Everything You Need To Know About Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant

Everything You Need To Know About Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant

August 09, 2022

An Asphalt Drum Mix Plant is a type of professional mixing equipment that produces asphalt mixture in continuous drum mode, i.e., during a continuous mixing time. In addition, aggregate heating, drying, and material mixing occur in the drum. As a result, it is pretty compelling. This continuous asphalt mixing plant is commonly used in construction engineering, water and power, harbor, wharf, highway, railway, airport, and bridge building, among other things. It has a cold aggregate supply system, a combustion system, a drying system, a mixing system, a water dust collector, an asphalt supply system, and an electrical control system.

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant is used to produce hot mix asphalt. These factories use specific amounts of aggregates, sand, bitumen, and other materials to manufacture asphalt, often known as blacktop or asphalt concrete. The primary function of an asphalt mixing plant is to heat aggregates before mixing them with bitumen and other adhesive components to produce hot mix asphalt. Specific needs determine the quantity and nature of the aggregate. It might be a single-sized substance or a blend of several materials of varied sizes, as well as a mix of fine and coarse particles.

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What Are The Types of Asphalt Plants?

The operation of the Asphalt Drum Mix Plant India is also affected by the type of asphalt plant. Asphalt plants are classified into two types. Each model makes hot mix asphalt. However, these plants have significant distinctions regarding how they produce the intended outputs and operate.

1. Batch Mix Plant 

An asphalt concrete batch mix facility consists of various components. One of the essential features of such facilities is cold aggregate feeder bins to store and feed aggregates in multiple segments based on their size. They also include an additional feeding belt beneath each compartment.

The conveyor transports aggregate from one conveyor to the next. Finally, the entire material is placed on the drying drum. However, the aggregates must also pass through the vibrating screen to guarantee that any large materials are removed.

A burner unit removes moisture and heats the aggregates to guarantee an optimal mixing temperature in the drying drum. The aggregates are transported to the top of the tower using an elevator. The tower comprises three Drum Mix Plant Components: a vibrating screen, heated bins, and a mixing unit. Once the aggregates have been separated by size by the vibrating screen, they are temporarily kept in various compartments known as hot bins.

Hot bins separate the aggregate for a set period before releasing it into the mixing machine. Bitumen and other critical ingredients are frequently released into the mixing unit when the aggregates are weighed and released.

Installing air pollution control systems is critical in most industrial sectors to ensure the sustainability and eco-friendliness of asphalt plants. To collect dust particles, bag filter devices are frequently utilized. 

The aggregate elevator regularly recycles the dust that is produced there.

2. Drum Mix Plant

Drum mix asphalt facilities are very similar to batch mix plants. Drum mix plants make use of cold bins. Furthermore, until the aggregates reach the drum after passing through the vibrating screen to separate them based on size, the procedure is identical to the batch mix plant.

The dram serves two purposes: drying and mixing. The aggregates are heated in the drum's first section. The aggregates are then combined with bitumen and other filter material. The drum mix asphalt factory is a continuous mixing facility, which should be noted. As a result, compact containers or suitable materials are employed to hold the hot mix asphalt.

Because bitumen is mixed later in the process, it is first held in separate tanks before being introduced into the second half of the drum. To avoid pollution, it is critical to maintain optimal air quality. For this reason, pollution control devices such as wet scrubbers or bag filters are commonly employed in drum mix asphalt facilities.

These two types of plants share some components and operating operations. For example, feed bins are necessary components in both batch and continuous processes. Similarly, a vibrating screen is essential in each asphalt factory. Bucket elevators, mixing units such as drums, weighing hoppers, storage tanks, bag filters, and control cabins are vital components of both batch and drum mix facilities.

Aspects of the Asphalt Drum Mixing Plants Burner

Some of the main points of the Asphalt Plant Burner is to create burners that combine and allow to heat of the aggregates to be suitable for bitumen coating evenly. Here are some key features of an Asphalt Drum Mixing Damar Plant

  • Excellent thermal efficiency
  • Easy to care for
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Simple to use
  • Sturdy construction
  • An openable hinged door plate allows for simple routine maintenance.
  • Air regulating system with high torque hydraulic ram - trouble-free air controlling
  • Electrical safety protection guard
  • Low RPM pump and solenoid valves controlled by the liver

How To Operate Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant

Continuous mixing plants are divided into asphalt drum mix plants and counter flow asphalt mixing plants. Both of these factories manufacture hot mix asphalt in a continuous operation. There are also batch mix plants that produce hot mix asphalt in batches. The ultimate result is hot mix asphalt. However, the processes of batching plants and continuous plants are entirely different. The variance in the process causes the quality of hot mix asphalt to differ across all plant types.

