How to Clean Indoor and Outdoor of Split AC

How to Clean Indoor and Outdoor of Split AC

January 05, 2022

In these hot summer days, where the ceiling fan simply isn't enough, an air conditioner is a must. This is the time of year when individuals consider employing an air conditioner, such as split air-conditioners, to keep their rooms cool. Throughout the winter, your split AC's outdoor unit has been sitting inactive and collecting dust. As a result, its components require some pre-season maintenance in order to be ready for the summer.

Because any air conditioner is only as good as its internal components, it's critical to inspect and clean your split A/C on a regular basis. Before you go outdoors to clean the condenser, start by accessing and cleaning your inside A/C unit. Read the article to learn how to clean a split AC all by yourself.

Procedures to Cleaning Indoor and Outdoor Unit of Split AC

The following procedures for each unit will help you acknowledge how the split AC can be cleaned away completely.

1. Washing the Indoor Unit

The steps mentioned below will guide you all the way through the entire cleaning procedure. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Wrap the entire split A/C system in a cleaning bag. To prevent dust or filth from reaching the floor, wrap your entire appliance in a new cleaning bag. They are available for purchase on the internet.

Purchase a bag with a cinch so you may loosen and tighten the bag's circumference. Instead of using a specialised cleaning bag, you can use an empty garbage bag.

Step 2: Remove the front panel and turn off the power source. Before opening the front panel, turn off the power to your split AC at the proper circuit breaker or power source in your home. To gain access to the inside of the indoor unit, undo the latches on the front component of the air conditioner and lift it up.

Step 3: Take off the air filters from your split air conditioner. The air filters are the long, rectangular parts at the front of the appliance that must be removed and washed to keep it in good working order.

To loosen and remove each air filter, press a tab on the side of the filter. Before you begin the cleaning procedure, make sure to shake the filters outdoors to remove any visible dust and grime.

Step 4: Rinse the air filters that have been removed under running water. Place the air filters in a sink or large basin and cover them with cool tap water. If your filters aren't very filthy, rinsing them may be sufficient to get rid of the dust. If running water doesn't seem to work, gently rub in a light cleaning detergent using a sponge or cleaning pad. After that, rinse them and air dry them.

Step 5: Clean the cooling fins by blowing the dust away. Attach a thin, flexible attachment to your air blower and use it to clean the dust off the back of your split air conditioner. The cooling fins appear to be a series of metallic lines that go along the back of the air conditioner. Make sure you cover the whole surface area of the cooling fins with your blower.

Step 6: Using no-rinse evaporator spray, clean the coils and allow them to dry. Apply a no-rinse evaporator cleaning from a speciality can to the coils. After that, set aside for at least 20 minutes. The coils, which resemble connected, circular metal pieces, may be found running across the middle of the interior unit.

Step 7: Change your air filters. Once you've established that the air filters are clean and dry, replace them in their original location. They should slide right into place, but if you're having trouble, double-check your owner's manual. Only clean, cold air will pass through your air conditioner thanks to these freshly cleaned air filters.

Step 8: Flush out the drain lines to clear any obstructions in the AC. Disconnect the hose or pipe that connects the interior and outdoor units to avoid a drain line obstruction. To force water or cleaner down the drainpipe, use a pressurized flush kit. Allow at least 1 hour for the drain line to air dry to ensure that all of the water or cleaning fluid has evaporated. Before turning on the air conditioner, reconnect the hose.

Step 9: Restart your split air conditioner to ensure that everything is working properly.

2. Cleaning the Outdoor Unit

After cleaning the indoor unit of your split AC, now, start doing the cleaning process for the outdoor unit. Have a look at the following steps.

Step 1: Turn off your outdoor condenser's power. Make sure your outdoor split AC unit is unplugged or switched off so that no electricity is flowing into it. You don't want the air conditioner hooked up because you'll be rinsing the fins with cold water. Regardless of whether your power system is connected to a breaker or has its own power source, flip or unhook this source to turn off the power altogether.

Step 2: Vacuum the condenser fins using a brush attachment. Connect a vacuum to the vacuum's nozzle and attach the brush attachment to the vacuum's nozzle. The inside of the metal unit is lined with condenser fins, which are thin, vertical metal pieces. Turn on the vacuum and use lengthy movements to suck out any visible dust and dirt from the outdoor unit. Clean your condenser in straight lines horizontally and vertically until no debris or leaves are visible.

Step 3: If necessary, use a long knife to straighten the metal fins. Using a long dinner knife, slip it between the indentations between any bent metal fins. If you want your condenser to perform at its best, make sure all of the fins are straight and in good operating order.

Step 4: Remove the fan from the outside unit by unscrewing the lid. Remove the grille from the top of the condenser with a screwdriver or another pointed tool. Remove any electrical units—specifically, the fan—before you can wipe out the fins. Remove any bolts or screws fastening the fan in place with a wrench or screwdriver before lifting it out of the metal assembly. Because the fan is connected to the condenser, you won't be able to totally remove it.

Step 5: Using a hose, rinse the fins and allow the unit to dry completely. Rinse the A/C condenser fins from the inside of the metal unit using a garden hose. The rinse process keeps your condenser's fins as clear and clean as possible, allowing it to run more efficiently. Before you do anything further, make sure the inside of the outside unit is fully dry.

Step 6: Before turning the power back on, reattach the displaced pieces. Secure your fan back into the condenser unit with the appropriate tools, then reconnect the top grille to the outdoor unit with a screwdriver. When all of these elements are in place, return to the circuit breaker or power source and turn the power back on (or plug in the unit).

One Last Thought

These are the procedures to clean up both indoor and outdoor units of a split AC. If you find any issues while cleaning, don’t be afraid to contact a professional for assistance. Hope you find this guide for how to clean split AC is insightful!

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Having extensive HVAC experience, maintaining split AC units is crucial. This guide adeptly addresses indoor and outdoor cleaning, ensuring optimal performance. A well-maintained system not only enhances air quality but also prolongs the unit's lifespan. A must-follow for those seeking efficiency and longevity in their split AC investment.

"This post is a true work of art. I'm in awe."

March 13, 2023

Good topic, thank you for sharing this. Can’t wait to read more of your posts.

February 28, 2022

Maintaining and cleaning any air conditioner periodically is vital for fresh free-flowing air, and it also helps in increasing the unit’s lifespan.

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