Can I Batch Save Email File in JPEG? A Comprehensive Approach

Can I Batch Save Email File in JPEG? A Comprehensive Approach

May 18, 2024

Are you using JPEG format to store email data? If you are searching for this query. Then, you have landed to the right blogpost, where we are going to batch save email file in JPEG with all attachments intact. Since there is no straightforward solution for overall conversion. To complete tasks, we have discussed experts’ recommended automated solution to perform tasks. Without any further ado, lets’ start the write-up by giving the overview of JPEG as well as email file format.

EML or Electronic Mail is a file format used to store email data. EML file format is accepted by every email client. Also, email file contains all content information like header, subject, sender and recipient email address, timestamp and much more attributes. Moreover, EML files are plain text files that comply with MIME standard, making them compatibility with most email clients.

JPEG or Joint Photographic Experts Group is a file format used to store all digital assets like images. Also, JPEG file utilizes lossy compression, which means the file size remains small. Moreover, JPEG file format is widely used graphic designing softwares, image editing software and much more. Furthermore, in JPEG file each pixel of image is combination of red, green and blue values that helps in determining color and intensity.


Crucial Reasons to Batch Save Email File in JPEG


There are several reasons that compels the user in order to switch their email informatio to JPEG format. Possible reasons are listed below for your convenience.

  • If you want visual appearance of your email message. Then, converting to JPEG file format would be handy for you. As visual representation of anything can be easily understood by novice users.
  • You can easily embed JPEG file into document for presentation purpose, where you need email information in the form of charts, graphs and other. Thus, helps user in easy navigation while presenting the things.
  • In social media platform, text files are not preserved. Converting email files to JPEG helps in sharing content on social media seamlessly.
  • Most often, when you want to send email message to someone who don’t have access to any email platforms. Then, converting to JPEG format ensures easy access of email information smoothly, as JPEG is widely supported image file format.
  • Converting all your email message to JPEG format ensures reducing in file size. Thus, helps in sending information using messaging apps having file size limitations.
  • If you want to protect your email information. Then, you can convert EML file to JPEG, as we can add encryption as well as password to get rid from any unauthorized access.


Way to Transfer Bulk Email File in JPEG

There is no direct method in order to download bulk email information in JPEG file format. To get things easy for user with utmost security, then we can use experts’ recommended automated solution where you can download all email information.


Automated Solution to Save Email File in JPEG

Considering the situations above, as we know there is no straightforward way to batch convert multiple email files in JPEG. To get rid of this scenario, use experts’ recommended automated solution by BitRecover EML Converter where you can download all email data in bulk. Also, you can download email data based on selected filters. Moreover, different file naming options to manage output of data. Plus, this tool is available for both Windows as well as Mac OS.


Prime Features of Automated Solution

  • This tool offers dual option to save EML file select file or select folder(s)
  • You can select email data into the destination of your choice. Thus, gives flexibility.
  • Convert EML to PST, MBOX, CSV and many more.
  • You can take the trial version of software where you can convert first 25 eml files/folder.
  • Smart filter option is available, where you can convert data based on selected filters like subject, to/from, etc.
  • This tool has been designed & developed in this way, so that any user can easily the software without needed any prior knowledge.



Step-by-Step Method to Convert Email File in JPEG using Automated Solution

  • Download & launch the wizard.
  • Upload *.eml Files in Software panel
  • Pick desired EML file or folders from Software UI
  • Choose JPEG as a file format to transfer bulk email file in JPEG
  • Click on convert button to start Email conversion



Key Takeaways

In the above blogpost, we have seen we cannot export email information in image supported JPEG format. To mitigate this scenario, we have discussed experts’ recommended automated solution to batch save email file in JPEG with every possible attachments intact. Moreover, if you need any specific email files, then you can utilize smart filter option feature in the software.

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