Getting more followers on X twitter: The 7 best tips

Getting more followers on X twitter: The 7 best tips

May 20, 2024

Many X users want to have more followers to increase the reach of their tweets. You can read the best tips on how you and your X profile can become more popular and attract more followers in this practical tip. Along side tips you have chance to bulid twitter followers through effectively.

More X-Followers: Tip 1 - Be interesting

  • People who follow you on X naturally want to be entertained by you. Post interesting photos set the mood with funny tweets or make potential followers think by tweeting about more serious topics.
  • The most important thing is to simply add variety to your tweets - this way you will meet more tastes and attract more followers. In addition, base your content on current topics that are currently affecting the world.

If you want to have more followers on Twitter, your tweets should be interesting and varied. imago images / Future Image

More followers on X: Tip 2 - Use prominent hashtags

  • In order for someone to become aware of your profile, that person must first find you. The best way to do this is to use your tweets that you have decorated with hashtags. For example, if “#PremiureLeague” is currently a “trending topic,” tweet something relevant and tag it with the same hashtag.
  • Your tweet on the specified topic will appear and other football fans on X will see it and follow you. But here too, your tweet must be different from others and of course you must tweet regularly on the topic.

More X followers: Tip 3 - Find the happy medium

  • Anyone who tweets too little or not at all will be unfollowed just as quickly as someone who writes too much. Find the happy medium and send tweets regularly throughout the day.
  • But don't start annoying your followers by tweeting 10 times an hour. Anyone who finds the “magic” middle will probably not disappoint or lose any followers so quickly.


If you want to have more followers on Twitter, you can use various tips. imago images / photo library

Tip 4 - Introduce yourself

  • Tell a little about yourself and tell potential followers why they should follow you. The best way to do this is to use the “Biography” field in your X profile. There is space here for everything you want to share with your followers.
  • Here too it is worth using hashtags and here too it is important not to overdo it. Make it clear, briefly but clearly, what Twitterers can expect from your profile. Your tweets can also contain personality. This is how you show proximity to your followers.

Tip 5 - Use media

  • You should always stay up to date and go with the flow. Use other media and post videos, images, audios or GIFs (moving images). This is how you draw attention to yourself through interesting things.
  • Feel free to search specifically for funny videos that you can then post. If just one person with 1,000 followers retweets this tweet, it might get retweeted again and you'll get followers who want to see and hear more from you.

Tip 6 - Be creative

  • Nobody wants to follow someone who doesn't have a profile or header image. Choose images carefully for your profile design and become a real eye-catcher. You can create your own cover for this.
  • Your profile photo should be square and have a dimension of 400 x 400 pixels. It appears to the left of each of your tweets and should therefore be meaningful and unique - true to the motto: "A picture is worth 1000 words!”

Tip 7 - Communicate with others

  • To do this, find another Twitter user with the same interests as you. Retweet and reply to his tweets to show the person that you have the same interests.
  • Just start a conversation and have a chat, show that you are likeable. If you then follow the person, you will likely be followed back in return.


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