Everything About an Inkjet Batch Coding Machine

Everything About an Inkjet Batch Coding Machine

August 25, 2022

With the recent increase in product production and packaging companies, the need for batch coding is increasing. It resulted in an increased demand for devices used to print these codes. The Inkjet Batch Coding Machine is becoming popular with the passing time because of its application and advantages. It can be overwhelming trying to find the best device for your requirements. It is because of a plethora of technologies and variants present in the market.

Batch coding helps to keep track of the production of various products on a manufacturing line. It also helps to maintain complete data of the stocks available of any product in the storage area. Additionally, they are crucial for tracking the product at every step of the production process. It helps in the processing and distribution of the product at all stages. Many distinct industries require these devices to print clear & unique batch codes on product labels and packings. This Batch Coding Machine is sure helpful for manufacturers and packaging companies.

Today, we will discuss these devices in detail & you will be able to choose the best one for yourself. We will discuss everything from different types of these machines, their importance, and working mechanism to how to select them. Let us start.

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What is a Batch Code?

Before we discuss the Handheld Inkjet Batch Coding Machine, it is crucial to understand what is a batch code. These are crucial for any manufacturing company as they help keep track of production and distribution. A batch code is simply a combination of letters and numbers. It represents the exact date and time when the products got manufactured and packed. In a sense, these are the names given to a specific batch of manufactured products.

This code is crucial and helps the customer to understand when the products were manufactured. It is much advantageous information enabling us to keep track of the date to which a product is usable. The same products manufactured by a brand can contain different batch codes. It is because both could have been made on separate distinctive dates or times. We will now discuss various kinds of Inkjet Batch Coding Machine in detail since you know about the batch code.

Different Types of Batch Coding Machine

With the advancing technology, many different types of Batch Coding Machines are available on the market. It is crucial to know about these variants. It will help in choosing the best one that suits our requirements. These devices are usually categorised based on two things. The first one is the level of automation & the other one is the printing technique. Now you will get to know about both these classifications one by one.

Based on the Level of Automation

The level of automation determines the printing efficiency and the requirement of human labourers to operate the machine. When we consider this characteristic, these devices can be classified into the following three kinds:

  • Automatic Batch Coding Machine: The first kind is the Automatic Batch Coding Machine. This machine does not require any human involvement to work. All you need to do is upload the details of the batch code. After that, the device will automatically print it on the products. It provides the maximum level of efficiency and the best print quality. But it also increases the overall price of the machine.
  • Semi-Automatic Batch Coding Machine: The next one is the semi-automatic version of the machine. This one needs some human involvement to print the codes on any product. In addition to uploading the code details, it needs an operator for proper functioning. It is the reason that this machine is priced moderately.
  • Manual Batch Coding Machine: The final one is the Manual Batch Coding Machine model. It requires human workers to function and print codes on the products and packings. This one is also the lowest-priced device among all the various kinds.

Based on Printing Technique

There are mainly two types when considering the various techniques to print the codes. These methods are contact printing and non-contact printing. It does not matter whether it is an automatic or manual, the Batch Coding Machine can be classified under these categories.

  • Contact Batch Coders: As indicated by the name, these batch code printers come in contact with the surface to print. These are conventional batch printers that were used before the invention of inkjet and laser printers. Some examples are metal or rubber stamps and thermal transfer overprinting.
  • Non-Contact Batch Coders: These are the advanced batch printers that never touch the surface of the product on which it prints. The usual techniques falling under this category are laser and ink spray printing. This technique is much faster and more efficient than contact printers. It also provides much better quality and finishing of the final result. Some examples are the continuous Handheld Inkjet Batch Coding Machine and laser batch coders.

Various Batch Coding Technologies Used for Printing

The process of batch coding uses various kinds of technologies that work efficiently to provide results. The techniques used by the Inkjet Batch Coding Machine are listed below for complete understanding. These provide fast and smooth working procedures with high-quality and crystal-clear codes.

  • Continuous Inkjet Printing: In this technique, the ink is sprayed over the surface to print clear and accurate codes. It is a type of non-contact printing method that provides high efficiency. The batch codes printed are never blurry or have any print defects. It also does not damage the target surface in any manner.
  • Thermal Transfer Overprinting: This technique uses a ribbon with a substrate to print codes on the surface of any material. It pushes the ribbon to the target with a printhead and imprints the code on it. Also known as TTO, it is a type of contact printing where the mechanism comes in direct contact with the surface.
  • Laser Printing: It is an advanced batch code printing technique used to print codes on surfaces like paper, plastic, metal, etc. It employs a laser to imprint the code on the target surface. We can print serial codes, barcodes, QR codes, etc. Laser printers can also print complex designs and patterns compared to inkjet printers.
  • Thermal Inkjet Printing: The thermal inkjet printer uses a cartridge that contains dry ink to imprint the codes on the target surface. It heats the ink to apply it to the surface. It also helps to increase the print quality and makes it sharp & clear.

