Air Fryer: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

Air Fryer: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

December 09, 2021

Air fryers have become an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It is increasingly preferable to use minimal or no oil when preparing food. Less oil is better for your heart, your physical well-being, and it gives more flavor to your dishes.

The fact that air fryers are full of hot air is what makes them so appealing. They are essentially small, powerful ovens, and ovens utilize air as a heat transporter, whereas deep frying employs fat as a heat transporter. Since air fryers are ovens rather than fryers, the dishes that come out of your air fryer may not be exactly the same as those available at your favorite bar and restaurant.

As a result, air fryers are far less dirty and oil-intensive than deep fryers. Even better, these little ovens can do a lot more than just make fake fried food. Beautifully browned veggies, crackly-skinned chicken wings, and even light and fluffy pastries are all within reach of an air fryer.

What Are the Different Types of Air Fryers?

While there are numerous air fryers on the market, they are mainly divided into two types: basket air fryers and convection oven air fryers. The most popular are basket air fryers, which use a basket similar to a deep fryer to contain the food. Convection oven air fryers are similar to toaster or convection ovens in that they have racks to place food on and the addition of air frying capabilities.

1. Basket – Type Air Fryer

A basket type air fryer is a specialized air fryer that cooks food in a basket. The basket is frequently equipped with a handle to allow for easy tossing of the meal at one or more intervals during cooking. Basket-style cooking normally necessitates your intervention at regular intervals, depending on what you're cooking. It contains fewer moving components and, depending on the air fryer manufacturer, may have a longer life expectancy.

According to some, a basket-style air fryer is essentially a convection oven with a high-powered blower and a basket. However, the air flows within every model are actually designed to simulate the flow of oil in a deep-fryer, so there is a major difference.

2. Convection Oven Air Fryers

Convection ovens are ideal for baking pizza, roasting vegetables, casseroles, making scones and crunchy cookies. Convection ovens circulate hot air inside the oven using a powerful fan, allowing cooks to cut cooking times, control consistent food quality, and raise and decrease browning with a more uniform appearance. Before they were modified for domestic usage, convection ovens were popular in commercial kitchens.

How Does An Air Fryer Work?

An air fryer, contrary to its name, does not actually "cook." It's a mini-convection oven that cooks food by using a fan to circulate hot air around it. Food is cooked by convection in this manner, which allows it to approximate the crispiness of fried food while using significantly less oil. However, the powerful hot air is also great for roasting and even allows you to make items that you would normally cook on the grill.

In practice, this involves producing the Maillard reaction with hot air rather than heated oil. The Maillard process is responsible for the browning and crisping of food. It's the result of heating sugar and proteins, which is how steaks get that amazing sear, chips get crisp, and pastries obtain their beautiful golden brown color. Food in an air fryer is placed in a perforated or wire basket, ensuring that all sides of the food come into contact with the hot circulating air, frying it thoroughly and rapidly while crisping along the way. You'll still need some oil because the air heats it up and causes the browning. While you won't obtain the same amount of deep golden brown as you would in a deep fryer, you will get the benefit of fast cooked food with a lot less oil and fat.

Deep fryers rely on oil to give meals its trademark crunchy outside while keeping the inside soft. The air fryer, on the other hand, uses very hot air to achieve the same result, almost acting like a little oven. A heating element at the air fryer's top drives hot air down and around the food, which is suspended in a basket. The crunchy flavor of the air is left on the dish.

What Are the Advantages of An Air Fryer?

The no-fuss factor is critical. Air frying does not require constant supervision because it is set to a timer, has a regulated temperature, and an automated shut-off. At most, you'll need to flip your dish halfway through cooking time or check on it as it nears completion. It saves a lot of time. The air fryer has become increasingly popular among busy parents or when you don't want to turn on the stove or oven. You can avoid heating your butter or oil at all.

