Best Air Fryers in India for Your Kitchen

Best Air Fryers in India for Your Kitchen

January 06, 2024


The air fryer has taken the culinary world by storm in the ever-changing landscape of kitchen equipment, and India is no exception. This multipurpose culinary tool has become a household staple across the country, revolutionising the way we eat our favourite fried foods. 

The air fryer provides something for everyone, whether you're a samosa fan, a French fry fan, or a health-conscious cook. In this comprehensive review, we'll take a look at the finest air fryers in India, not only taking a detailed look at the top models but also their costs in Indian Rupees. By the conclusion of this blog, you'll be well-prepared to make an informed selection and bring a gourmet game-changer into your kitchen.

Top brand air fryers available:

1. Philips Air Fryer (Price: Starting from ₹4,500)

Philips is a brand that stands out when it comes to air fryers. Their air fryer lineup, which includes the Philips Viva Collection and the Philips Daily Collection, includes a number of solutions to suit a variety of budgets and interests. These air fryers circulate hot air using proprietary Rapid Air Technology, resulting in crispy results with little to no oil. Philips air fryers are popular due to their high build quality and cooking ability. The Philips Collection of Air Fryer, which typically costs approximately ₹4,500, has a 2.2-liter capacity and digital touch controls for perfect cooking.

2. Pigeon Air Fryer (Price: Starting from ₹2,000)

Pigeon is a brand that will not disappoint those searching for a low-cost but effective air fryer. The Pigeon Super 2.2L Air Fryer, which costs approximately rs 2,000, is a popular choice among price-conscious shoppers. This air fryer has a 2.2-liter capacity, adjustable temperature control, and a timer that runs for 30 minutes. While it lacks some of the bells and whistles of more expensive versions, it does the job well. If you are planning to buy best Coffee Maker Machine in India then visit Coupons Curry for best coupon code.

3. Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer (Price: Starting from ₹3,500)

Xiaomi, famed for its cutting-edge technology, has entered the kitchen appliance market with the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer. This air fryer, which costs roughly ₹3,500, takes a technological approach to cooking. It has app connectivity, so you can manage and monitor the cooking process from your smartphone. It's an appealing alternative for individuals who like the ease of smart gadgets in the kitchen, with a 2.6-liter capacity and accurate temperature control.

4. Inalsa Air Fryer (Price: Starting from ₹3,000)

The Inalsa Air Fryer series is intended to be user-friendly. The Inalsa Air Fryer has a 2.3-liter capacity with temperature settings that may be adjusted. With a price tag of approximately ₹3,000, it's an affordable option for people new to air frying. It is simple to operate thanks to the digital display and settings for popular recipes, and the quick hot air circulation assures equal and crispy results.

5. Havells Air Fryer (Price: Starting from ₹3,800)

Havells, a well-known brand in the Indian market, sells a variety of air fryers starting at roughly ₹3,800. With a 4-liter capacity, the Havells Prolife Digi Air Fryer is ideal for big households. It has a computerised control panel, accurate temperature control, and a 60-minute timer. Havells air fryers are noted for their longevity and cooking effectiveness, making them an excellent kitchen investment.

6. Kabel Air Fryer (Price: Starting from ₹2,500)

Kabel's Air Fryer is yet another low-cost choice for air fryers. The Kabel Air Fryer, which costs approximately 2,500, has a 2.3-liter capacity and customizable temperature settings. Its tiny size makes it ideal for smaller kitchens. While it lacks several sophisticated capabilities, it delivers on its promise of crispy, fried-like results without the need of extra oil.

7. Glen Air Fryer (Price: Starting from ₹5,000)

Glen is well-known for its long-lasting and energy-efficient kitchen appliances. The Glen Air Fryer, with a starting price of about ₹5,000, is no exception. It has a capacity of 2.8 litres, quick hot air circulation, and a digital control panel. Because of the extra-sized frying basket, it's great for making huge amounts of snacks or main dinners. While it is more expensive, its quality and performance warrant the price.

8. Agaro Air Fryer (Price: Starting from ₹2,200)

Agaro's air fryer line is affordable without sacrificing quality. The Agaro Marvel Air Fryer has a 3.2-liter capacity, customizable temperature regulation, and a 30-minute timer and costs roughly ₹2,200. It's a simple and cost-effective choice that may meet a variety of culinary purposes.

Choosing the Perfect Air Fryer 

Choosing the best air fryer for your kitchen is dependent on a number of things. Here's a comprehensive overview to help you make an educated decision:

  1. Price: If you're on a limited budget, products like Pigeon and Agaro are inexpensive. Philips and Havells provide high-quality versions at a premium price. Consider how much money you're willing to put up.
  2. Cooking Capacity: If you have a big family or enjoy hosting parties, higher capacity air fryers like Glen and Havells are worth considering. Air fryers with capacity ranging from 2.2 to 2.8 litres may be enough for smaller families. You may also check out for active coupon code.
  3. Functionality: Xiaomi's smart air fryer is a techie's dream, with smartphone connectivity and precision control. Inalsa and Agaro, on the other hand, provide simpler versions with basic settings for typical foods. Determine which aspects correspond to your culinary style.
  4. Brand Reputation: Companies such as Philips and Havells have established themselves as trustworthy, providing high-quality goods and outstanding customer service.
  5. Kitchen Space: Take measurements of your kitchen counter space and storage area to guarantee that the air fryer you choose will fit comfortably. Some versions may feature tiny designs that are appropriate for smaller kitchens.
  6. Cooking Needs: Think about the kind of foods you intend to cook. Air fryers with numerous preset modes may be a better option if you enjoy varied cooking.


Air fryers have emerged as kitchen game changers in the ever-changing culinary environment, providing the wonderful crisp of fried foods without the guilt of extra oil. Our in-depth examination of the top air fryers in India, along with costs in Indian Rupees, prepares you to make an informed decision. Whether you value cost, cutting-edge technology, or high quality, there is an air fryer for you. Say goodbye to traditional frying methods in favour of a healthier, more convenient way to enjoy your favourite fried treats. This delectable addition to your kitchen will please both your taste senses and your waistline.

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