Understanding Existential Therapy: Its Principles and Appropriate Applications

Understanding Existential Therapy: Its Principles and Appropriate Applications

April 28, 2024

Existential therapy is a type of psychotherapy that finds our sense of being. This therapy is interested in the final conditions of life: self-reliance, freedom of behavioral options, assumption, or just food. 

Existential therapy is more humane, as it separates itself from general therapy by studying personal conditions and assessing pre-determined treatments accordingly. 

Core Principles of Existential Therapy 

Existential therapy focuses on the very nature of human existence. It raises fundamental existential questions and is structured around four key concerns: freedom, responsibility, choice, and meaning. The following briefly outlines each of them: 

Freedom – One of the core ideas that accompany you throughout the therapeutic experience is that you are free to make choices, but you must bear the costs of your decisions. 

Responsibility – In sharing the essence of freedom, the concept of responsibility emphasizes that all your choices, your deeds, and their impacts are entirely on your end. 

Choice – Existential therapy is designed to promote the power of choice. Even in the most restricted environments, you can make a choice. Knowing that you possess sole authority in the situation, this principle encourages you to make a choice. 

Meaning – At the core of existential therapy is the idea of meaning. It is accepted that the sense of life is found when you are genuinely living, decide in line with your values, and carry out objectives that speak to your authentic self. 

Therefore, by addressing these four dimensions, the existential therapist promotes self-awareness, responsible decision-making, and peaceful coexistence with existential conflicts. 

Recognizing the Need for Existential Therapy 

Deciding when to pursue existential therapy may be difficult. The following are some warning signs that you should consider this therapy approach: 

Existential Crisis 

When you are feeling an existential crisis — or wondering about the meaning of life or other people your love’s death — after significant life shifts, existential therapy may be the best Investment. 

Anxiety, Depression, or PTSD 

If you are struggling with extreme anxiety, depression, and PTSD, you should think about this type of therapy. It will help you feel strong enough to bear your emotions, walk calmly, and take steps to help. 

Overwhelmed with Responsibilities 

Overwhelmed life may help you recover your sense of autonomy and approach your goals more freely when they become unbearable. To put it another way, existentialism can be a frequent complement to academic achievement ideas. 

Searching for Personal Growth and Meaning 

If you wish to achieve personal growth and a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are here, existentialism will appeal to you. 


If you’re battling addiction, fear of death from a dear one, divorce, or any other thing that’s pulling you out from the margin, existential therapy might help you learn the true cause behind your actions and help you become more proactive. 

If any of these factors resonate with you, it is time to think about existential therapy to view reality and make your life better. 

Advantages of Existential Therapy 

Generally, when individuals practice existential therapy and incorporate its principles fully, their sense of meaning, motivation, and self-awareness increases. The pursuit of open-ended meaning is a primary concept in existential therapy and in online mental health services.

This therapy enables clients to find a calling that suits them, reduces hopelessness and boredom. It may even create a kind of priority or priority for an individual to find a way to have self-experiences with their world. 

Additionally, existential therapy encourages clients that they are responsible for every decision they make and have the freedom to select for their best interest to achieve happiness and total fulfillment. 

It’s essential to recognize that existential therapy is frequently combined with other therapeutic methods to develop a more in-depth and more nuanced understanding of the presenting issue in many clients. 

Teletherapy is the Best Way to Avail Existential Therapy 

Whether you need to question your existence, find meaning in life, or struggle to overcome anxiety, depression, PTSD, or addiction, existential therapy will help you. Teletherapy can provide these services to you. 

Online counseling services enable you to attend existential therapy without the need to go to a psychologist. In other words, you receive expert professional help from the privacy and comfort of your home at your convenience. This is an excellent opportunity to find out more about existential therapy in an accessible atmosphere. 

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