Geysers that make you bathe every day!

Geysers that make you bathe every day!

January 13, 2023

The falling temperature has changed our way of living completely.

With various diseases and lethargy, we are becoming dependent on our doctors and blankets.

Although the winters will be dense in the near future, bathing would be a work of bravery.

Sorry! I know it was a PJ. But, in this article, what we are going to discuss is made to ease your living and designed to save you from severe cold.

Yes! These hints are enough to guess that we are going to discuss Geysers.

In this article, we will see their discovery, work mechanism, and their top manufacturers in India.

Definitely, it will be too interesting to read about a thing that is designed to impress you.  

What is the Geyser, and When it came into Knowledge?

You will feel the same shock that I felt that a geyser is not only a device that you install in your bathrooms and Kitchens.
Geysers are a kind of natural spring that contains warm water due to their contact with the heating volcano.
Although, if we talk about the Geyser Machine, the credit for its invention goes to a famous German chemist Robert Bunsen.
In 1846, Robert found the relationship between pressure and boiling points and made a thermometer-down Geysir, later named Geyser.
Geyser is one of the most crucial home appliances and becomes a necessity in winter.
When the climate temperature drops, the water becomes cooler, making it uncomfortable to work with it.
And, hence to ease working and to warm the water to bring it into your comfort zone, Geysers are well appreciated in the market.
It is easy to install and is highly capable of providing desired results.

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The procedure of working with the geysers is based around a water tank fitted with two pipes – one for the inlet and the other for hot water.
The water tank is fitted with heating elements controlled by thermostats.
These thermostats ensure that water is not heated above a decided temperature value.
Also, to protect the tank from heating, it is covered with some insulating material and enclosed inside a metal casing.
The working principle of the Geyser is based on the conversion of electrical energy into heat.
It uses electricity to power the heating element that raises the temperature of water through the conduction of the heat to the water.

Top Brands Manufacturing Geysers in India

There are various brands that deal in Geysers.
Each product is unique and attractive, with various specifications and features.
This section is designed to provide an idea about what are the selective factors of the Geyser and what makes these brands a step ahead of local sellers.


Havells India Limited is a well-known and reputed brand that manufactures all types of best-quality home appliances. It is a Fast-Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) organization with a dynamic and strong global presence. They believe in the governmental policy of Make in India and manufacture all the products with self-manufactured accessories. It is a highly deemed company having an extensive distribution network and world-class quality. They are ruling the electrical appliances industry and have a dominant position that they maintain with their advanced manufacturing and marketing techniques. Some of their highly recommended products are Industrial & Domestic Circuit Protection Devices, Cables & Wires, Motors, Fans, Modular Switches, Home Appliances, Electric Water Heaters, Air Conditioners, Power Capacitors, and Luminaires for Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial Applications. 

Their top-selling Geysers are:

  • Otto Storage Water Heater: It is a dynamic circular-shaped geyser that increases the bathroom's décor. Its exciting LED indicators give it a luxury touch, and its shiny appearance captivates visitors' eyes. 
  • Adonia R: It is one of the most innovative water heaters with temperature-sensitive LED Indicators and an outstanding design. Also, its feather touch control panel makes you look at it repeatedly.
  • Bianca Instant Water Heater: It is a water heater that comes in a square shape to provide ease of installation and spacing. They are known for their instantaneous water-heating qualities.
  • Zigy Tankless Water Heater: It is one of the fastest ways of warming the water. This gives you warm water as soon as you turn this machine on, so you don't have to wait long for the warm water.
  • Linea Tankless Water Heater: The Havells Linea is an instant water heater tap. It contains feather touch controls of a knob that restrict the quantity of liquid flow while retaining the temperature of water for a long time.


Bajaj Geyser is well-known for its innovative products and outstanding business values. It offers instant hot water, comfort, and convenience. Their manufactured products suit homes, offices, hotels, and other establishments. They are well recognized and trusted for their outstanding working mechanism and products. All their manufactured products are of the quality best and come with various advanced specifications. All their products have a dominant reputation in the market; thus, they are one of the most renowned brands of Electrical Geysers in India. They also manufacture various products under their brandings, like Street Lights, LED Bulbs, Fans, Coolers, Heaters, and many more.

