How to Eliminate a Horrible Smell inside Your Refrigerator

How to Eliminate a Horrible Smell inside Your Refrigerator

September 02, 2019

We've all been in the circumstance where we opened the door to our refrigerator and were startled by the foul, strong odor inside. It takes some time for us to figure out which meal or vegetable is rotten on the inside.

If you're seeking for ways to get rid of a bad odor in your refrigerator, this is the post for you. In fact, we have compiled a list of useful ideas to help you maintain your fridge clean and fresh, as well as natural items that will assist you in this endeavor.

Here are three easy ways to get rid of the smell and three strategies to keep it from returning in the future.

1. Thoroughly Clean The Refrigerator

The initial step may appear to be the most difficult, but it is essential. Go through your refrigerator and throw out everything that could be rotting or that you won't consume in the next several days. Place all of your remaining food in a cooler, cover with ice, and unplug your refrigerator. Because you need to keep the door open to clean, it's critical to save your food (if it's still good) and avoid wasting electricity.

While washing and scrubbing all of the shelves, remove the drawers to soak in the sink and cleanse the space underneath the drawers. Remember to wipe the seals on the door and the outside surfaces! You never know what items will drip as you put them in and out of the refrigerator.

2. Utilize a Natural Cleaning Solution

No matter what ingredients are specified in a cleaning product, using chemicals around food is risky. Fortunately, there are natural cleaning solutions that may be easily prepared from common household components. It is safe to scrub all surfaces with half a cup of baking soda dissolved in warm water in a sink. To really make that fridge sparkle, use a mixture of half white vinegar and half water.

3. Keep Odor Eliminators on the Shelves

Although it is common known that you can keep an open box of baking soda in your refrigerator to prevent odors, did you know you can pour baking soda on a cookie pan to absorb up any aromas that remain after cleaning? The increased surface area helps to quickly eradicate odors–just remember to throw out the baking soda when you're through. To combat stronger odors, combine half a cup of baking soda with a spoonful of vanilla.

A dish of dried coffee grounds (the coffee smell goes away quickly and carries other aromas with it), a cup of white vinegar, charcoal briquettes, or even a bowl of oats are all natural odor removers you can keep open in your fridge.

Now that you have a fresh start with a clean fridge!

4. Make sure that fresh food is visible

Put your fruits and vegetables in a drawer if you're going to forget about them! Place them on the top shelf so that you can see them every time you open the door. This way, you'll be more aware of when they're going bad and will be able to eat them before they go bad.

5. Make use of airtight containers

Don't keep your pizza or Chinese leftovers in their cardboard containers, don't wrap the rest of your sandwich in a napkin, and don't leave uncovered bowls of leftovers on the shelf. Everything should be kept in sealed containers. This not only preserves your leftovers edible for longer, but it also prevents their aromas from mingling and assaulting your nose when you open the door.

6. Label and date the leftovers

This will spare you from having to open the lid of an unknown object and losing your appetite! You'll never have to struggle to recall if you ate pasta on Monday or the previous Monday. You'll always know when your food was put away, so you'll know if it's good for tonight's meal or needs to go out with the trash tomorrow.

How to Keep Your Refrigerator Fresh

To remove unwanted odors from your refrigerator, follow the steps outlined below:

• Set your refrigerator temperature to 37-41 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent bacteria growth.

• Store leftovers in sealed containers.

• Mark and date any leftovers.

• Maintain proper air circulation in the refrigerator by arranging storage and condensing packaging as you consume items.

• Check your refrigerator for food spoilage on a weekly basis.

Your refrigerator is one of the most hardworking equipment in your home. A clean fridge not only makes you feel better about storing your food, but it also makes food taste better and last longer.

The Final Thought

If the stink lingers, you may need to leave the refrigerator open for a few days to let it air out. Remove all of the food and place it in a cool place before unplugging the refrigerator. Keep the door open until the odor goes away. Baking soda, coffee grounds, silica gel, and activated charcoal all aid in odor absorption. Place some on a plate and place it on a refrigerator shelf. Place a couple cotton balls in the refrigerator after dabbing them in vanilla essential oil or extract. For the next 24 hours, close the door.

Newspaper can aid in the absorption of smells. Fill the fridge's drawers and shelves with wads of newspaper, then close the door for a few days. After that, remove the paper and wash the fridge with a 1 cup white vinegar to 1 gallon water solution. This is how you can easily eliminate bad dour from your refrigerator. 

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