How to Change Your Travel Date on a Singapore Airlines Ticket

How to Change Your Travel Date on a Singapore Airlines Ticket

June 20, 2024

Travel plans can be unpredictable, and sometimes you may find yourself needing to change the date of your Singapore Airlines ticket. Fortunately, Singapore Airlines offers several ways to modify your booking, whether it's due to a schedule change or personal reasons. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to change your travel date on a Singapore Airlines ticket.

Understanding the Airline's Policy

Before proceeding with any changes, it's crucial to understand Singapore Airlines' ticket change policy. This policy may vary depending on the type of fare you have purchased (e.g., Economy, Premium Economy, Business, or First Class) and the specific conditions attached to your ticket. Generally, more flexible fares allow changes with minimal or no fees, whereas restricted or promotional fares might incur higher change fees or may not be changeable at all.

Steps to Change Your Travel Date

1. Check Eligibility

First, verify if your ticket is eligible for a date change. You can do this by reviewing the fare conditions provided during the booking process or by checking your ticket confirmation email. If you’re unsure, you can always contact Singapore Airlines directly for clarification.

2. Access Your Booking Online

To change your travel date online, follow these steps:

Visit the Singapore Airlines Website: Go to Singapore Airlines' official website.

Manage Booking: Navigate to the 'Manage Booking' section. You will need your booking reference number and the last name of the primary passenger.

Retrieve Your Booking: Enter the required details to access your reservation.

Modify Your Flight: Once your booking details are displayed, look for the option to change your flight. This option allows you to view available flights and select a new travel date.

Review Fare Differences: After selecting a new date, the system will display any fare differences or additional charges. Review these details carefully.

Confirm Changes: If you agree to the new fare and any additional charges, proceed to confirm the changes. You will receive a new e-ticket via email.

3. Contact Customer Service

If you prefer to speak directly with a representative or if your booking is not eligible for online changes, you can contact Singapore Airlines customer service. Here’s how:

Call the Customer Service Number: Dial 1-888-356-6551, available 24/7, for assistance with changing your travel date. Be prepared to provide your booking reference number and personal details for verification.

Explain Your Request: Clearly state that you wish to change your travel date and provide the new desired date. The representative will inform you of any change fees or fare differences.

Confirm the Change: Once the changes are made, the representative will confirm the new booking details with you. Make sure to double-check the new travel date and time.

Receive Confirmation: You will receive an updated e-ticket via email. Ensure all details are correct.

4. Visit a Singapore Airlines Office

If you prefer face-to-face assistance, you can visit a Singapore Airlines ticket office. The staff can assist you with making changes to your booking. Bring your ticket and identification for verification.

Important Considerations

  • Change Fees and Fare Differences: Be aware that changing your travel date might incur fees and fare differences. These costs vary depending on your ticket type and the timing of your request.
  • Availability: Flight availability on your desired date can impact your ability to change your booking. It’s advisable to check and make changes as early as possible.
  • Travel Documents: Ensure your travel documents (e.g., visa, passport) are valid for your new travel dates.


Changing your travel date on a Singapore Airlines ticket is a straightforward process, provided you understand the airline’s policies and follow the correct procedures. Whether you opt to manage your booking online, contact customer service, or visit a ticket office, you have multiple options to adjust your travel plans as needed. Always review the change fees and fare differences carefully before confirming any changes to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

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