Because of the tiny size and hot air circulation, food cooks faster in the air fryer. When you're short on time in the kitchen, every minute counts. The ability to crisp up a batch of chicken nuggets, hand pies, or roast carrots without starting a cooking project is a lifesaver for busy parents. An air fryer's contained basket also translates to a clean kitchen - no splattering oil or many dirty pots and pans. The baskets are very easy to clean: The majority are non-stick and dishwasher safe.

What Can You Cook In An Air Fryer?

The possibilities for what you can cook with an air fryer are nearly limitless. But there are some items that will turn out fantastic and others that will turn out better cooked in a different way. These items will turn out well in an air fryer:

  •  Chicken, chicken wings, salmon, steak, and even hard-boiled eggs are all good sources of protein.
     Cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli
     Tubers such as sweet potatoes and potatoes
     Leftovers – No more reheating in the microwave, when they will become mushy. Toss in some day-old pizza or French fries for a refreshing crunch.
     You can bake some baked products in an air fryer, such as cinnamon buns, cookies, and even cakes. After all, air fryers have acquired the moniker "adult Easy Bake Ovens."

However, there are a few things you should avoid cooking in an Air Fryer.

Is Air Fried Food Healthy?

Air fryer manufacturers created air fryers to be a healthier alternative to deep-fried foods, not to replace traditional, beneficial food preparation methods such as roasting and grilling. Deep-fried dishes have a lot more fat than other types of cooking. While 100 g of fried and battered chicken breast has 13.2 g of fat, compared to 0.39 g of fat in oven-roasted chicken breast, many people prefer the flavor and texture of fried chicken. Because air fryers use a fraction of the oil that deep fryers do, individuals may have a more nutritious meal with identical flavours and sensations. This is ideal because reducing one's oil intake can be quite good to one's health.

Scientists have connected dietary fat from vegetable oil to a number of health problems, including an increased risk of heart disease and greater levels of inflammation. None of this proves that air-fried chicken is healthier than roasted, grilled, slow-cooked, or pan-fried chicken. There are numerous different equipment that can prepare nutritious and delicious cuisine. They simply do not produce the fried crispy texture that air fryers do.

Benefits of Having Air Fryers

When used appropriately, air fryers provide numerous health benefits:

1. Using Air Fryers Can Help Lose Weight

A larger intake of fried meals is directly linked to an increased risk of obesity. This is owing to the high fat and calorie content of deep-fried dishes.

Switching from deep-fried to air-fried items and limiting your usual intake of unhealthy oils will help you lose weight.

2. Air Fryers Is Safer Than Deep Fryers

Deep-frying foods necessitates the heating of a big container filled with boiling oil. This can be hazardous to one's safety. While air fryers do get hot, there is no risk of splashing, spilling, or touching hot oil. To maintain safety, people should use frying machines with caution and observe all instructions.

3. Air Fryers Reduce The Possibility Of Toxic Acrylamide Formation

Frying food in oil can result in the formation of hazardous chemicals such as acrylamide. This molecule formed in certain foods when they are cooked at high temperatures, such as deep frying.

Acrylamide may be linked to the development of some malignancies, including endometrial, ovarian, pancreatic, breast, and oesophageal cancer, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Additional research has revealed a relationship between dietary acrylamide and renal, endometrial, or ovarian cancer, while the findings are still preliminary.

People can reduce their exposure to acrylamide in their food by switching to air frying.

4. Reduce Intake of Deep-Fried Foods

Cooking with oil and eating traditional fried dishes on a regular basis has been linked to a variety of health problems. By substituting other cooking methods for deep frying, a person's risk of these consequences can be reduced.

Adverse Effects of Air Fryers

While air fryers have their benefits or advantages, they also have their own set of disadvantages, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

 Using An Air Fryer Does Not Guarantee A Healthy Diet

Though air fryers provide more nutritious meal selections than deep fryers, limiting fried food intake altogether can help a person's health greatly. Simply replacing all deep-fried items with air-fried dishes does not ensure a healthy diet. People should eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein for optimal health.

