1-860-516-6375 How Much Does Delta Charge for Seat Selection?

1-860-516-6375 How Much Does Delta Charge for Seat Selection?

March 18, 2024



Delta Airlines, one of the major carriers in the United States, offers various options for passengers to select seats according to their preferences. Seat selection is an essential aspect of air travel, contributing significantly to the overall comfort and convenience of the journey. In this article, we will delve into Delta Airlines' seat selection policy, including whether seats can be selected for free, the overall seating policy, and the associated charges for seat selection.

Delta Seat Selection Policy:

Delta Airlines provides passengers with the flexibility to choose their seats during the booking process, through the airline's official website, mobile app, or by contacting Delta's customer service. Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy is designed to accommodate passengers' preferences while ensuring operational efficiency.

Can You Select Seats for Free on Delta?

Delta Airlines offers complimentary seat selection to passengers within 24 hours of departure. This applies to all fare types, including Basic Economy. However, seat availability may be limited, especially for popular routes or during peak travel times. Therefore, it's advisable for passengers to select their seats as early as possible to secure their preferred seating arrangements.

Delta Seating Policy:

Delta's seating policy encompasses various factors, including fare type, loyalty status, and seat availability. Here's a breakdown of Delta's seating policy:

Fare Type:

  • Basic Economy: Passengers traveling on Basic Economy fares typically receive seat assignments at check-in. However, they have the option to purchase preferred or advance seat assignments for an additional fee.
  • Main Cabin: Passengers flying on Main Cabin fares can select seats during the booking process or at any time before check-in, subject to availability.
  • Delta Comfort+ and First Class: Passengers booking Delta Comfort+ or First Class tickets enjoy enhanced seating options, including priority seating and additional legroom.

Loyalty Status:

  • Delta SkyMiles Members: Members of Delta's loyalty program, SkyMiles, may receive complimentary seat selection benefits based on their elite status tier. Higher-tier members typically enjoy priority seating and complimentary access to preferred seats.
  • Delta SkyMiles Credit Cardholders: Certain Delta co-branded credit cardholders may also receive complimentary seat selection benefits as part of their card perks.

Seat Availability:

  • Seat availability varies depending on factors such as flight demand, aircraft type, and seat configuration. Passengers are encouraged to check seat availability during the booking process and select their seats early to secure their preferred options.

How Much Does Delta Charge for Seat Selection?

Delta Airlines offers various seat selection options, ranging from complimentary to paid selections. The charges for seat selection may vary depending on several factors, including:

Seat Type:

  • Standard Seats: Basic seating options typically come with no additional charge or may incur a minimal fee for seat selection.
  • Preferred Seats: Passengers may opt for preferred seats, which offer enhanced legroom or better location within the cabin, for an additional fee.
  • Delta Comfort+ and First Class: Upgrading to Delta Comfort+ or First Class seats involves higher charges but comes with premium amenities and services.

Booking Method:

  • Seat selection fees may vary based on whether passengers choose to select seats during the booking process, through the official website or mobile app, or at the airport check-in counter.

Flight Route and Duration:

  • Seat selection charges may be influenced by factors such as the length of the flight, route popularity, and seasonal demand.

Passenger Preferences:

  • Passengers with specific seating preferences, such as aisle or window seats, or those requiring extra legroom, may opt for seat selection options that best accommodate their needs, which may incur additional charges.


In conclusion, Delta Airlines provides passengers with a range of seat selection options to enhance their travel experience. While complimentary seat selection is available within 24 hours of departure, passengers have the flexibility to choose from various seating options based on their preferences, loyalty status, and budget. By understanding Delta's seating policy and associated charges, passengers can make informed decisions to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey with Delta Airlines.

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