Challenges of International Students While Studying Abroad

Challenges of International Students While Studying Abroad

April 29, 2024

In today’s scenario, international studies are increasing day by day among youngsters. Studying abroad has become the biggest challenge for international students. Moreover, for international students, studying abroad is a life-changing opportunity. Studying abroad offers various benefits for international students. For example, a high standard of living, career development, quality education, and many more. Furthermore, studying abroad presents numerous difficulties for international students.

We have discussed various challenges in this article that foreign students encounter while studying in their host country. However, if they are interested in studying visa in the host country. 

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Challenges of International Students While Studying Abroad

Here are some of the challenges international students face while studying abroad:

Financial Barriers

To manage their living expenses while studying abroad, international students can use their GIC accordingly. Foreign students encounter financial hardships while studying abroad. Additionally, this may cause them can not be able to send their budget carefully. For instance, after arriving abroad, international students buy an iPhone and a car immediately. However, students need to prepare a budget list for their survival in the other country. Additionally, while creating a budget list, international students need to consider various prominent aspects, such as tuition fees, food bills, transport charges, and many more. 

Therefore, they have to follow or spend the money based on a budget list and need to avoid money wastage. International students can also earn through part-time work opportunities. 

Undesirable Atmosphere

Apartments or houses in foreign countries are much more expensive and difficult to purchase for international students. Moreover, this challenge forces them to stay or live in a basement or room. Additionally, they buy such living on rent while their studies. Also, they may share with their friends and pay the rent accordingly. Sometimes, it becomes quite difficult for some students to share their space with others as this leads to the sacrifice of their privacy.  However, sharing space with others affects their research because they don't get a quiet place

Furthermore, they feel exhausted while finding a peaceful place to focus and concentrate on their studies. Or we can say that international students unluckily find and adapt to an inappropriate environment while studying abroad. Therefore, to overcome such a challenge they need to visit the library for studies. Thus, with this, international students become able to get a favourable environment for concentrating and learning without any disturbance. 


It is very difficult for international students to leave their family and friends and move to another country. The first weeks are the most challenging weeks for them as they constantly miss their back home. As a result, it leads to homesickness. Additionally, homesickness makes them lonely, don’t let them interact with others, and avoid going out to explore. In other words, we may also say that they separate themselves from their environment or surroundings. 

Therefore, to overcome such a problem, they have to interact with their family and friends. With this, they keep them in touch with their family and friends back home. Thus, international students feel comfortable and safe while living in a foreign country. 

Language Barriers

International students studying abroad face a language barrier. Additionally, the language spoken by foreign students is not the same as that spoken in their home country. However, international students have to take an English test before moving abroad. Moreover, there are significant distinctions between learning a language and living it. Studying abroad, they must live with the language of the country. Furthermore, English is the only language they can use to communicate with their friends, locals, and professors. They may not be able to communicate with others in English due to their poor English skills. And they are not able to communicate confidently. 

Therefore, academic grades are not asked by their professors, which leads to poor grades. Thus, foreign students should enhance their English language abilities before moving overseas. They need to attend language classes and practice speaking English. This way they can overcome the language barrier when studying abroad.

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Finally, a foreign student has to face the above-mentioned problems during a study trip abroad. Therefore, they must be mentally and physically prepared to deal with all these issues before moving abroad.

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