How is Solar Water Heater Transforming the Heating Industry?

How is Solar Water Heater Transforming the Heating Industry?

November 26, 2022

Using warm water for our daily work, like bathing, cleaning utensils, etc., eases our lifestyle in winter. 

Warm water is a remedy to wash out all the pathogens on the skin and reduces stress and tiredness. 

For that purpose, an invention widely known as a heater or geyser came into the market. But energy wastage becomes harmful to the environment. 

Carbon emissions directly impact global warming and thus become a significant problem for the world. 

And guess what? The solution to this problem is given by nature itself. 

Due to its tremendous specifications, the Solar & Renewable Energy Products became dominant in the market and one of winter's in-demand products. And it creates curiosity in our mind, what are these Solar Heaters? And how does it work? Hence, this article will discuss every aspect of this product in detail. 

We will elaborate on various benefits, and advantages & will see how they reduce global warming. 

So, let's begin the discussion with the exact definition and working of Solar Water Heaters. 

What is the Solar Water Heater & How does it work?

The Solar Water Heater is a device that uses sun rays or light to heat water. It uses a solar thermal collector to catch and collect the rays and pass on the heat for warming water. 

Numerous configurations are also available to make it efficient in different latitudes and climates. They are widely used in some industries and for residential purposes. It is available in two basic types; these are active and passive electric heaters. 

Its sun-facing collectors transfer the heat to a working fluid that saves it for later use. It can be used directly or with advanced light-concentrating mirrors. 

These heaters can also be used as hybrids to use with gas or electric heaters. It can also be used independently due to its capability in this process. In the vast installation, a mirror can expand the heat collection by concentrating the sunlight into a small collector.

The assembling design includes components like glass-topped insulated boxes, flat solar absorbers, copper heat exchanger pipes, and metal tubes surrounded by a glass cylinder. 

The sizes and capacities of these cylinders depend on the customer's needs but have to be more significant to nullify the bad weather conditions. But in Industrial cases, using a parabolic mirror to concentrate the sunlight on the tube intensifies massive water heating. 

In this type of setup, the heat is stored directly in a hot water storage tank. The heat transfer fluid used in such instances is water. But in active systems, there is a separate loop of liquid containing corrosion inhibitors, and anti-freeze delivers heat to the tank using a heat exchanger. 

The commonly used metal for these purposes is copper. Its physical and chemical properties, like high heat conductivity, mechanical strength in sealing and joints, atmosphere, and corrosion resistance, make it preferable. 

What are the Benefits of using Solar Water Heaters?



The usage of Solar Water Heaters intensifies the various advantages that make you a step ahead in the heating industry. 

The citizens and government well appreciate its highly environment-friendly working mechanism. 

Even though in the US, you can avail of various deductions in your taxes after using these heaters. 

So, it becomes essential to understand it more clearly, to make this thing profitable and reduce costs. Some of the significant benefits you can get with this device are:

Less Maintenance

These Heaters are very dynamic in working and come with all the safety features. Using good quality raw materials and metals like copper intensifies its strength to the next level. Thus, it can sustain and manage all the heating temperatures and climate changes. And, hence doesn't need quick maintenance. Although regular maintenance makes the device efficient for a long time, to maintain its actual state, if you want to do the services, it will cost you significantly less.

More Savings

We know the high electricity needs of a heater or geyser. They use massive powers for a long warming process, which costs a lot. But, with solar water heaters, energy wastage reduces to zero. The use of solar energy in its working reduces the massive electricity bills to a minimum. Additionally, its assembling is a straightforward process compared to other electric heaters. Thus, it saves costs in assembling as well. Apart from these various benefits like deduction in paying bills are some offers the government provides to influence its usage.

Environment Friendly

Using electric heaters on the environment, through massive carbon emissions and power wastage, affects the climate. Because of these changes, a rise in global warming can be noticed. Hence, to avoid these harmful effects on the lifestyle, solar water heaters are necessary. It uses sunrays to generate power and doesn't make any carbon emissions. It also helps in purifying the environment by zero heat leakage. So, a massive audience is turning toward these solar products to conserve nature and contribute to the earth's protection. 

High Durability  

Due to their dynamic manufacturing and usage of quality raw materials, these machines can balance and change in temperature. The use of copper provides it with various properties like rust, rot and corrosion resistance, massive strength, temperature adaptability, etc. With the benefits of such advanced properties, these devices are highly durable and efficient in working for a long time. 

Things essential to know about Solar Heaters before buying it

Due to its dynamic qualities and numerous advantages, it is one of the highest-selling products in the market, especially in winter. 

Because of this, several established and new industries are constantly working in this sector to gain domination. 

It may benefit or harm the customers due to varieties and variations in specifications. Thus, there needs expertise or a bit of knowledge to judge the product before buying it.
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So, in this section, we will discuss what makes these products the best and worst. Some of the most important things that are necessary to consider are:


Various usage or, say, the number of members in your family can directly affect the quantity of hot water usage. With more hot water demands, solar heaters need more power or capacity. So, to make it worth it for yourself or your family, it is necessary to estimate your work's daily hot water consumption. 


Although Solar Water Heaters benefit you in saving money on electricity bills. But, still, it is a bit more expensive than ordinary heaters. It will definitely help you with a 50 to 90% decrease in electricity bills. But you can avail of these benefits only if your hot water consumption is too high. So, get an estimate of your hot usage and then compare it with its prices to understand if it is worth it. However, if you believe in conserving nature and dedicatedly want to reduce global warming, you can put in your option by excepting electric heaters.


