Contributing Towards a Greener Future with Sewage Treatment Plant

Contributing Towards a Greener Future with Sewage Treatment Plant

July 19, 2022

As the population is steadily increasing, the water demand is rising at a tremendous rate. With the rise in consumption, the sewage production from houses and offices is sky-rocketing. The sewage discharge needs to be kept in check with the help of a Sewage Treatment Plant. The sewage treatment authorities cannot keep up with the production rates. As per the official report published by the government in March 2021, there are 1631 sewage treatment plants in India. The combined treating capacity of these industrial STPs is about 40% of the total sewage produced in the country. What happens to the rest of it? It gets discharged into the water bodies like rivers and oceans without providing any treatment. This is one of the main reasons behind the degrading quality of the water bodies in India. The situation needs to be in control. It can be achieved by using a Sewage Plant in homes and offices.

Today, we are going to discuss the environmental benefits, working mechanisms, how to design, and the advantages of these plants. Let’s get started with the blog at once.

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What is Sewage Treatment Plant?

The first question that comes to our mind “What is Sewage Treatment Plant?” It is a simple water cleaning machine that removes all the impurities from the water. The first one was established in 1804 in Scotland by Robert Thom. After that, the plant gained popularity as time passed and got many modifications. Even after the advancements, the basic working model of the installation is still the same. The treatment plant uses a specific technique to treat sewage produced and yields usable water.

The plant uses bacteria to decompose the biodegradable waste material present in the sewage. The bacteria eat the waste materials and convert them into water and manure. All these materials are quite useful for various purposes. The final products are clean water that can be used for washing, irrigation, etc., and manure that acts as fertilizer for crops.

What are the environmental benefits of the Sewage Plant?

When we consider the benefits a Sewage Plant offers, we realize that it helps to save our environment. As the quantity of sewage has been increasing with the increase in population, the water bodies are getting more and more polluted. To keep our environment safe and these plants are quite useful. The various benefits provided by it are as follows:

  • Disease and Infection Control: The Sewage Treatment Plant improves the quality of the sewage water generated by households. It removes all the contaminants and bacteria from the water. These bacteria and microorganisms are very harmful to humans if consumed. The plant eliminates all these using various disinfection techniques such as chlorination, UV light treatment, etc.
  • Environment Preservation: The plant keeps our environment clean and helps to reduce the amount of pollution caused by sewage. Discharge of untreated sewage in the water bodies is one of the top causes of water pollution. By providing primary treatment to sewage, the plant helps to keep rivers and oceans safe and free from pollution.
  • Produces Clean and Safe Water: By providing a complete treatment to the sewage, it can be made clean and potable. This implies that the Sewage Water Treatment Plant can clean grey water and convert it into drinkable water. It will reduce the pressure on the authorities as they cannot meet the demand for potable water. And since the population is increasing tremendously, it will be impossible to provide potable water to everyone soon.

How to Design the Sewage Treatment Plant Diagram?

One of the main things behind the efficient working of this plant is the Sewage Treatment Plant Diagram. The working and effectiveness of the installation depend on the design. If you want the most out of your treatment machine, consider the following things before purchasing or building the plant.

The first and most important thing is the size of the plant. Choose an adequate place to install it. The size of the sedimentation tank should be able to store at least sewage produced over a week. Since the sedimentation takes time, the tank must be big enough to prevent overflowing.

There should be an opening to let the user add bacteria. Manually adding the decomposing bacteria will boost the process and increase the rate of treatment. It should be kept in mind when designing the Sewage Treatment Plant.

Understanding the Sewage Treatment Plant Process

Before installing the STP, it is crucial to understand the Sewage Treatment Plant Process altogether. By knowing the process behind the efficient working of the plant, we can reap all the benefits provided. Down below, we have discussed the complete working mechanism in detail.

  • The first step in the treatment of sewage is sedimentation. It is the process in which the sewage is left undisturbed in a tank for some time. This enables the solid waste to settle down. After the solid settles, it gets removed from the tank for further processing.
  • After the solid waste gets removed, contaminated water is left in the tank. The water contains oils and grease. These float on the surface and are removed easily from the Sewage Water Treatment Plant.
  • Then comes the process of breaking down the contaminants. During this process, the contaminated water gets exposed to oxygen which sets up the bacteria to work. Then decomposition and the breakdown of the pollutants present in the water start.
  • After all the contaminants in the water are broken down into simpler forms, sand filtration takes place. During this process, the water passes through coarse sand, trapping all the pollutants present in the water. This helps to improve the quality of the water to a great extent.
  • The last step that takes place in this sewage treatment process is disinfection. It is the step when all microorganisms and harmful bacteria get removed from the treated water. The process gets completed with the help of either chlorine, ultra-violet light, or ozone. It marks the completion of the working process of the Sewage Treatment Plant.

Importance of Installing a Sewage Water Treatment Plant

Having a Sewage Water Treatment Plant provides many advantages to the user. It is most beneficial for our environment as it reduces the number of pollutants in the rivers and seas. When we consider the plant, it helps to prevent the discharge of untreated sewage. It also increases the quality of water present in local water sources such as ponds, rivers, etc. The following are some of the top advantages of having a treatment plant:

  • The first and most important benefit of having this plant is that it is economical. This means that the building cost of these STPs is very low. Due to this, everyone can afford these for their house or office.
  • Having a Sewage Treatment Plant will help you reduce your water bills. The quality of water produced by the plant after treatment is quite good. The produced water can be used for various purposes such as gardening, irrigation, cleaning, etc. This will help you reduce your dependency on water supply.
  • The plant requires minimal maintenance. You only need to clean or get the maintenance done once in 2-3 years. This proves to be much more effective in the long run.
  • Using a Sewage Plant, you can get rid of many potential diseases. When untreated water is discharged into the water sources, it becomes the cause of many diseases. Using this plant, the sewage can be given primary treatment. This will detoxify and remove all the impurities and harmful bacteria from it. 
  • As compared to the previous sewage discharge systems, the STP does not produce any odor. This benefits the users that have it installed in their homes. They can rest assured that these plants will not cause any inconvenience to their everyday life.
  • The modern Sewage Treatment Plant Process ensures that it does not produce much waste. All the components of the sewage are used in one way or another. For example, the water is treated and can be used for irrigation. The solid waste also gets decomposed and gets converted into manure acting as a natural fertilizer for the crops.


We all can agree on one thing, that a Sewage Treatment Plant is very good for our environment. It helps to prevent the removal of untreated sewage directly into the rivers and oceans. Helping to reduce the pollution levels, it also reduces the stress on the government-operated treatment plants. Another thing to understand is how it is designed. This defines the working efficiency and the effectiveness of the system.

If you also want to buy and install a Sewage Water Treatment Plant at your house or office, visit Here you will be able to find an enormous variety of products. You can compare and choose the best option that satisfies all your needs. Also, if you have any questions or queries, contact our customer support team. We are pleased to aid you in any way we can.

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