence products that fit perfectly, holding your incontinence without slipping when active. 

Understanding your incontinence needs is the genesis of finding the products that fit you perfectly. For example, the Wellness Absorbent Underwear pull-on can be ideal for sensitive skin, an essential factor to consider. 

2. Understand the Product Categories  

Incontinence products are available in an assortment of categories. So, it helps to understand your options and determine what works best for you. These products range from: 

Adult diapers, pullups, and pull-on 

Pads and liners 

Underpads or bed pads 

Protective underwear 

Briefs or diapers 

Reusable products like cloth diapers, washable pads 

Skin care products like creams, wipes, cleansers 

Odor control products like deodorizing sprays, pouches, discs 

Some of these products come in complementary pairs for more efficiency. For example, your Wellness Pads can be available as an underpads and booster pad combo for added absorbency. Efficiency should be your vital consideration when picking incontinence products. 

3. Consider the Size, Fit, and Absorbency  

Your incontinence diaper or pad should be a comfortable fit. That calls for picking the sizes that hug you tenderly without pressing against your skin excessively. Still, your incontinence products shouldn't be overly large or loose fitting because that can cause substance and order leaks. Such embarrassing leaks can occur often when you're frequently active. 

Also, importantly, consider the absorbency. Simply put, your product should hold liquid—especially urine—without soaking wet and leaking. You can use highly absorbent products for maximum comfort if you frequently experience incontinence. Nonetheless, the light absorbency types can be ideal if you only get mild incontinence. 


4. Pick Between Disposable and Reusable Products 

Disposable incontinence products are typically low-cost compared to reusable varieties. But while the price should be an essential consideration, other reasons exist to pick between the two categories, including how time-saving and travel-friendly they can be. 

Consider disposable products if you need more convenience since these types can reduce the need for laundry. You may also want to pick more environmentally friendly products, which makes reusable ones more practical. 

Although reusable products can be relatively costly, they're sustainable and more cost-effective for the long haul. Ultimately, however, your choice will depend on your lifestyle and budget. 

5. Ascertain the Ease of Use  

What you pick to contain incontinence should be less effortless to use. The products should present a straightforward way of wearing and taking off to cater to emergencies resulting from urge incontinence

Disposable products can be easier to use since cleaning and disinfecting don't require complicated maintenance. Easy-to-use products can make you appear more considerate of your caregivers since that facilitates quick and effortless changing. Besides, they can give you independence during changes without requiring an extra helping hand. 

If you're more invested in personal comfort, such products can be complementary. Moreover, ease of use can positively contribute to your self-esteem due to increased privacy when dealing with incontinence. 


6. Select Products with Efficient Odor Control 

Products that neutralize odor can be way more comfortable when dealing with incontinence. They infuse odor-controlling materials and have specialized coatings with layers that trap incontinence odors. 

Some may also come with deodorizing agents and microbial components that neutralize odors, which can be handy. If you're more sensitive to fragrances, you can opt for fragrance-free products that still maintain a higher level of odor neutralization. 

A lack of attention-grabbing smells can guarantee comfort, not just to yourself but to others around you. Besides, that can be good for your confidence since it may give you some much-needed discretion when dealing with incontinence. 

7. Check the Price and Determine Your Budget 

Your chosen product should be fit for your budget. Identify ideal options that work for you and check the prices they fetch if possible. Determine the perfect product combinations that make managing your incontinence easier and assess the aggregate cost. 

If any of the products go way beyond budget, please weed out anything you won't necessarily need. However, you can get almost anything you'd want if your spending isn't limited. 

Disposable varieties may be low-cost and fit for the long term. That means they can fit smaller budgets comfortably. However, they may not always be practical in the long term compared to disposable types, which are sustainable and cost-effective in the long haul. 

If possible, pick your incontinence products to match your budget while considering the long-term costs you may incur. 

8. Engage Reputable Brands  

Companies with a track record of selling high-quality incontinence products can be your best option. You're pretty spoiled for choice with so many options to purchase these products. 

Regardless, trustworthy companies offering value for money should also be good with customer interactions. Their return policy should be fair, and their prices for every product should be reasonable. 

You can conduct online research or ask around from friends and family for the best recommendations. That can make settling with high-quality companies a breeze. 


Choosing incontinence products can be more seamless if you understand your way around them. Assessing your needs depending on your level of incontinence and acquiring high-quality and complementary products can make the journey more manageable. While incontinence can be nagging, it's not always a stamp of shame, and talking to your healthcare provider can offer some much-needed closure. 



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