How Do I Fix A Misspelled Name on a United Airlines Ticket?

How Do I Fix A Misspelled Name on a United Airlines Ticket?

April 29, 2024

While updating the name on the United Airlines ticket, you made some misspellings; due to this reason, you are worried about how to fix it; according to the United Airlines name change policy, there are two ways to fix a misspelled name on a United Airlines ticket:

Contact Customer Service: The most common way to correct a misspelled name is to call United Airlines customer service at 1 (800) 864-8331. The representative will walk you through the process and let you know if there are any fees associated with the name change.

Visit a Ticketing Office: You can also visit a United Airlines ticketing office at the airport to have your name corrected. Be sure to bring a valid form of identification, such as your passport or driver's license.

How To Correct Name on United Airlines Ticket?

In most cases, you can't completely change the name on a United Airlines ticket. However, you can try to do a United Airlines name correction on minor misspellings by contacting United Airlines customer service. For that, you must follow the steps:

  1. Call United Airlines customer service at 1 (800) 864-8331.
  2. Explain that you need to correct a name on your ticket and provide the correct spelling.
  3. A customer service representative can advise you whether the correction is possible and whether any fees apply
  4. A complete name change might be possible, but it will likely involve fees and depend on your situation.
  5. The agent you speak with will be able to give you the most up-to-date information and options


Do you need your middle name on your plane ticket to United?

  1. No, there is no need to have the United Airlines middle name on ticket necessarily required on your ticket, as long as:
  2. Your first and last name on the ticket exactly match your government-issued ID or passport you'll be using for travel.
  3. Suppose you are looking for an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization), which is mandated for travel to the United States from visa-free countries. In that case, the name on your ESTA application must match your passport exactly. In some cases, your middle name might be omitted or shown as an initial on your boarding pass due to limitations in airline reservation systems. This shouldn't cause problems if your first and last name matches your ID.
  4. You can always contact United Airlines to confirm their ticket middle name policy. Their contact information is on their website.

Does United Allow Name Changes on Tickets?

Yes, United Airlines allows name changes on tickets, but some conditions and fees are involved.
You cannot change the name on your ticket online. To request a name change, you must contact United Customer Service by phone at 1 (800) 864-8331.
The fee for a name change depends on several factors, including how far in advance you make the change and the type of fare you purchase. When you call, have your reservation details and any supporting documentation (such as a passport or marriage certificate) ready.

How do I change the name on United Airlines Ticket?

You can't change the name on a United Airlines ticket yourself online; however, instead, there are two other ways to make name changes on your ticket, may consider it:
Contact United Customer Service: This is the most common way to make a name change. Call them at 1-800-864-8331, so, while calling, you should prepared to provide your reservation details, the reason for the name change (if possible), and any required fees.

MileagePlus Account Name Change (limited situations): If the name change is due to a legal name change, marriage, or divorce, you can update your account information first. Then, the updated name may reflect on your ticket. But this is not guaranteed, and contacting customer service is still recommended. For more information on MileagePlus account updates, visit the United Airlines website.

What is the United Airlines Name Change Fee?

The exact fee for a name change on United Airlines depends on the type of ticket you purchased. Generally, United charges a United Airlines name change fee, but the amount can vary depending on the fare class of your ticket. You may be able to change your name online, by phone, or at the airport, but calling customer service (1-800-UNITED-AIRLINE) is recommended to get the most accurate fee information for your specific situation.

What is the United Airlines Name Change Policy?

  1. Looking to make name changes on your United Airlines? For this, you seek for the airline to allow you to change the name on your reservation, but there are some things to consider:
  2. Changing a name on your ticket will likely incur a fee. The exact amount depends on several factors, so you must contact United directly for a quote.
  3. The name change is available only if United Airlines allows it. This means that before the name change process, you may have to get permission from the airline.
  4. You can generally make changes up to the day of your flight, but the fees might be higher the closer you get to departure. There is a grace period for minor mistakes made within 24 hours of booking (at least seven days before the flight), where you can request a correction without a fee.
  5. MileagePlus members can update their name information online if it's a legal name change due to marriage, divorce, etc., and they can upload supporting documentation.
  6. If the booking is made through United Airlines, it is possible to change the name on your ticket, but if the ticket is bought through a third-party agent, you can't make an easy name change. 
  7. Online name change is not available, you can make it by calling the live customer serivce agent of the United Airlines. 


Is United Airlines' Middle Name not on the ticket suitable for flying?

Yes, it is suitable to fly due to if United Airlines' middle name not on the ticket, it is not necessary, it's only mandatory when the middle name is present on your official government Id like passport, Visa, or more identification modes. 

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