Delivery Vs Intraday Trading: Which One Is Right For You?

Delivery Vs Intraday Trading: Which One Is Right For You?

May 02, 2024

The world of stock trading can bring about both a sense of adventure and fear for new investors. For a new trader opening a demat and trading account is not enough, they often require guidance when choosing between trading strategies, namely delivery trading or intraday trading. 

In this detailed guide, we will explore the details of delivery trading and intraday trading, giving you the understanding necessary for making an educated choice about your investment path. We will also talk about a demat account and why it is important for simplifying trading in the digital age.

Delivery Trading: Building Long-Term Wealth

Delivery trading, which is also known as positional trading, primarily involves purchasing stocks and maintaining them for a substantial duration. In contrast to intraday trading where you purchase and sell within the same business day, delivery trading gives investors more chances to benefit from the extended growth of a company.

Key Highlights of Delivery Trading:

Long-term investment: Delivery trading involves building wealth gradually over a prolonged duration through delivery trading. Investors can benefit from investing in businesses with strong fundamentals and holding onto them for an extended period to capitalize on their growth.

Less Stress: In day trading, short-term price changes are the focus. However, delivery trading allows investors to take a more laid-back stance, as they do not need to focus on the distractions caused by daily market changes. This assists them in keeping a long-term outlook on their investments.

Dividend Income: Dividends are often received by investors who hold onto stocks for an extended period. This, in addition to a possible increase in capital value, allows delivery traders to earn ongoing revenue.

Tax Advantages: In numerous areas, the tax rates for long-term capital gains are lesser than those applied to short-term gains. This beneficial tax handling improves the attractiveness of delivery trading for investors who wish to manage their taxes effectively across extended periods.

Intraday Trading: Seizing Short-Term Opportunities

Intraday trading, which is also called day trading, means to purchase, and sell stocks within the same day of trading. This approach is considered more short-term in nature because traders try to take advantage of small price fluctuations to make money in a fast-paced manner.

Key Highlights of Intraday Trading:

Quick Money: Intraday traders thrive on volatility and use short-term price changes to make money within one day of trading. They watch market patterns carefully and implement quick trades to seize opportunities as and when they come up.

Leverage: Numerous brokers give margin trading facilities. This allows intraday traders to increase their buying power and potentially boost profits (or losses). Though leverage could improve returns, it also brings in more risk. Hence, traders should be wary and manage risks accordingly.

No Overnight Exposure: In delivery trading, investors hold their positions for many days or even weeks. But intraday traders don't have any overnight positions. This means that they are not affected by market changes during the night and can begin each trading session anew without any previous influence on their portfolio.

Active Monitoring is Required: Intraday trading needs continuous watching of the market and fast decision-making. Traders must be aware of news about the market, technical signs, and trading signals to find chances to make a profit and place trades accurately.

The Role of a Demat Account:

Regardless of whether you choose delivery trading or intraday trading, having a demat account is very necessary. A demat (which means "dematerialized") account acts as an electronic storage place for keeping shares and securities in digital format. This helps to make the trading process simpler and safer for people who invest money.

Here's why a demat trading account is essential:

Safe: When you own shares in a company, it is easy to lose or have them stolen. A demat trading account helps keep your shares safe in an electronic format, reducing the risks associated with physical share certificates.

Trading Convenience: When you have a demat trading account, the process of buying and selling stocks becomes easy. This is because transactions are done electronically, removing the requirement for physical paperwork. You can trade smoothly from your home or workplace without any difficulty.

Simple Record-Keeping: With your demat trading account, you have a bird’s eye view of all investments in one place. This makes managing your portfolio easier and improves financial clarity. You can follow the price movements of the securities you hold, watch how well investments are doing, and create precise reports for taxation or regulation purposes.

Helps with Trading Online: For smooth trading on many online platforms, you need a demat trading account which lets you trade in stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and other financial securities. 


Deciding on either delivery trading or intraday trading is an important choice, depending on what you aim to achieve with your investment, your risk appetite, and the way you trade. If your goal is long-term wealth growth with less tension involved, then choose delivery trading. 

This method lets investors keep their assets for more extended periods while potentially minimizing the effect of short-term market changes. On the other hand, if your interest lies in making quick profits from short-term market movements then intraday trading could be more suitable for you. 


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