Free Leads 101: Generate Maximum Leads to Improve Sales

Free Leads 101: Generate Maximum Leads to Improve Sales

March 05, 2024

Hey There,

Is generating leads hard for your business?

If yes, here is a 101 guide to generate maximum free leads.

In this in-depth article, we’ll be analyzing several key sections.

From the introduction with leads to the platform you can check out for lead generation, we’ll talk everything about them.

If you read this article with your keen interest, you’ll find all your doubts solved and a strategized approach to grow your sales.

Let’s begin the discussion from the very start, by understanding what exactly leads are.

What are Leads? 

Leads are customer queries about a product or service they’ve shown interest in.

More Elaborately, Leads are the contact information of a person or buyer, who wants to buy your product or service.

There are different kinds of leads available in the market, some of them are:

  • Cold Leads: Cold Leads are basic information about customers that haven’t shown interest in your product before. These leads are hard to convert, and mostly the conversion depends on your presentation skills.
  • Warm Leads: Warm Leads are customers who are aware of your brand. They are particularly engaging with your products or articles. They’re your website visitors, newsletter subscribers, or a social media follower. These types of leads are easy to convert because they know your services and products.
  • Hot Leads: These leads are most simple to convert. Hot Leads are customers that are highly interested in your products. They might have requested you a demo, filled up your contact requirement form, or have had enquired about your product using a quotation or phone call.
  • Sales Qualified Leads (SQL): The SQL or Sales qualified leads are those customers, whom your sales team identified as your future customers. The analysis of these leads is done by salesperson based on their interaction, interest, and requirements.
  • Inbound Leads: These leads are generated using marketing best practices. These leads are customers, that are earned by efforts such as content marketing, SEO, and social media. 
  • Outbound Leads: These are leads that are generated by proactive campaigns such as cold calling, email outreach, or direct mail. Sales representatives actively seek out these types of leads. 
  • Customer Referrals: These leads are customer referrals that refer your product or services to others. These are a part of word-of-mouth campaigns that come after a level of trust. 
Lead Generation Strategy

Apart from these types some others such as Exclusive Leads, Affinity Leads, Product Qualified Leads (PQL), and Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL), are a few you may hear in the market.

We’ve discussed the lead types, and now we’ll head up to the lead generation procedures.

Let’s have a look at them.

What is Lead Generation? 

Lead Generation is a procedure of attracting and converting users into customers or leads. These are individuals who have shown interest in your product and are capable of becoming paying customers. 

The motive behind lead generation is to  bring consumer interest in a business’s product or services. Let’s have a basic overview of some of the Free lead generation procedures:

  • Finding the Right People: Businesses start by figuring out who might be interested in what they offer. They look at things like where people live, what they do, and how they act.
  • Getting Noticed: Marketers try different ways to catch the attention of people who might be interested. They use things like stories, social media, and showing up on search engines to make people notice them.
  • Giving Something Special: To make people interested, businesses often give something special. It could be helpful information, free trials, discounts, or access to exclusive things.
  • Getting in Touch: Businesses ask for some information, like email addresses, to stay in touch with people who show interest. They do this through forms on websites or other places.
  • Building Relationships: After getting in touch, businesses work on building relationships with those people. They talk to them, share more useful stuff, and guide them toward deciding to buy something.
  • Sorting Interested People: Businesses sort people based on how much they seem interested. This helps them focus more on those who are more likely to buy something.
  • Passing to Sales: When someone shows a lot of interest, businesses pass them on to the sales team. The sales team then takes over to talk more and help the person become a customer.

Lead generation is a simple but crucial step to increase product reach to a targeted audience. These procedures increase client conversion but require combined efforts of marketing and sales strategies. 

Free lead generation

These steps remain the same, but when we talk about B2B Lead Generation procedures, we have to focus on some different strategies.

What these are, let’s have a look.

Incorporating Lead Generation Concepts in B2B

When we talk about Lead Generation strategies in the B2B industry, it becomes tough.

Because business persons are known to these strategies earlier, they aren’t converted easily in usual campaigns.

To get seller leads, you have to optimize your strategies according to them.


Let’s solve this question by highlighting a few key strategies:

Content is King:

Make content that your audience will find helpful and interesting. You can write blogs, make papers, share stories, and do online events. When you talk about problems and how to solve them, people will see your company as an expert, and more people will want to learn from you. This not only helps you gain customer affection but also works as a Free B2B Leads generation source.

Talk on Social Media:

Use social media like Facebook and LinkedIn to talk to other businesses and professionals. Share useful things, join discussions, and be part of groups. On LinkedIn, you can connect with professionals in your field and get free business leads.

Make Your Website Easy for Visitors:

When people visit your website, make it simple for them to become free leads. Use clear and exciting messages, easy forms, and pages that guide them. Help visitors understand what you offer and make it simple for them to take the next step in your Lead Generation Process.

Send Helpful Emails:

Create special emails to keep in touch with B2B companies (I mean your potential customers). Sort your email list by things like the kind of B2B business, what people do on your website, or where they live. Send them good content, deals, and updates to keep them interested in your company, and Get Business Leads for Free.

Get Noticed on Search Engines:

Make your website show up when people search for things related to your business. Use the right words in your content and behind-the-scenes details. This helps your B2B business be seen when potential customers are looking for products or services like yours.

Give Away Free Stuff:

Share free things like books, guides, or trials of your services. This shows you know a lot and lets possible customers aka Seller leads see how good your offerings are. It's a great way to turn interested people into Free B2B Leads.