 Air Frying Can Produce Harmful Compounds

While air fryers lessen the possibility of acrylamide development, other potentially hazardous chemicals may still form. Air frying still has the danger of producing acrylamides, but all high-heat cooking with meat can produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines. According to the National Cancer Institute, these substances are linked to an increased risk of cancer. More research is needed to determine exactly how air frying and these chemicals are related.

How to Select an Perfect Air Fryer for Your Home Kitchen

Given the abundance of possibilities on the market, it is natural to be perplexed while purchasing electronics and electrical appliances. So, before investing in one, it is always best to consider your needs and budget.

Here are some things to think about when purchasing an air fryer:

1. Size/Capacity: Air fryers come in a variety of capacities ranging from 1 to 16 litres. A 3-litre capacity is sufficient for bachelors. Consider a 4 to 6 litre capacity air fryer for a household of four.
The basket in which you place the food has a restricted capacity. You'll have to cook your food in batches if you use a smaller air fryer.

2. Timer: Most air fryers come with a 30-minute timer. It is adequate for household cooking. If you like to experiment with difficult recipes that require a longer cook time, choose the one with a 60-minute timer.

3. Temperature: The majority of popular air fryers have a maximum temperature of 200° Celsius (400 F). Meat meals like as kebabs, tandoori, fried chicken, and so on are simple to prepare.

Other things to think about are the design (take note of how hefty the make is. Sure, an air fryer isn't as compact as a toaster, but it has more controls, is more durable, and has a higher brand value.

Best Air Fryers in India to Buy in 2022

Here we’ve explained best air fryers available in India with high-demand in the market. Have a look at these extraordinary air fryers:

1. Inalsa Air Fryer

The non-stick Inalsa 4.2L air fryer is fully adjustable and simple to use. You may swiftly satisfy your urgent demands with a 1400W power capacity because it heats up in less than 2-3 minutes and cooks your food twice as fast. It also incorporates a quick-release button for quickly disconnecting and cleaning the air-fryer basket. It is also useful for family gatherings, as the food basket is family size with a capacity of 2.9 L, allowing it to feed a big number of people at once.

This air fryer also has an intelligent knob that allows you to adjust the temperature and timer to meet your needs. In addition to chips, you can now prepare poultry, beef, curries, and even desserts. Finally, when the basket is removed, a safety system turns down the fryer.

2. SOLARA Digital Air Fryer

The Solara digital air fryer is a sleek, user-friendly, and moderately priced Indian kitchen equipment. If you like eating healthy fried meals, this air fryer is for you because the food it produces contains 85 percent less fat than other fried foods. Furthermore, with 360° air circulation, less oil is used and food cooks faster.

One of the most tempting features of this air fryer is that it comes with an advanced touch screen menu with 6 cooking pre-sets, as well as a bonus recipe eBook with over 100 recipes to allow you to experiment with different meals.

The fryer's pan is also non-stick and comes with a detachable basket. This basket is very easy to clean because it is dishwasher safe.

3. Prestige Electric Air Fryer PAF 6.0

The Prestige PAF 6.0 electric air fryer is a tiny, easy-to-use, non-sticky air fryer with a reasonable price. You may use this air fryer to cook, fry, roast, grill, and bake your favourite meals. It also contains a smoke vent, which absorbs unwanted smoke and aromas during cooking. This air fryer keeps your cholesterol in check because the extra oil drains to the bottom.

Furthermore, the continuous heat distribution guarantees that the food is cooked evenly, and this air fryer comes with an easy-to-use and clean non-stick surface. Finally, with a capacity of 2L, this product is ideal for small families on a budget.

These’re the best air fryers in India that we have well-explained. Choose one of them to get the most of the benefits.



Although research on the impacts of air-fried food is limited at the moment, experts typically recommend that consumers restrict their intake of fried food in general.

Just because something was cooked in an air fryer does not make it healthier than other foods. For maximum health, use other cooking methods in your normal dietary practices.

