Blast Chiller

Blast Chiller

October 05, 2019

The blast chiller is one of the most important pieces of innovative equipment in a club kitchen for keeping food fresh and safe. A blast chiller is a strong freezer that rapidly cools the core temperature of items by blowing cooled air across them. The procedure is far faster than that of a regular freezer or refrigerator, which eliminates many of the problems that can arise during a slower cooling process. However, the advantages of a blast chiller extend far beyond time and convenience.

What Are the Benefits of Blast Chiller Machine? 

A blast chiller machine can be useful in a variety of ways. The following points will help to make clear.

1.Decreases Bacteria Growth

If a cook intends to refrigerate or freeze heated goods, the FDA imposes tight time limits on how rapidly they must be cooled. Dangerous bacteria can grow over time if the cooling process takes too long. The blast chiller swiftly and safely lowers the temperature of pre-cooked products on their way to storage.

2.Maintains Moisture

When food is frozen at the typical rate, the inside moisture changes into ice crystals, which might damage the structure of the food when defrosted. The blast chiller reduces the frequency and size of these crystals, allowing cooks to safely freeze everything from meat to vegetables.

3.Streamlines Food Prep

The blast chiller is also an important part of the food preparation process. Club cooks, for example, can swiftly produce a far smoother ice cream dish by avoiding ice crystals. A quick trip to the chiller can also help with baking pastry dough or handmade pasta. 

4.Locks in Freshness

Aside from the safety considerations, swiftly freezing fresh ingredients helps cooks to thaw them later without losing the fresh flavor. This is especially useful for shellfish, which must normally be served promptly. When used correctly, blast chillers lock in that new flavor until the chef is ready to defrost and prepare.

Some Other Fantastic Applications for Blast Chiller

1.Allow Baked Goods and Baked Pasta to Cool Quickly

Baked items retain their shape when they cool quickly. Pies, in particular, retain their flaky texture, and their crusts are less likely to fall flat. Blast chillers and freezers also aid in the preparation and cooling of baked pasta for sauces and braises.

2.Produce Extra Smooth Ice Creams and Sorbets

As previously indicated, rapid cooling results in smaller ice crystals. Smaller crystals enable the production of particularly smooth and creamy ice creams and sorbets. Smooth textures are beneficial in more intricate dessert dishes such as ice cream cakes and bombes.

3.Quickly Cool Beer and Wine

Blast chillers are ideal for rapidly cooling down inventory that has not been stored in a refrigerator. This is useful for beer and wine that a consumer has ordered but has been stored at room temperature.

4.Practice Cryo-Shucking

Cryo-shucking clams, oysters, and mussels is a more specialized application for blast chillers and freezers. Shellfish can be frozen in a blast freezer and then thawed in a refrigerator, and no one will ever know. They're as good as the day they were captured!

One Last Note

While a blast chiller or freezer is not a culinary necessity, it can greatly improve your restaurant's efficiency and reduce inventory loss. Cooked food products exceeding +3°C can be safely stored in a refrigerator using a blast chiller without impacting the operation of the refrigeration equipment or the condition of other food stuffs contained in the cabinet or cold room.

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