Work Together with Others:

Team up with other businesses in your field or ones that fit well with yours. This helps you get Free B2B leads by connecting with each other's customers. Doing web events or projects together can be very helpful in B2B Lead Generation.

B2B Lead Generation

Grade Your Leads:

Make a system to figure out which leads are most likely to become customers. Give scores based on how much they engage with your business, if they're relevant to your B2B examples, and their actions. This helps your B2B sales team know where to focus their time and effort.

Use Chatbots and Smart Tech:

Put chatbots on your website to talk to visitors in real time. Use smart technology to understand what people like and want. This makes the experience better for visitors and helps you get important information about potential lead generation.

Keep Getting Better:

Always check how well your lead strategies are working. Look at important numbers like how many people become customers, how many click on your content, and if your leads are good quality. Use this info to make your lead generation process even better over time.

So, we’ve had our full-proof plan and its execution strategy. Now, we just want to know how to find B2B Businesses to apply our Lead generation process.

Let’s figure it out.

Understanding Your Potential B2B Leads

This process of understanding your targeted audience plays a significant role in ensuring success in your B2b Lead Generation campaign. 

And, to understand our potential customers, we require some analytical skills, not just to observe, but to understand their behavior and intentions.

How to develop these analytical skills?

This is the question, which we’ll try to answer in this section.

So, potentially lead generation starts with introducing a problem or creating it (I’m joking), then answering the problem in a way that we get potential customers.

In this lead generation process, we have to notice the behavioral change in our customers and just have to present ourselves to get a conversion.


Let’s learn a few B2B Companies tricks:

  • Understand Your Customers: Think about who might want your product or service. Are they from a big or small B2B business? Do they live in a specific place? Knowing this helps you talk to them in a way that helps you get leads for free.
  • Watch What People Do: Use tools like Google Analytics or Hootsuite to see what people do on your website or with your emails. This helps you know what they like and what they don't. Then, you can talk to them about things they care about and generate free leads.
  • Create Customer Profiles: Make pretend people who would love your stuff. Think about their age, job, and what they worry about. This helps you make things that they want.
  • Ask People Questions: Talk to the people who buy from you or might want to. Ask them what they like and what they don't. This helps you make your stuff better and generate B2B sales.
  • Listen to Social Media: Look at what people say on social media about your kind of thing. This helps you know what's popular and what's not.
  • Check Out Competitors: See what other B2B companies like yours do. Find where they aren't doing so well and try to do better. This helps you stand out.
  • Grade Your Leads: Think about which people or B2B businesses are more likely to buy from you. Focus on them first. This helps you use your time wisely.
  • Know What's New: Learn about new things in your business. This helps you offer what people want now and thus, plays a vital role in increasing your B2B sales.
  • Add More Info: Use tools like google analytics, and social media to find out more about the people who might want your stuff. This helps you talk to them in a way they like and get Leads for Free.
  • Keep Learning: Things change, so keep learning about what people want. Be ready to change how you talk to them.
B2B Companies tricks


Yes, it is.

But what are the solutions to generate Free Leads without doing all this stuff?

Is it impossible?

No, it is not.

Let AAJJO generate free leads for you.


Let AAJJO Bring Free Leads for You

I hope you’re not anonymous to AAJJO yet.

If you are, you’re missing something very important.

AAJJO is India’s most trusted B2B Marketplace offering Free B2B Leads.

Not only this.

You can also access AAJJO Seller Registration services for free as well.

Want to know more about AAJJO?

Let’s have a look at what they are, how they work, and the benefits we are going to get in our lead generation process.

AAJJO is a lead company offering several quality features to help you grow your B2B companies.

What they’re offering.

They’re going to give you online listings for unlimited products.

With AAJJO Seller Registration you’ll get free leads that help you grow your business online and improve your B2B sales.

What else?

You’ll get,

Trustworthy Customers:

At, they make sure all their users are genuine and reliable. Connect with authentic customers to make your business thrive. Their verification process ensures a smooth experience for you.

Boost Your Brand:

Let them help you reach more customers! They use smart strategies to promote your B2B business to the right audience. This makes generating leads easy and gives your business the visibility it needs.

Mobile App Convenience:

Manage your account easily on the go with their user-friendly mobile app. The app simplifies registration, giving you control over your B2B business wherever you are. Download it now for a hassle-free experience.

Tailored Growth Packages:

Explore their packages designed to meet the unique needs of businesses at different stages. Choose the one that suits you best to access a range of services for your B2B growth.

Free Leads on AAJJO

But, why do I trust AAJJO?

The answer is their 15-day free trial.

What is it?

You’ll get access to seller registration free of cost.

Also, for the next 15 days, you’ll get unlimited product listings, Cart/Wishlist data, Free leads, and quality services.


Let’s move on to the final section, where we’ll conclude our article.

A Final Thought

So, we are at the end of this article.

Let’s quickly recap things.

We started our discussion with a brief on leads.

We have had a chat on Lead generation and discussed several techniques to generate leads.

We also discussed the incorporation of lead-generation techniques in B2B businesses.

In the end, we discussed a shortcut that eases lead generation for free.

So, lead generation with AAJJO is a simple procedure, just use AAJJO Seller registration, and list your products.

Get unlimited product listings and free leads on your products.

Give your business a try using their 15-day free trial and ensure quick growth.

For today, it seems I’ve answered all your questions about lead generation.

If still, you still have any doubts remaining, just use the comment section, type your query, and get my quick answers.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog.


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