Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Computing Power

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Computing Power

January 17, 2024

Advanced algorithms and computing power are important supports for promoting the digital transformation of the economy and society. The "2021-2022 Global Computing Power Index Assessment Report" released by the International Data Corporation (IDC) and others shows that for every increase in the national computing power index by 1 point on average, the corresponding digital economy scale and GDP will increase by 3.5‰ and 1.8‰ respectively. Major countries and international organizations in the world continue to strengthen the strategic layout of artificial intelligence, aiming to promote the development of cloud computing, supercomputing and other technologies, strive to improve the level of computing power services, and obtain digital dividends as much as possible.

Focus on: artificial intelligence, edge computing, high-performance computing, privacy computing, neural network deep learning algorithms, large-scale pre-training models, natural language processing, etc.

■■■Quantum information technology and quantum network

Quantum information technology can increase computing processing speed, enhance measurement accuracy and sensitivity, help improve information security capabilities, and break through the limits of traditional information systems. It has become the focus of information and communication technology development and industrial upgrading. The "Technology in 2027: 17 Ways to Change the World" report released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) pointed out that quantum networks will subvert the future world.

Focus on: quantum internet, quantum communication, quantum sensing, quantum network, quantum simulation, quantum cryptography, quantum computing, quantum measurement, etc.

■■■Metaverse and Web3 technology

Gartner predicts that by 2026, a quarter of the world’s population will spend at least one hour a day working, shopping, educating, socializing, and entertaining in the Metaverse. Accenture pointed out in the "Technology Outlook 2022" report that the future network, coding world, symbiosis of virtual and real, and unlimited computing power are shaping the enterprise metaverse. As an excellent entry point to realize the metaverse, Web3 technology can greatly improve the efficiency of data element confirmation and circulation, and promote the integration of virtual and real.

Focus on: blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, 5G/6G network, holographic imaging, Web3 technology, digital identity, distributed network, Internet of Things, digital twins, etc.

■■■Advanced machine tools and intelligent manufacturing

Advanced machine tools are of great significance in promoting innovation in manufacturing processes and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. In the context of intensified competition in global advanced manufacturing, there is an urgent need to promote the development of advanced machine tools and seize the commanding heights of manufacturing development.

Intelligent manufacturing is an important starting point for promoting the high-end and intelligent development of the manufacturing industry. It helps promote industrial technological change and optimization and upgrading. It is the key to promoting the fundamental transformation of the manufacturing industry model and corporate form. It is important for improving quality, efficiency and benefits. It is of great significance to reduce resource and energy consumption and smooth the industrial and supply chains.

Focus on: metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, CNC machine tools, five-axis linkage technology, bearing technology, precision machining technology, sensing detection technology, manufacturing software, artificial intelligence, etc. Additive manufacturing, smart workshop and factory construction technology, cloud platform technology, smart sensing technology, smart supply chain technology, industrial software, etc.

■■■Advanced robotics technology

Advanced robots are playing an increasingly important role in automobile manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, medical equipment manufacturing, emergency management and other fields. The "Technology and Innovation Report 2021" released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) lists robots as one of the world's 11 cutting-edge technologies.

Focus on: flexible robots, conversational intelligent interaction technology, system integration technology, servo motor technology, reducer technology, controller technology, motion control technology, high-performance servo drive technology, etc.

■■■General aviation equipment and drones

The development of the general aviation industry is an important means to build a modern transportation system, enhance the country's emergency response capabilities for public emergencies, and improve the country's natural disaster defense level. At the same time, in the wave of the fourth industrial revolution dominated by new technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence, unmanned aviation has emerged and flourished, and drones have opened up a new track for the development of smart innovation in civil aviation.

Focus on: aviation engines, UAV technology, electromechanical systems, avionics systems, flight control systems, general aircraft airborne equipment, unmanned aircraft, etc.

■■■Deep space exploration technology

In 2022, the "Space Exploration Prospects" report released by Euroconsult pointed out that space exploration in the next ten years will focus on three key areas: space transportation, orbital infrastructure and solar system exploration. Breakthroughs in key technologies in these areas will affect the future The depth and breadth of deep space exploration.

Focus on: design and optimization of deep space orbits, space transportation, deep space measurement and control communications, high-precision intelligent navigation of unmanned vehicles, investigation, defense and development of small near-Earth objects, on-orbit deployment, assembly and construction of very large diameter satellite antennas , Earth-lunar space development, etc.

■■■Deep Earth Exploration and Earth Monitoring

Humanity's understanding of the deep underground is still shallow. Vigorously developing deep exploration and earth monitoring technology is of great significance to revealing the laws of earth's activities and promoting human development. In recent years, our country has also launched key national R&D projects and deep geological survey projects such as "Special Earth Exploration Project" and "Deep Earth Resource Exploration and Mining". It is comprehensively promoting geological surveys from superficial to deep and expanding deep Earth resource space.

Focus on: Digital Earth construction of earth big data system, evolution and circulation of earth materials, major earthquake mechanisms and their physical prediction methods, deep earth detection methods, etc.


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