Loading cold aggregates into feed bins is the first step in the Asphalt Drum Mix Plant operation. The equipment typically has three or four bin feeders (or more), and aggregates are put into various bins based on size. This is done to grade different aggregate sizes according to the project's requirements. Each compartment has a movable gate for controlling the flow of material. Below the bins is a long conveyor belt that transports the aggregates to the scalping screen.

The screening procedure comes next. This single-deck vibrating screen removes large aggregates and keeps them from entering the drum.

The charging conveyor is critical in the asphalt plant process because it not only transports cold particles from below the screen to the drum but also weighs the aggregates. This conveyor has a load cell that constantly entertains the aggregates and gives a signal to the control panel.

The drying and mixing drum is in charge of two operations: drying and mixing. This drum constantly rotates, and aggregates are transferred from one end to another during the revolution. The heat from the burner flame is applied to the aggregates to minimize moisture content. In a parallel flow plant, the aggregates migrate away from the burner flame, whereas, in a counter flow plant, the aggregates move towards the burner flame. The heated aggregates are mixed with bitumen and minerals at the other end of the drum. The drum is essential in the Asphalt Drum Mix Plant operation.

The drying drum burner's fuel tank stores and delivers fuel to the drum burner. Aside from that, the main component comprises asphalt storage tanks that store, heat, and pump needed asphalt to the drying drum for mixing with hot aggregates. Filler silos add optional filler and binder material to the mixer.

Pollution control technologies are essential in the process. They aid in the removal of potentially dangerous gases from the environment. The primary dust collector is a dry dust collector that works in tandem with the secondary dust collector, which can be either a bag filter or a wet dust scrubber.

The load-out conveyor collects ready hot mix asphalt from beneath the drum and transports it to the waiting vehicle or storage silo. The HMA is stored in an optional storage silo until the truck arrives.

The control panel on today's equipment is modern and complex. They enable the storage of several mixed formulations based on consumer demand. The plant can be controlled from a single location via the control panel.

Continuous mixing plants are classified into two types: parallel flow and counter flow. The graphic below depicts and contrasts both the parallel-flow and counter-flow asphalt plants.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

The aggregate flow in a parallel-flow plant is parallel to the burner flame. This also indicates that the aggregates move away from the burner flame as they travel. The flow of aggregates in the counter flow plant is contrary (opposite) to that of the burner flame, so the aggregates move towards the burner flame before being mixed with bitumen and other minerals. This appears straightforward, but it makes a significant impact in the process of both of these types of asphalt mixers and even influences the HMA quality. It is considered that the counter-flow mixer saves more gasoline and provides greater HMA than the other.

Guidelines To Buy Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Purchasing an Asphalt Drum Mix Plant for Sale is not one of the more accessible purchases you will make. Most of the time, you will have no idea what direction you are traveling in. This will slow you down because you need a mixer as soon as possible, but what should you do? Let's look at a few pointers to assist you in this process and ensure you're on your way to an excellent asphalt drum mix facility.

  • Consider Supplier's Reputation

The supplier will be the most crucial factor when selecting a facility. They must put it up so that you will obtain excellent outcomes in a short amount of time. You will not be pleased with the results if they cannot do so for you and lack the necessary track record.

It is critical to consider the asphalt drum mix plant supplier and what they can bring to the table. It will benefit you in the long run, which is the most important thing.

  • Set Budget

Make sure you plan how much you are willing to pay. You can narrow down your selections when doing this, which is always good. It would help if you always had the option of filtering out the bad choices that are out of your price range. The cost of an asphalt mixing plant is not cheap, so evaluate your budget before purchasing one.

You want to stay within the boundaries you've set for yourself. It makes life easier and the procedure more straightforward, which is essential in the long run.

  • Set Deadline

You'll want it in place by a specific date, but when will that be? You should always be aware of this to have the best fit possible. You don't want to go about it, so you have no idea when you want it.

Without a deadline, you will not move the process forward, which will irritate you more than anything else.

These suggestions will assist you and ensure you can get the proper plant in place as quickly as possible—no need to jeopardize your project by not acting swiftly on this. You must follow the advice given here to ensure that you are on the right track. Some people will not be quick on their feet, and they will not be able to get a good offer. Don't allow this to happen; make sure you choose the best option.


Regardless of how complicated your hot mix asphalt job is, it is vital to choose the appropriate type of equipment from a good brand. You will be blown away by your machine's results. We have Top Asphalt Hot Mix Plant Manufacturers from India that you can find on our product page section. What are you waiting for then? Go and grab this value-for-money product at a reasonable rate. 

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