Be a part of Aajjo 8th Annual Day Celebration

Be a part of Aajjo 8th Annual Day Celebration

October 10, 2023

We are here today to make you a part of our annual celebrations, which we celebrated on 07th October rather than 10th October due to weekends.

So, today we are going to talk about our journey, our hidden gems, a bit about celebration, and lastly a thank note for all of you guys.

We perfectly remember that day, when our Founder, Director, and CEO Mr. Anand Kishor Ji led the foundation of AAJJO as a B2B Marketplace.

Our journey wasn’t easy at all.

Starting from a staff of only 5 members we are currently a family of more than 60 members.

With several departments and success stories, we are currently one of India’s leading B2B marketplace, having a vast number of clients, and engaging in an enormous number of deals every single day.

Our vision isn’t easy to achieve, but this year we have conquered several milestones and are willing to create new records in the future.

Let me introduce AAJJO shortly for the new readers and then we will talk about the celebrations and award-winners etc.

Who we are?

AAJJO is one of India’s most trusted B2B marketplaces, providing differential marketing services to sellers. 
We are also a leading online store provider that helps sellers and buyers connect with each other and sustain effective deals.

Also, known for our dynamic and successful marketing strategy, we helped a massive number of industries achieve their desired growth.

With several reputed clients, such as Ahata Industries, Yaari Industries, etc., we are one of the leading business providers in India.

We are still forwarding with a sole vision to create a considerable marketplace that offers a connecting platform to SMEs, MSMEs, and large organizations.

We understand the important needs of our customers and buyers, and we also strive to help our customers make informed purchasing decisions about what they want to buy.

We also strive to operate at a level that provides our customers with transparent, cost-effective, and real-time solutions.

In addition to providing an exceptional shopping experience for our customers, we educate people about the benefits of shopping online and show them how to save time and money.

As a team, we provide our customers with ease and convenience by offering a wide range of products and a responsive seller base, while also providing lead generation and management capabilities for our sellers.

Now, I guess our new readers get a rough understanding of who we are, and what we do.

We don’t want our regular readers to get bored, by reading about us again, because they know us very well.

So, those who are willing to know us more precisely, and to become our readers, please visit our home page. 
Also, if you are a seller, and are willing to get a free trial of our dynamic services, please visit our registration page.

Don’t worry, we don’t ask you for credit cards at all. 😊

Also, if you are willing to know about our packages, they are highly cost-efficient and are capable of helping you establish yourself in the industry.

Now let’s move on to the celebrations overview, quickly.

Be an Eye-witness of our Annual Celebration

So, this year we chose 7-star motels and resorts as our venue for the celebrations.

They are surely, dynamic and their services are surely one of the best.

With a lot of decorations, the venue was amazingly compelling and surely, it seemed like heaven on earth. 
Now, let’s move on to what we did there. 

There are a lot of surprises, by the way.

So, the celebrations start with the our host Vansh & Rahul.

We have welcome speech of our dearest Pooja Mam.

She welcomed us with thanksgiving and started the evening with the grand welcome of our respected Anand Sir.



Then, our humorous host welcomed Anand Sir on the stage for a speech.

And, believe me, what a speech that was.

He motivated us with his journey, he shared his vision, and how he sees our organization in the upcoming years.

He thanked each one of us for our role, and thus, he proved why he is a true leader.

Some of his words were:

Hey, my dear friends, I welcome you all to the 8th annual function of AAJJO. We are officially 8 years old now. I completely remember when I started this company without any technical experience. But, with the support of my dearest staff members, Munesh Ji, Pooja Mam, and Ankur Sir, we are growing day by day. And, surely create those success milestones that make this industry promising and easy for all the listed seller and buyer audiences.

I am also willing to thank each of our sellers, who had faith in us. There are several marketplaces available in the marketplace. But they chose us. So, it is our responsibility to deliver what we promise. And, I proudly say we are serving them with the best results and promise more effective results in the upcoming years.

Also, I am very thankful to all the buyer audience, who come to our marketplace, or online store for their purchase. We are working dedicatedly to make their purchase the best in all circumstances and will ensure that they don’t find any difficulty in getting their desired products. 

I also thank each one of you for being a part of our celebrations, Enjoy the moment!

Next, we witness the cake-cutting celebration. The whole hall got charged without hooting and spine-thrilling cheers, I hope you can imagine that moment.

Then, we saw several back-to-back speeches of our dearest senior, mentor. 

Whether it was the speech of our dearest Munesh Sir or Ankur Sir.

They congratulated their team and motivated us to work more enthusiastically, so we could make this path easiest for the B2B industry.

And, then came the speech of Pooja mam, and then last but not least a data mirror was presented by Divakar Saxena Ji (Sr Software Engineer), which shows how far we came from our initiative and how far we have to go.


Now Cake cutting has been start. 

Then we saw some spine-thrilling performances, whether it was the dance presentation or the singing, the performers presented their hearts out and definitely grabbed the moment with their amazing talent.

Here are some glimpses of the performances:










Now, let’s move on to the award ceremony.

The competition was surely shoulder to shoulder.

And, it was surely hard to select the winner for each award.

But the deserving got the best and motivated the rest.

A Glimpse of the Award Ceremony

So, the award ceremony begins with the first award which was for the category of Fewest Sick Leave Taken.

No doubt, the runner-up was our dearest Ravi Sir, he is surely one of the most dedicated people on our team. Working as a TL in the Data Entry team, he is surely an inspiration for his team. He is a passionate, dedicated, and smart individual, having dynamic problem-solving skills.