Some of their widely preferred Geysers are: 

  • Bajaj Calenta Mechanical: Its Mild Steel Inner body is an outstanding piece of electric heater or Geyser known for its glass line coating and dynamic working mechanism.
  • Bajaj majesty PC Deluxe: It is a brilliant gadget sold dynamically due to its mesmerizing appearance and outstanding workability. The Designer metal coating outer body is one of the specifications that makes it preferable.
  • Bajaj Compagno 2000W: The Bajaj Compagno is a fantastic gadget with Child Safety Mode and a square-shaped ABS body. It is made up of Titanium Glass-lined Tank with a long-life copper heating element. Its Swirl flow technology makes it one of the most advanced water heaters present in the market nowadays.
  • Bajaj Calenta Digi Storage: The Calenta Digi Storage is an outstanding piece of machinery that is one of the most decorative geysers of the Bajaj. Its feather touch buttons and digital temperature display with remote are some of the advanced features of this Geyser.
  • Bajaj New Shakti Neo: The Bajaj New Shakti Neo is one of the brilliant and cost-efficient heaters available in the market. Its copper element and titanium armour with swirl technology make it a dynamic product in the market.


Crompton is a well-known brand known for its outstanding products and a dynamic 90+ years legacy. It is an independent organization that is a team of professionals. They are one of the prestigious brands in India and provide services worldwide. The quality products and accessories are up to date and are designed to adapt technology to transform the work scenario. With specialized workers and brilliant assembling infrastructure, they have ruled the industry and dominated the electrical appliances sector for many years. With all its technical specifications, they have also been a brand that respects all classes and makes its product budget efficient. Some of their quality products that are widely preferred for their quality are fans, LED bulbs, exhausts, heaters, and various other things.

Their highly recommended geysers are:

  • Crompton Solarium Qube: It is a highly advanced gadget widely preferred due to its impressive specifications. Nickel Coated element, Non-Rusting Coat, and 3-level safety make this Geyser preferable in the industry.
  • Crompton Solarium Neo: The Crompton Solarium Neo is an outstanding piece of gadget that contains an Incoloy heating element, and its anti-rust coating with magnesium makes it a highly recommended option.
  • Crompton Solarium Care: It is a widely preferred water heater capable of providing desired results and is very energy efficient. The various modes like Baby care, Hair Care & Hygiene mode for customized bathing experience make it the customer's premium choice.
  • Crompton Amica 25-L: The Crompton Amica is a fantastic piece of gadget widely known for its qualitative services. It is a very simple and highly work-efficient gadget with anti-rust technology and nickel-coated specifications.
  • Crompton Solarium Aura: It is an outstanding piece of gadget widely used and preferred for boiling water at houses, hotels, and various places. It is a fantastic gadget that saves energy and is available at very cost-efficient pricing.

Concluding Remarks

In this article, we discussed Geysers or Water heaters.

We saw their discovery, importance, and their working mechanism.

Then, we also discussed some of their top manufacturers and saw some of their highly recommended products.

After reading the specifications, it can be said that parts, accessories, workability, durability, and energy efficiency are some of the selective factors for purchasing a Geyser.

But, one of the essential things is that cost efficiency is another feature with a different fan base.
So, to end this article, the best ending will be a platform where you can buy any of your desired machinery and tools.

And here, AAJJO Business Solutions Private Limited is the best solution available.

We are India's most reputed and trusted B2B Marketplace that helps uplift your business's growth.

Also, we own a wide variety of products so the user can avail of any desired products from a single place.

Hence, if you are a seller and want to grow drastically, list your products on our outstanding store page.

Or, if you are a buyer and want quality products in one place, you are in the right place.


Q. On which principle does the Geyser work?
A. Its working mechanism is based on transforming electrical energy into heat.

Q. What should be my budget to buy a geyser?
A. The geyser industry is vast and the prices vary a lot. So, if you have a budget of ₹5,000 still you will get a geyser from various online stores and shops.

Q. Do Geysers are safe to use?
A. Of course! They are. Also, various additional features like child lock systems make it safer and easier to use.

Q. Which material is used in their inner tank, so it won’t get melt from heating?
A. There are various metals or alloys are used to make the inner outlining of the water tank, some of them are stainless steel, titanium, etc.

Q. How to uplift the Geyser’s Business?
A. There are various possible solutions available in the market, but listing your product on is the best and most suitable one.

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