As we discussed earlier, it is essential to understand the two types of Solar heaters' working mechanisms to get the best from them. The types are basically dependent on the assembling structure of the device. Like, the active system uses circulating pumps to move the water. But on the other hand, the passive pumps depend on gravity for the transportation of the water. It is a fact that most people prefer active systems as compared to passive ones.

Climate Condition

Climate Condition is also one of the significant factors that need your consideration. Because we use nature to power this device, it is necessary to understand the climate first. Like in comparison, sunny areas don't require much larger collectors, required in rainy and windy areas. So, to get an excellent result and make it working worthy, you can consider the climate also before buying them.

These are some of the factors that may help you in getting the best Solar Water Heater. But what about the prices of these heaters? So, to understand the costs and various specifications that affect it, let's move on to the next section.

What will be the price of an Electric Water Heater?  

The Electric Water Heater is a highly efficient and advanced gadget used widely all over the world. Its dynamic specification and environment-friendly work mechanism make it a preferable product for customers. 

After, getting known to its advantages, if you are thinking to buy it. So, let's see what its prices will be and some factors affecting it. Some significant factors that affect the prices of these heaters are:


The capacity or volume of the water it contains directly impacts the prices of these heaters. The power and heating element, like collector size, varies with the change in water capacity. And this directly affects the costs and materials required to assemble. 


These solar water heaters are machinery; thus, using them becomes more convenient with numerous accessories. Also, the machinery type (active or passive) changes the material required and impacts the prices a bit. Hence, a little bit of disturbance in costs can be neglected to get the best result.


The Solar Water Heater is an outstanding and very profitable business product. Due to this, various established or emerging brands are constantly working to capture their market. Several well-known brands continuously Solar Water Heater their products to make them the best in the business. And variation or, say, surges and drops in the prices with brands can easily be seen.


It is one of the most influential factors buyers find unacceptable. But, with changes in locations, availability and material cost varies accordingly. Additionally, several state and additional taxes, like VAT, GST, etc., expand this gap more. Thus, sales price variation is expected with a rise in manufacturing costs.

But these things can easily be neglected by online purchases or by using marketplaces for quality deals. Although, after getting known various influencing factors, it's time to estimate prices. So, you can get the Solar Water Heater with a starting price of ₹15,090*.


In this article, we discussed Solar Water Heaters briefly. We elaborate on various angles like its working, advantages, and prices. The factors affecting their price also remain one of the essential parts we elaborated on. 

But before we summarise this article, do you think we still need to include something? Yes! The question is where to buy these amazing products. So, here is the best solution for all your sale and purchase-related problems.

We, Aajjo Business Solutions Private Limited is India one of the leading and most trusted organisations for all marketing and business sector problems. 

Our highly advanced and high-tech B2B marketplace is specially designed to ease your deal. We provide our users with customer-centric support to help them get a beneficial deal. 

So, if you are an industrialist and want to list your product with us, we welcome you to our family. And, if you are seeking the best quality Solar Water Heaters, please check out the dedicated section for affordable prices and fantastic offers.


What are the types of Solar Water Heaters?

Solar Water Heater is of two types, the Active and the Passive.

How to get the best Solar Water Heaters?

They are available at various online and offline stores. Also, you can visit for quality products with affordable pricing.

How can I Get the Solar Water Heater near my location?

You can visit to get the best product from a trending manufacturer near you.

What are the prices of Solar Water Heater?

It completely depends on your requirements. But, you can them into a price range of ₹15,000 to ₹85,000.

How does Solar Water Heater be beneficial for the environment?

The Solar Water Heater doesn’t leave carbon footprints and uses sun rays to power itself apart from coal and electricity.

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I was also looking for a Solar Water heater for my personal use. This article helped me a lot Thanks for sharing this information.

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What a fascinating read! The shift towards solar water heaters in the heating industry is not only innovative but also environmentally responsible. It's encouraging to see how adopting sustainable technologies can provide both economic and ecological benefits. Thanks for diving into this transformative trend in such an insightful manner.

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Grateful for this comprehensive insight into the transformative power of Solar Water Heaters. From eco-friendly benefits to cost savings, they're shaping a greener future while enhancing our comfort. Kudos for shedding light on this innovative solution!

solar water heater has brought about a revolution in the heating industry. The use of renewable energy sources has not only led to the reduction of carbon footprint but also resulted in significant savings for households and businesses. With advancements in technology and a growing consciousness towards sustainable living, solar water heaters are set to become more commonplace in the near future

I have been researching solar water heaters and I am so glad that I found this article. It has given me a better understanding of the technology and how it is transforming the heating industry. The information provided was easy to understand, comprehensive and very informative.

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Solar water heaters are an exciting innovation in the heating industry, and this blog post from Aajjo provides valuable information on how they are transforming the industry. It's great to see the emphasis on factors such as energy efficiency, cost savings, and environmental impact, as these are important considerations for any heating system. The information and insights provided in this post are a great resource for anyone looking to upgrade their heating system.

You will get clear details from the Solar Water Heater Transforming the Heating Industry. I really loved it and thank you very much for sharing this with us. You have a great visualization and you have really presented this content in a really good manner.

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