People who want to buy an air fryer can locate them in supermarkets or compare brands online with comparative air fryer price.

Oven roasting, grilling, baking, and pan-searing are some more cooking methods. Keeping a range of foods and cooking methods on hand will assist people in achieving a more nutritious diet.


Some Frequently Asked Questions about an Air Fryer


Q. How Does Food Taste When Cooked in an Air Fryer? Does it have the same flavor as deep-fried food?

A. Not at all. Most air fryer commercials, I suppose, claim otherwise. But in reality, there is a taste variance, even if it is negligible. It's easy to imagine it as oven-baked cuisine with crispy edges and juicy insides. However, if you would like that crackly deep-fried sensation in your palate, brush your food with a little oil, ghee, butter.

Q. What Can Be Cooked With An Air Fryer?

A. Air fryers cook food using dry heat. Consider fried dishes, as well as roasted and baked foods. It falls short when it comes to dishes that demand wet heat, such as steaming, boiling, or braising. You can, however, easily create cooked eggs in it.

Air fryers are ideally suited for the following tasks:

  •  Cooking frozen pre-fried foods: Traditional tater tots, Chicken Kebabs, McCain Smileys, and French Fries are perfectly suited for an air fryer.
     Herb Chicken, Paneer Tikkas, Spring Rolls, Samosas, and Crab Cakes are some examples of from-scratch recipes.
     Roasted or grilled vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and asparagus, french beans, and root vegetables such as carrots, beets, and turnips.
     The best feature of an air fryer is the ability to reheat food. It's ideal for reheating fried dishes, even those that have already been deep-fried using traditional methods. It does not turn food mushy or soft like a microwave oven.

Q: What Can't You Cook in an Air Fryer?

A. An air fryer cannot be used to cook any meal that requires wet heat. Furthermore, anything with a moist batter, such as bajjis or shrimp tempura, should be avoided. Because of the heated air circulation, the wet batter gets everywhere, and it can also adhere to the bottom of the device, resulting in burnt, chewy food.

Also, avoid using an air fryer to cook cheese or fresh greens. The former results in a cheesy gooey mass, but the latter will fly all over the place and cook unevenly.

Q. Is it necessary to preheat my air fryer?

A. While most manufacturers say that their appliances do not require pre-heating, it is always better to do so. An air fryer, unlike a convection oven, requires only 3 to 4 minutes of pre-heating time, and those few minutes are well worth it for optimal cooking.

Q: Do air fryers need oil?

A. Some foods require no oil when air frying, such as chicken drumsticks with skin on. However, the majority do.

However, instead of totally drowning your food in oil, an air fryer just requires about 1 or 2 teaspoons of oil. These are usually for breaded recipes, such as fish sticks or chicken fingers, where you can lightly coat them with oil before placing them in the basket.

However, don't go overboard with the oil. Excess oil accumulates in the drawer beneath the basket, and too much accumulation results in smoke, which isn't pleasant.

Q. Can I use a stainless steel bowl in an air fryer?

A. You can use any ovenproof, microwave-safe dish or mold made of glass, good quality porcelain, silicone, steel, or cast iron as long as it fits inside the basket. Cupcakes and muffins can also be made with paper molds.

Q: Can I use aluminum foil in an air fryer?

A. Yes, but you must exercise utmost caution. Before you begin, consider the following:

  1.  Place the aluminum foil only at the bottom of the basket, not on the pan, where the fat and food particles will fall.
  2.  Keep the aluminum sheet small and only cover a tiny piece of the basket rather than the entire thing. The air fryer requires the holes in the basket to be free and exposed in order for hot air to flow smoothly.
  3.  Place food on top of the aluminum foil at all times. If not, it may be sucked into the heating vent and cause a fire!
  4.  Avoid cooking acidic foods, such as tomatoes, lemon juice, and vinegar-based marinades, on aluminum foil. When the heat from the air fryer is coupled with acidic foods, it decomposes them. It will also leave a metallic taste and microscopic black particles on your food.

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