Applying Growth-Driven Design to Ecommerce

Applying Growth-Driven Design to Ecommerce

June 24, 2016

Growth Driven Design or GDD is a smarter and more powerful approach to website design risks that promotes pick performance. In other words, GDD is a completely new strategy for transforming the way you revamp your websites. It simply translates into money and time saved for your company! With GDD, you can prevent having to go through a comprehensive site makeover ever again. It is possible to accomplish it gradually, making great strides supported by data to assist convert your visitors into clients.

GDD is the most recent and exciting marketing strategy. GDD, in contrast to traditional web design, is powerful, evolutionary, and used based on actual reaction and user data, and is particularly useful for ecommerce business websites.

What Exactly Is Growth-Driven Design?

Your website, whether it is a corporate site or a sales-converting e-commerce site, is one of the most crucial parts of your company's digital landscape. It is critical to keep your website up to current, user-friendly, and optimized at all times. Due to the time-consuming nature of the procedure, the average website redesign takes 18-24 months. GDD is a smarter and more powerful approach to website design that lowers risks and drives optimal performance. In this blog, we will explain what GDD is and how it works.

How Does GDD Work?

The GDD methodology is often a three-stage process: strategy, launch pad, and continuous improvement.

Stage 1: Strategy

At this stage, you're getting things started by establishing specific, quantifiable goals. Develop an empathic approach by understanding how your website may improve your audience's purchasing journey.

The following are examples of typical deliverables that you can strive for during the strategy stage:

Astute Goal

Conduct user experience research

Make a list of tasks to be completed.

Make a basic assumption

Create buyer personas

Create a user journey map

Create a website strategy.

Create a Wishlist

Stage 2: Launch Pad

The launch of a pas website serves as a basis for future development and optimization. This phase's purpose is to quickly create a completely functional website that is better than your current one. This allows you to collect real-user data more quickly and make more informed judgments.

Make a prioritized list of the most useful pages first. Then, by employing several strategies, you can personalize your approach. For example, the 80/20 technique, which identifies the 20% of efforts that will have 80% of the impact and value for your website's user.

Once you've selected the most important action items, you may develop a website launch strategy by time-boxing each phase into sprints, which reduces project displays and revision costs.

Stage 3: Consistent Growth

GDD is all about iterative experimentation and optimization. After the launch website goes live, the team will need to develop a repeatable and agile procedure. This step is a continual procedure that takes around a year.

When you've finished the cycle, go back to the beginning and start planning your next one! The more cycles you compete in, the greater the influence your website will have.

How to Apply Growth-Driven Design on an E-commerce Website

Applying growth-driven design to ecommerce websites is seen as an effective marketing strategy that can yield significant results. People in the digital market employ GDD to present viewers with an evolving, dynamic, and implemented interface. GDD is a valuable component, particularly for e-commerce websites.

For an e-commerce website, it is necessary to be consistent, embrace security points, and include fresh, instructive, and fascinating material that directly relates to the visitors, and GDD is the most helpful in ensuring these actions. You will also learn the foundations of using GDD for your e-commerce website.

For any business activity, you need a clever plan that will offer you with a realistic idea of what steps you should do to establish a top converting e-commerce website. The term "top converting website" refers to a website that promotes conversions and ensures your future success.

Differences between Growth Driven Design (GDD) and Traditional Web Design 

However, this is just when the upfront costs are considered. A growth-driven design does not necessitate a large budget for the Launchpad site, but it will necessitate a budget to collect data and add to the website month after month. Unless you decide to redesign your website later, the majority of the expense for a standard website is spent on the initial launch.

When evaluating expenses, keep in mind that a traditional site design will cost more in the short run. However, keep the entire budget in mind. When the long-term expenses of growth-driven design are considered, there isn't a significant difference between the two approaches. Keep in mind that a growth-driven design's trial-and-error nature might assist cover ongoing costs. When you stop to think about it,


In some cases, traditional website design will be the best option. However, in the majority of cases, we truly believe that the inherent costs of growth-driven design are offset by its efficacy in generating more convergence than traditional design. GDD is a natural fit for inbound marketing because you are receiving information from your customers that informs your marketing and sales teams about where and to whom you should market digitally.

In today’s advanced scene, individuals want newer, faster, and so forth. While GDD will not assist you in purchasing more bandwidth if you have a slow-loading page, it will assist you in locating the pulse of your target audience and converting a larger number of visitors. 

GDD is useful for e-commerce websites. To prepare, create buyer personas and gather user insights from website analytics and competitor analyses. Make a wishlist and prioritize which features are essential for your e-shop. After you've completed your wishlist, you can begin working on your Launch Pad site and collecting real user data. Using the GDD approach would allow you to take complete control of your store and track its performance, allowing you to provide fascinating, relevant, and valuable content to your customers and, as a result, establish a high-converting business.

Overall, GDD is an effective and efficient strategy for achieving marketing objectives by focusing on user data.

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