How does an Electric Blanket make you feel warm & comfortable?

How does an Electric Blanket make you feel warm & comfortable?

November 28, 2022

Discoveries and Inventions are a part of human development. 

We grow when we get introduced to a new gadget and start mastering it. 

Numerous examples, like smartphones, dishwashers, heaters, etc., are one of them. 

After getting known to it, we developed it, again and again, to get the best out of it. And, so, we become knowledgeable. 

In the winter, when we talk about devices that make you warm. Usually, you think of Heaters. But we are advanced and found an alternative where you can enjoy the warmness without affecting your surroundings. 

Yes! We are in an era where you can control the warmth of your bedsheets, mattress, or blanket by yourself. We know, this high-tech gadget as Electric Blanket. It is one of the best devices to make you warm in winter.

Yes! the curiosity, in this case, is legit. So, to understand the Electric Blanket perfectly, we will see how it came into knowledge and works. 

So, let’s begin the discussion with its definition and working procedure. 

We will quickly discuss all aspects of pros, cons, availability, etc. And try to understand its market or business possibilities in India.

What is Electric Blanket & How does it work?

The Electric Blanket has a deemed history, and it is the dream of S.I. Russell, who patented the technology after its invention in 1900 century. 

Since 1921, it has become a topic of discussion. 

People’s curiosity and regular usage of these blankets in the tuberculosis sanitarium makes them more popular in that era. 

After gaining so much popularity, it has become a business product and nowadays is widely used in various countries. 

In 1984, more thermostats were wired to each other and installed into the blanket to maintain temperature accuracy. 

Although, it came into the market with various additional and advanced features and designs. 

It includes numerous other discoveries, like the addition of automated thermostat control, which turns on and off according to the surrounding temperature. 

But later thermostats are excluded from the designs.

The basic definition of the electric blanket is that it is a sheet or piece of fibre that provides you insulation and warmth by using electricity. 

It contains integrated electric wires that are easily controllable and can be used under blankets, over blankets, throws, and duvets. 
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These blankets usually have a control unit that helps adjust the heat produced by the blanket. 

By controlling and pulsing current at different intervals, it can maintain the accuracy of the heat it produces. In general, the long blankets made for two persons contains separate controller to adjust the temperature according to the person. 

These blankets can be used to preheat the bed or to make the bed warm. It uses a current between 15 to 115 watts; in modified ones, it uses 200 to 400 watts, according to the additional features. 

Numerous variations in power consumption can be seen in different blankets. Like some electric blankets use low voltage, nearly 12 to 24 volts, to warm you by using carbon fibres.

Heating pads inspire its working mechanism. It uses a heating element or an insulated wire introduced into a fabric that heats when introduced to electricity.

It also has numerous accessories assembled that maintain the temperature and amount of current entering the blanket. The use of rheostats allows it to regulate heat by managing temperature and makes the experience extremely comfortable. 

Also, in some advanced blankets, carbon fibres are being used that take less space and are more effective than older blankets.

Does Electric Blanket have any market in India?

The concept of the Electric Blanket in India is a bit new for the mass population. 

Although, it has been sold dynamically in various B2B and B2C marketplaces. But, due to various misconceptions, it becomes an avoiding product in the market. It still has a mass audience that uses these blankets. 

But, the need for positive marketing is still necessary to bring a surge in its sales. Due to this, the industry of these blankets has less competition. And it is an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Undoubtedly, this product has the potential to become dominant in the market. But, to get these sales, it has to get introduced by the audience or buyers. 

Various established brands that know the potential of this product are putting their efforts and money into getting a space in the market. And, if you want to do business in this sector, these things will help you.

How to establish a business in Electric Blankets?

Electric Blankets is a product with the potential to transform the winter products industry. 

It has gained the eyes of numerous well-known brands, and as a result, they are available in the market with their branding.

Its specifications definitely bring advancement, but its prices differ from standard blankets. 

So, to set domination, your products need various specifications that will make them preferable in the market. 

A diverse range of ideas is available in the market, with different price ranges. But the best three factors that ensure profit are:

Quality product 

The Electric Blanket is a concept that can easily be copied and modified. So, please don’t follow the upcoming trends, making it more advanced, beautiful, and comfortable. Because, in the end, the quality is the only thing that matters in a deal. As it is not that famous, so with brilliant quality the chances of getting success in more possible in this sector than others.   


The price of a product is a deciding factor in whether it is worth buying. Making a product affordable is a business tactic that helped establish various businesses. In the Electric Blanket industry, such transformation definitely ensure success in the business. So, a quality-efficient product with affordable prices definitely makes you an industry leader in this sector.


It is the factor that this industry lacks. And, by providing it, a surge in sales is definite. Using positive marketing skills, you can present your product to the customers. It will help you in getting customer recognition by the customers. And, if it is done under expert supervision and guidance, it will ensure a profitable business for you. 

Although, if you want, you can take the help of marketplaces or do it yourself. Several methods, like guest posting on websites, product promotions, and social media advertisement, are some of the significant features you can use.  

What are the Advantages and Harms of Electric Blankets?

An Electric Blanket is a gadget or machine, so it is not as safe as an ordinary blanket. 

But it is cost-efficient to warm yourself and won’t harm you when used carefully. 

And, thus this section may bring changes in your perspective about these Blankets. Although various myths and truths still need an explanation. So, here are some of the pros and cons of these blankets and their effects on human beings.


Cost Efficient

In comparison with heaters, these blankets are highly cost-efficient. They don’t require much electricity to warm you, and thus you can save a lot by using them. It will also be closer to you than heaters, and therefore, you can switch it off, after making the surroundings warm and comfortable for you.


It is a dynamic gadget, and the fur or smooth fibres make these sheets highly soft and comfortable. Also, the warmth it produces in winter makes you feel cozy, making it hard to leave it. 

Environment Friendly

It saves energy by reducing the need for heaters. It reduces carbon footprinting and doesn’t release any harmful gases. It also doesn’t require accessories and modifications and can be easily cleanable and washable. Thus, its usage definitely helps in the conservation of nature.


Prolonged usage is harmful to the skin

It is hard to leave it due to its extensive comfort, but using this for extended or overnight with electricity can cause dryness, itchiness, and in severe cases, burns.

Not for Diabetic and Pregnant Women

It will be near your skin and provide heat directly to your body. It is a natural phenomenon for the human body that heat brings an expansion on the blood vessels, and thus, causes severe problems to these people.

Risk of fire due to short circuit

Using these blankets for a long can raise the temperature more, which may cause a burning sensation on the skin. Also, if the wires installed in it got affected or cuts somehow, it can probably do the short circuit. 

Due to this, you can get an electric shock, or it will start burning. But using it probably, won’t let any chances of any accident and it is guided to use under proper instruction or manual provided with it.


Everything in this world has a good or bad effect on your health. These blankets are indeed safe to use. But it is also true that it can harm if misused. 

So, if you want to buy it, it is definitely recommended, but always remember how to use it to avoid accidents. But using it intensely, far beyond its limits, will always give negative results.


What are the Prices of Electric Blankets?

Various companies offer products in different ranges. You can get these blankets at a starting price of ₹1,099.

Do these Blankets are harmful to the skin?

Prolonged usage of these blankets definitely going to cause dryness and irritation in the skin.

Do the Electric Blanket available in India?

Yes! You can avail of them at various online and offline stores.

Does a business in Electric Blanket profitable?

Of course! It is. But you have to understand the targeted audience for this product.

Is using the Electric Blanket safe?

Definitely, it is! Until you are using it in the right way or as per guided in the instructions.


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