But, the winner surprises all of us. Ms. Arti, also known as Tannu, working as TL & Customer Relation Manager. 
She is also a well-motivated, intellectual entity, whose presence charges up the environment. 


Now, let’s move on to the next category, which was for the Best Team Leader.

Surprising everyone, our dearest SEO team head Manish Sir, confirms the runner-up spot with his responsive skill, engaging tactics, and mesmerizing personality.

And, of course, the winner was no doubt, our dearest Ravi Sir again. He is surely a dynamic personality, who believes that his team is his family. He is always with his team, and always takes a rigid stand for the wellbeing of his team and surely for AAJJO.


The next award is for the Dedicated Employee of the Year:

And, who is more deserving than our dearest Subhas Sir? But he got the spot of the runner-up position. My personal belief he is unmatchable, his level of enthusiasm, his skill, and how he handles the account team are surely extraordinary. He is a workaholic individual, always ready to work. We wish him very luck.

Surprising everyone even himself, the winner of the Dedicated Employee of the Year award was Kritarth Pandey. He is working as a content writer and the author of this blog. 😊

The next award category is Improved Performer of the Year:

What to say about the runner-up, our humblest team member, dear Karan (Dot Net Devloper). He is a tremendous personality, a great human being, and a dedicated employee. Currently, working as a backend developer, he is surely a gem for AAJJO.

You had to present there to listen to the hooting for the winner. Our dearest Assistance Sales Manager Akash Sharma, grab the award. He is surely one of the most deserving employees of AAJJO. Working dedicatedly for the past several years.

Now move on to the next award, which is for our Rising Star:

The runner-up position for this award is secured by Roopesh (Sales Executive), a well-deserved candidate for the award. He is an enthusiastic individual and has a keen skill to learn new things. We are proud of his workmanship; he is surely an important member of our sales team.

The winner of this award is our highly motivated employee from the development team, none other than Himanshu (Dot Net Developer). He is definitely a keen observer and under the guidance of Munesh Sunda(VP), he is shining brilliantly like a star. 

The very next award is for the Valuable Gem:

A highly motivated and surely one of the nicest people, I have ever met Dheeraj Kumar (Admin and Senior System operator), secured the spot of runner-up for this award. He is a dexterous being, having numerous skills, and a down-to-earth nature, that make him a very humble candidate for this award.

None other than, our dearest Puja Sarmah (HR), secured the spot of the winner and undoubtedly, she is the most deserving candidate for this role. Being an HR, she is responsible for finding amazing talents. We all are proud of her.

The next award is for the Beyond Call of Duty category:

The Award Beyond Call of Duty is secured by two of the AAJJO's important team members. There we saw a tie-up between the winner and the spot secured by our dearest Dheeraj Kumar Ji (Admin and Senior System Operator) and Divakar Saxena Ji (Sr. Software Engineer). They both are well-deserving, enthusiastic, work-centric, and great individuals. 

Last but not least, the award is for the category Employee of the Year:

The runner-up spot is secured by Akash Sharma (Assistance Sales Manager), a well-deserving candidate and a highly enthusiastic personality well-known for his team management skills. He is currently working as a team leader in the Sales team and is a valuable asset for AAJJO.

The winner of this award was none other than Ankur Goel (Sales Head). He is a perfect communicator and has dynamic team management skills. His enthusiasm and guidance play a vital role in the success of AAJJO. 

He is a leader, motivator, and also a humble personality. We are proud that we have a sales manager like Ankur sir, working with us.

This was the award ceremony, let me present some glimpses of the curricular activities we have done. Here is a glimpse of some of the dance performances, and some games we have played:



And, now here are some of the pictures, we have clicked as a team, as a family, celebrating our success. 
Hope, you find this blog interesting. 


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My Personal Experience

I found AAJJO an amazing workplace, and an organization where talent is praised.

I praise each of our staff members for their individual skills and their efficient role in making our work system safe, easy, and efficient for our clients (both buyer audience and listed Sellers).

The dedicated work system, and the experience that seniors like Munesh Sir, Ankur Sir, Puja Mam, Dheeraj Sir & don't forget our essential person Mr. Anand Kishor Ji, share with us, make our understanding deeper and more proficient.

I am surely proud of AAJJO, where our clients whether the listed Sellers or Buyers found a safe environment to get a quality deal.

It is surely an amazing fact that in a very short time period, we have achieved a name in the B2B industry and working enthusiastically to maintain that trust.

A Final Call

If you find this blog interesting, do check out our other articles.

Also, if you are a buyer and willing to buy any quality product or seeking quality deals, check out the various categories, we dealing in.

Or, if you are a Seller seeking a quality online platform to list your products or to establish your brand, check out our 15-day free trial or list by selecting one of our highly affordable packages.

Hope, you find this blog interesting, if yes, do comment with suggestions and your thoughts about us, so we can improve and serve you with the best.

Thanks for reading. 😎 

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March 20, 2024

Wow! That is some great celebration there. Wonderful seeing you guys celebrating with so much enthusiasm and happiness.

February 23, 2024

I was relieved to see your improved piece on your site because you have clearly come a long way. The more you write, the more I hope it improves.

January 11, 2024

January 11, 2024

January 02, 2024

You have a really readable and informative writing style. Outstanding effort!

December 15, 2023

I felt a genuine connection with your writing.

December 08, 2023

You write in an easy-to-read and largely informative style. Amazing work!

November 21, 2023

The company has a vision to create a comprehensive marketplace for SMEs, MSMEs, and large organizations.

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