Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

August 06, 2021

Air Conditioner


An air conditioner is one such electrical equipment that can change the temperature, humidity, or general quality of the air. An air conditioner, more specifically, cools your home by taking heat energy from inside and transmitting it to the outdoors, then replenishing the air inside with colder air. 


The air conditioner in a central heating and cooling system provides cool air through ductwork inside your home by providing a process that draws out the warm air, removing heat. 


How Does the System of Air Conditioner work?


Air conditioner works by transferring heat from your office or workplace to the outside. The system then blows cool air back into the building. The air is cooled by blowing it over a collection of cool pipes known as an evaporator coil in the machine. It functions similarly to a refrigerator or when water evaporates from the skin.


The evaporate coil is filled with coolant or refrigerant, which absorbs heat from the air and converts from a liquid to a gas. This is then pumped outside the building through another coil, where it cools and returns to its liquid state. As a result, the condenser is the name given to the outside coil.


The coolant is moved between the two coils by a compressor, which also changes the pressure of the coolant to ensure that it all evaporates and condenses in the correct coil.


The compressor's motor consumes all of the energy required to complete this task, and the system typically produces three times the cooling energy consumed by the compressor. This is due to the coolant changing condition from liquid to gas, which allows far more energy to be transported than the compressor utilizes.



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I agree. The evaporator and condenser coils must be proportionate in size to keep the system running seamlessly. If the indoor coil is not the right size for your unit, the air conditioner will run longer to maintain the right temperature, which can raise utility costs. A service technician will match a new indoor coil to the size and model of your unit so you can get the most use out of your system.

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