How Do I Select Seats on JetBlue?

How Do I Select Seats on JetBlue?

April 17, 2024

Are you a frequent traveler at JetBlue? So, you must be aware of the services that the airline provides. One of these services is the JetBlue seat selection that makes your trip all the more comfortable. Call 1-888-364-0062 or +1-888-364-0062 (OTA skip waiting) to book your favorite seats onboard. Also, you can select and book your preferred seats online or at the airport. 

The airline allows you to book your favorite seats in advance as well, if you want. Learn about the rules that JetBlue has set to choose seats, know the process to select seats, the fee that you have to pay for seat selection, and much more. 

So, go through the account here and enjoy a flight trip with JetBlue on your much preferred seats. 

Can I Select Seats on JetBlue?

Yes, you can select seats on a JetBlue flight. And that too without paying any charges for it. So, you can pick your most preferred seats on the flight without having to worry about any charges. 

From booking to check-in, all the travelers can pick free seats on JetBlue except Blue Basic. Those having a Blue Basic ticket can choose free seats within 24 hours of departure. 

How to Talk to JetBlue Customer Service for Booking Seats?

You can call JetBlue customer service team for booking seats of your choice. Here’s how - 

  • Call 1 800-538-2583.
  • Follow the IVR instructions.
  • Once connected to a live agent, share your booking details. 
  • Choose seats.
  • Pay, if required. 


Dial +1-888-364-0062 to skip the waiting times and prompt assistance. 

What are Other Methods of JetBlue Seat Selection?


You can make a JetBlue seat selection while booking or at the airport as per your convenience. Let’s take a look at both the methods one by one - 

During booking


  • Visit the official website of JetBlue.
  • Login to your JetBlue account.
  • Hit the Manage Booking tab.
  • Enter your booking details. 
  • Find your reservation.
  • Now, go to the search results page.
  • Find various flights to choose from.
  • Click on “Seats".
  • Look for available seat selection options.
  • Go through the seat map. 
  • Pick your seats and checkout.
  • Make payment, if required. 


Please note


If you don’t choose your seats during booking, JetBlue assigns you for free at check-in. 

At the Airport


  • Visit your local airport. 
  • Go to the JetBlue reservation department. 
  • Inform an agent there to book seats.
  • Convey your seat preferences. 
  • Pay the charges applicable. 


Once you get your preferred seats, JetBlue will send you a seat selection confirmation email with the respective seat number with other details. 

Can I Upgrade Seats with JetBlue Airlines?


If you want to have an upgraded experience with JetBlue, upgrade your seats. However, pay extra for the upgrade and enjoy additional benefits and enhanced comfort. 


Here’s how you can request for a seat upgrade - 


  • Open the JetBlue website.
  • Sign in or log in to your account.
  • Select a flight for the upgrade.
  • Find an option to upgrade to preferred seats during seat selection. 
  • Hit the upgrade button near your preferred seats.
  • Pay for the seat upgrade. 


The airline will email you the upgrade confirmation. 


For more details, call the JetBlue airways customer service number  1-888-364-0062. Alternatively, you can get real-time assistance at +1-888-364-0062. 

What are the JetBlue Seat Selection Rules?


For better experience with seat selection, it is good to know about the rules that the airline has set. Take a glance at the seat selection rules major points - 


  • The rules of choosing seats vary according to the fare class that you have purchased. 
  • Basic Blue ticket holders on a JetBlue flight can make an advance seat selection by paying a small fee. 
  • You can select from the three seat types -
  • Economy
  • Even More Space
  • Mint premium seats
  • Every traveler has access to economy seats. However, you can pay extra charges to upgrade to Mint seats or Even More Space. 

How to Select the Best Seats on JetBlue Flights?


The airline knows how important it is to grab your favorite seats during the journey. So,  JetBlue Airways allows you to make the best seat selection that meets your requirements. 


Here are the quick steps - 


  • Go to the official website of  JetBlue Airlines.
  • Proceed to the Manage Trips option.
  • Enter the details required.
  • Find your reservation.
  • Start the seat selection.
  • Choose the best seats as per your preferences through the seat selection chart.
  • Pay the charges applicable for the chosen seats. 

JetBlue will send you a seat selection confirmation email. 


For better understanding, you can call JetBlue en Espanol 1-888-364-0062. You will also get assistance in the Spanish language at +1-888-364-0062. 

How to Request an Extra Seat with JetBlue? To request for an Extra Seat,

  • Follow the normal booking prompts but book for an extra passenger.
  • Book the first seat in the name of the passenger.
  • Purchase the second seat with the last name of your traveler.
  • Add 'EXST' as the first name. 
  • Include the given SSR message in the record. 
  • Pick adjoining seat assignments in the GDS or in the manage your booking. 

What is the JetBlue Seat Selection Fee?


JetBlue offers some of the lowest charges for choosing seats. However, most of the ticket types are exempted from paying to pick their favorite seats. Also, your fees vary according to your fare classes, flight, and the chosen seats. 


When you have JetBlue Blue Basic tickets, you have to pay a seat selection fee that ranges from $5 to $25 for each direction. 


Please note


The fee is subject to change. Contact the customer service team of JetBlue for updated fees. 

Bottom Line 


Therefore, make a JetBlue seat selection as per your preferences and have a great trip. All you have to do is to follow the guidelines that the airline has devised to help you with choosing your favorite seats onboard. 


So, what are you waiting for? Do you have a JetBlue trip on your cards? Pick your favorite seats now! 




Why can't I select seats on JetBlue?


If you have a Blue Basic ticket, you might not select seats. However, you can select seats on payment 24 hours before the departure.


How does JetBlue assign seats?


Blue Basic seats are assigned through the GDS. If a seat is purchased directly with JetBlue, the EMD in the agency PNR is not shown. Blue Basic customers may also upgrade to an Even More Space seat.


Can I cancel an extra seat on JetBlue later?


Yes, JetBlue allows you to cancel a non-refundable fare and issues you a Travel Bank credit to use for future bookings. However, you must cancel the selection before the scheduled departure. 

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