Is the Handheld Inkjet Batch Coding Machine Worth the Investment?

We have discussed almost everything you need to know about the Handheld Inkjet Batch Coding Machine. Now the question pops up in our mind, is the device worth the investment? The device is worth it if you need to print codes on your products to identify and track them. To better make you understand the importance of the device, we have listed its key advantages. The machine helps to improve the efficiency of the batch printing process.

  • Better Traceability: With the help of these machines, you can easily track your products back to their manufacturing date. If any problem occurs in a product, its complete batch could be tracked and checked for issues. It is also easier to keep track of the stocks at the storage warehouse.
  • Minimal Maintenance: These Batch Coding Machines require almost no maintenance and work for years without problems. Still, we recommend getting the machine serviced at regular intervals. It will ensure proper working and maximum printing efficiency.
  • High-Performance Factor: These devices provide high-performance to their users. It is designed to work fast and print batch codes with maximum efficiency. 
  • Sealed Ink Cartridges: The ink cartridges used in the machine are safe for usage and leakage-proof. With this, the overall safety of the user increases while using it. It also improves the work efficiency and quality of the device immensely.
  • Easy to Use: The usage method of the Inkjet Batch Coding Machine is simple. It is usable with complete ease without having any prior technical knowledge. It has a user manual that helps understand how to use it. You can refer to the manual and start using the device easily.

Various Industries that Use a Batch Coding Machine

The Batch Coding Machine has been making its place in various industries due to its high performance and dependability. It has become one of the most trustable devices when we consider printing batch codes. Now you may be thinking about whether the machine is suitable for your industry or not. We have made a list of top industries where it is used. With the help of the details given below, you can determine if it is beneficial for you or not.

  • Industrial Manufacturing: The device most commonly functions in the manufacturing industry where any type of bulk production is ongoing. It is done to maintain data regarding the manufacturing process and stay updated on the number of products produced. The target surface on which the code is printed can be curved or round. To imprint on these surfaces, non-contact printers are the best option.
  • Pharmaceuticals: The role of an Inkjet Batch Coding Machine in the pharmaceutical industry is enormous. If the medicine is found defective or contaminated, the batch gets identified quickly. These printers can also print other details like manufactured date, expiry date, marks for originality, etc. Some common techniques used in this industry are laser and continuous inkjet printing.
  • Food and Beverages: Products should be marked with proper batch codes in the food and beverage industry. In this industry, various packaging materials are present on which the batch codes are imprinted. These can be paper, plastic, metal, etc. If laser printing is used, it can cause harm to the food materials. A continuous inkjet printer is the best option for this purpose. It sprays liquid ink on the surface that dries as soon as it comes in contact with the target.

Choosing the Best Online Inkjet Batch Coding Machine

We can help you if you need to find the best Online Inkjet Batch Coding Machine. Various factors influence the overall working of the device that you should know. We listed the most common elements you should remember while choosing the machine online.

  • Quality of the Batch Coder: The first and most important thing is the quality of the device. If you are purchasing it online, various things can tell you about its quality. Read the buyers’ reviews or ask for a demonstration. They both will help you in analysing the quality of the device.
  • Manufacturer Details: Next thing you need to check is the manufacturers' details. Many producers manufacture these devices, but not all of them are worth the investment. Check their details carefully and analyse their Inkjet Batch Coding Machine to get proper information about them.
  • Pricing: The price of any device is a huge factor you should look at. There can be two completely identical products but offered at different prices. Always compare various products based on their features and prices to find the best one. It will also help you keep your expenses on the device in your budget.
  • Product Ratings: Remember to look at various buyers' reviews when finding the Online Inkjet Printing Batch Coding Machine. They will help you understand all the pros and cons of the product. Instead of checking the 5-star or 1-star reviews, you should look at 3-star or 4-star reviews. They are most authentic and provide the best insight and details regarding the product.
  • Ask for a Product Demonstration: You should always ask the manufacturer or seller to provide a working demonstration of the Batch Coding Machine. It will help you to understand its work mechanism and efficiency. It depends on the vendor whether they will demonstrate the product at your home/workplace or you have to visit them. It will be much beneficial wherever you get it.

A Final Thought

We have discussed all factors you require to choose the best Inkjet Batch Coding Machine. Remember to compare various products while you try to find the best match according to your requirements. Comparing will also help you get the best deal and more features at affordable prices. There is no doubt that these devices are very beneficial for many industries.

If you want to purchase the machine for your requirements, take a look at our offered products. You will find an enormous variety of products that will meet all your needs and provide complete satisfaction. We have an extensive list of top Batch Coding Machine manufacturers and sellers, providing premium quality products. If you stumble upon any problems, our customer support team will help. They will guide you through the complete process until you get complete satisfaction.

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