How to Get Car Insurance for a Modified Car in Pakistan

How to Get Car Insurance for a Modified Car in Pakistan

June 24, 2024

Owning a modified car in Pakistan can be a thrilling experience, whether you've upgraded its performance, enhanced its aesthetics, or customized it to reflect your personality. However, insuring a modified car requires careful consideration due to the alterations made to its original specifications. This guide explores the essential steps and considerations for obtaining car insurance for a modified car in Pakistan, ensuring you have the coverage you need while complying with legal requirements.

1. Understand Modifications and Insurance Impact

Types of Modifications

Identify the modifications made to your car, such as engine enhancements, suspension modifications, cosmetic alterations (body kits, paint), or audio system upgrades. Each modification can impact your insurance premiums and coverage terms differently.

Insurance Impact

Insurance companies assess modified cars differently than stock vehicles. Modifications that increase performance or alter safety features may increase premiums, while cosmetic changes might have a lesser impact.

2. Research Insurance Providers

Specialized Insurers

Look for insurance companies in Pakistan that specialize in modified car insurance They often have experience dealing with unique modifications and can offer tailored coverage options suited to your car's specific enhancements.

Compare Quotes

Request quotes from multiple insurers to compare coverage options, premiums, and policy terms. Consider factors such as coverage limits, deductibles, exclusions related to modifications, and additional benefits offered.

3. Provide Detailed Information

Documentation of Modifications

Prepare detailed documentation of all modifications made to your car. Include invoices, receipts, and descriptions of each alteration to provide insurers with a comprehensive understanding of the changes.

Vehicle Valuation

Provide an accurate valuation of your modified car. Insurance companies may require a valuation report to determine the insured value of your vehicle, considering both its market value and the cost of modifications.

4. Choose Appropriate Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage

Opt for comprehensive insurance coverage to protect your modified car against a wide range of risks, including accidents, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. Comprehensive coverage typically includes coverage for modifications, but verify this with your insurer.

Modifications Coverage

Ensure your insurance policy explicitly covers modifications. Standard policies may not automatically include coverage for aftermarket parts or enhancements, requiring specific add-ons or endorsements to protect these investments.

5. Disclose Modifications Honestly

Full Disclosure

Provide honest and accurate information about modifications when applying for insurance. Failure to disclose modifications can lead to coverage denials or policy cancellations if discovered later, potentially leaving you financially vulnerable.

Insurance Assessment

Understand that insurers may conduct inspections or assessments of your modified car before issuing coverage. This process helps determine the extent of modifications and assesses any associated risks accurately.

6. Consider Additional Coverage Options

Personalized Coverage

Discuss additional coverage options with your insurer based on your car's modifications and usage. Options may include roadside assistance, zero depreciation coverage, or coverage for accessories and custom parts.

Legal Requirements

Ensure your modified car insurance complies with legal requirements in Pakistan. Third-party liability insurance is mandatory under Pakistani law, covering damages to third parties in accidents involving your vehicle.

7. Maintain Documentation and Records

Policy Documentation

Keep copies of your insurance policy, modification documentation, valuation reports, and correspondence with your insurer. These records are essential for claims processing, policy renewals, and proving coverage in case of disputes.


Insuring a modified car in Pakistan involves understanding the impact of modifications on insurance premiums and coverage terms. By researching specialized insurers, providing detailed information about modifications, and choosing appropriate coverage options, you can secure comprehensive insurance protection tailored to your modified vehicle's unique specifications. Disclose modifications honestly, maintain accurate documentation, and comply with legal requirements to ensure peace of mind and financial protection while enjoying the thrill of driving your customized car on Pakistani roads.


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