Get world-class Kitchen Chimneys at affordable prices

Get world-class Kitchen Chimneys at affordable prices

January 24, 2023

Ventilation is a section that has an essential part of easing cooking in kitchens.

Various things that matter in this process are the proper balance of air and moisture, the elimination of several odours, etc.

Usually, a window slit is insufficient for this process, so Kitchen Chimneys came into the market.

It was not popular in India a few years back, but nowadays, it is a common kitchen appliance, used extensively in nearly every home, restaurant, hotel & several other places.

The Kitchen Chimneys are very productive equipment not only appreciated for their workability but also for their classy appearance.

What are these Kitchen Chimneys? How do they work? 

Some of these types of questions, we will be going to answer you in this article.

Also, we will elaborate on some of the top manufacturers and sellers of these Chimneys to ease your purchase.

Let's begin the discussion with a proper definition of the Kitchen Chimney & its work mechanism. 

What is the Kitchen Chimney & How does it work?

The Kitchen Chimney is also known by various other names like Kitchen hood, exhaust hood, extractor hood, or range hood.

It is a highly advanced device that hangs above the cooktop or stove in the Kitchen.

These Chimneys consist of a mechanical fan to remove airborne grease, fumes, combustion products, heat, smoke, and steam from the air.

The working of these Kitchen Chimneys is based on the principle of the evacuation of the air and filtration. 

Basically, it is an electrical appliance installed just above the kitchen stove to absorb the oily pollutants and smoke that occurs while cooking food.

It has industrial applications in commercial kitchens used in combination with fire suppression devices, so the fumes from a grease fire are put out quickly and reduce several accidents.

The commercial Kitchen Exhaust or Ventilation Systems are also combined with fresh air fans to draw the fresh exterior air inside and draw the cooking fumes out of the Kitchen.

These Exhausts also contain a filtration system that removes the grease and other particles trapped in the vent.

Their dynamic applications remove the odours quickly and effectively, so they won't disturb the Kitchen or house environment. 

The Kitchen Chimneys are divided into two essential parts:

  • Ducted Kitchen Hoods
  • Ductless Kitchen Hoods

Ducted Kitchen Hood

As the name suggests, Ducted Kitchen Hoods contain a duct.

It is a very common and primary type of kitchen hood.

These types of chimneys use ducts to capture and expel the generated smoke in the kitchens.

They are also tremendously used in various commercial places like hotels and restaurants and have larger duct hood than usual kitchen chimney hoods.

It is a widely preferred gadget, a great fit for homes and places in more humid areas. 

Ductless Kitchen Hoods

The Ductless Kitchen Hoods are an outstanding ventilation system that doesn't requires ductwork to be installed in the homes. 

It is designed to place somewhere in the Kitchen, to work proficiently.

These Kitchen Hoods filter the smoke and odours instead of clearing and removing them completely. 

The Kitchen Hoods are efficiently designed to suit the kitchens and are available easily in a variety of layouts.

Although, ductless Kitchen Hoods could be more efficient in removing smoke and fumes due to their different work mechanism.

Top Kitchen Chimneys & their well-known Manufacturers

It is for sure that after reading about its outstanding workability, you get a thought of buying it.

If yes! this section is designed for you.

We have researched a lot and found some of the best and most trusted products that justify their costs.

Here are some of the products we recommend you to check out if you plan to buy a quality Kitchen Chimney.

Faber Hood Orient Xpress HC SC BK 90

Faber is a widely trusted brand, well-known for their up-to-date customized products with advanced and innovative technologies and accessories.

The Faber Hood orient Xpress HC SC Bk 90 is an Italian product with a highly recognized image in India's commercial market. 

This Kitchen Equipment is designed to ease the working climate and provide a bright & beautiful outlook to homes, kitchens & places where it has been used.

It is budget-friendly machinery that provides unique and cool specifications to its users and helps them in various ways.

This Kitchen chimney is designed to operate automatically and is manufactured for more accessible operation methods.

It also has specifications for hand gestures to ease control, and you can wave your hands to operate or control it. 

The machine is a highly satisfying gadget and provides the desired results with the help of a filter-less device. 

It is a very smart machinery that is highly smart and uplifts the kitchen outlook and atmosphere to meet your expectations.

This Faber Chimney is highly durable, work-efficient, and doesn't require cleaning and maintenance.

Eurodomo Hood Classy HC TC 60 Kitchen Chimney

Eurodomo is a reputable brand widely appreciated for its satisfying kitchen accessories and gadgets.

The Eurodomo Hood Classy HC TC 60 Kitchen Chimney is a budget-friendly piece of equipment designed to meet the customer's requirements.

They manufacture an intelligent range of products with high-tech accessories and brilliant specifications. 

They are designed not to disturb the surroundings and thus are noiseless.

It is made up of a solid metallic body to intensify the beauty of the Kitchen.

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This Kitchen Chimney has satisfying auto-clean features that make your kitchen time enjoyable.

It consists of a heated auto-clean technology to collect oil in different oil collectors.

The machine is easy to work with, and all its features are accessible with just a single touch of a button.

Also, cleaning its oil collector doesn't require much effort and can be done quickly with a basic wash.

The Eurodomo has a massive suction capacity of 1200 m³/ hr. 

Its design and scientific work mechanism captures smoke and fumes as well and hence, provide the best suitable atmosphere in the Kitchen for the user. 

Elica WD TBF HAC 90 MS NERO Kitchen Chimney

Elica is a reputed Italian company, well-known for its advanced equipment and customer-focused services. 

The Elica WD TBF HAC 90 MS NERO Kitchen Chimney is a fantastic gadget that comes with advantageous features and specifications.

It is world-class equipment with humongous advantages and beneficial capabilities.

This Kitchen Chimney has an auto-clean feature that eases the user in many ways.

It is a budget-efficient machinery that is widely appreciated for its unique work mechanism and quality.

This Chimney is designed to collect smoke and oil from 3 to 5 burners at a time.

It efficiently cleans the Kitchen of all allergens and makes the environment free from grease & oil.

The machine contains two baffle filters that enhance the performance of the Chimney. 

These Chimneys are effective against grease, oil, unhealthy smoke, and various other residues.

It also has an outstanding motion sensor feature that eases the working mechanism to the next level.  

The machine works on hand gestures, so just by waving your hand left or right, you can control the speed of the motor.

Faber Hood Class Plus PB BK LTW 60

Faber is a highly renowned organization deemed and appreciated for their quality best kitchen hardware and accessories.

The 60 cm model of this ideal machinery is highly proficient for covering a 2-burner gas stove and can be managed for a bigger stove.

This Faber Chimney comes with advantageous features like Auto Clean or Filterless mechanism. 

It is designed to provide a comfortable, smoke-free, and healthy environment to the user.

This Kitchen Chimney consists of 3-layer baffle filters that are more proficient in work mechanism than the cassette filters.

The Faber Kitchen Chimney has a massive 1000 m3/hour suction capacity, making it highly efficient.

Its exterior looks suit the Kitchen and intensify the Kitchen's look with its presence.

This Chimney is best suitable for the Indian Kitchen to eliminate the spicy odour due to its brilliant accessories.

The machine has only two drawbacks that can easily be neglected in front of its tremendous work mechanism. 

The first one is its noisy nature in comparison to other Chimneys.

And the second one is the absence of a stainless-steel body.

Hindware Nadia Kitchen Chimney C100218

Hindware is a highly recognized brand in India, widely trusted for its massive durability and beneficial products.

The Hindware Nadia Kitchen Chimney C100218 is a very dynamic kitchen chimney with brilliant designs and impressive specifications.

They are well-appreciated for their fair prices, technological advancement, and the usage of innovative accessories.

It consists of a highly powerful motor with enormous suction power that eliminates all the oil and smoke from the Kitchen.

The Hindware Chimney has various premium features like auto-cleaning.

It is a solid and capable chimney with a dynamic metallic base. 

This Chimney has a massive lifespan and is significantly more robust than the other available options.

It is very easy to operate and control and comes with a feather touch control panel. 

The Oil Collector of this machine is metallic, durable, and long-lasting for a long time.

The Hindware Kitchen Chimney is designed to provide a desired and hassle-free experience.

It also requires low to negligible maintenance and can be justified as the best Kitchen Chimney in this price range.

How to Establish a Kitchen Chimney Business?

It is a rising business industry with the capability of being a profitable industry.

With the rising demands of these Chimneys, the business opportunities in this sector are also increasing. 

Several new entrepreneurs and start-ups are working tirelessly to dominate this industry.

And, thus establishing a business in this sector demands uniqueness and specificity in the product.

Hence, to help you, we designed this section to help you uplift your sales and earn profit in this business sector.

Product Quality

The product quality is a section that significantly improves the sales of these Kitchen Chimneys.

It is the first and essential factor counted as a product's most crucial selective factor.

Using quality raw materials and efficient accessories can be achieved and bring various advanced and unique features to the product.

With a unique product with all the quality physical features like massive durability, strength, and efficacy, your product can be appreciated and will be in the customer's preference.

Selling Cost

The second-most important specification that attracts many audiences is cost efficiency. 

It is a section that beautifies your product specifications and makes it preferable.

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But, to maintain the affection with customers, it is necessary not to compromise the product quality.

So, a unique and advanced product with brilliant physical characteristics and an eye-capturing selling price can make your product demandable and an Industry ruler.

But, an essential thing is still remaining that will ensure success in your business.


It is a section having massive importance in doing business nowadays.

Marketing is a progressive technique that generates leads and uplifts your sales.

Its fair and accurate usage captures an organized audience and ensures stability in the business.

There are various techniques for doing it, but using marketplaces' help makes it more accurate and effective & provides quick results.

You can use banner promotions, social media management, informational blogs, and many more. 

Final Remarks

In this article, we discussed the Kitchen Chimney Briefly.

We talked about its working mechanism, usage, and benefits.

Also, we elaborated on various quality machines you can prefer for yourself.

And later, we saw some techniques, tips, and tricks to build a business in this sector.

But we know you are curious to ask your specific question and want business solutions.

And here at AAJJO Business Solutions Private Limited, we work dedicatedly to make business easy and profitable for all.

We provide business solutions and various other dynamics features to our clients with our highly recognized B2B marketplace.

Our dynamic features and effective product promotional strategies help businesses intensify their sales and increase profits.

Also, we provide various specifications like brand establishment, free guest posting, and numerous others to uplift our client's market reach.

Hence, if you are a seller and want drastic growth in your business, please list your product with us and ease your business.

Or, if you are a buyer seeking quality machinery, we ensure the best deal for you.


How to buy the best Kitchen Chimney online?
Various online and offline sellers deal in kitchen Chimneys, but you can visit for the best suitable deal. 

How to increase the sales in Kitchen Chimney Business?
You can use marketing for intensifying the business leads, visit for further guidance.

What is the price of these kitchen Chimneys?
It depends on your preferences and requirements, but you can avail of these machines at a starting price of ₹12,000.

What are the benefits of using Kitchen Chimneys?
Kitchen Chimneys make the environment suitable, safe, and comfortable and eliminate all the moisture, smoke, and oil present in the kitchen.

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