How to Nourish your Skin to Glow in Winter?

How to Nourish your Skin to Glow in Winter?

December 22, 2022

A significant part of life we spend examining our looks in mirrors. You might think, though, that you are not one of us. But the truth is yes! We all do. And, hence the importance of looks can be justified. The changes we see in winter are rough and dry skin, variations in skin tone, cracks on the Skin, etc. It makes us less confident about our looks at low temperatures. So, what we can do to care for our Skin will definitely be a topic of interest. And, hence we bring this educational blog that helps you to understand your Skin and various natural and discovered methods to take care of it. So, let's begin the discussion with a detailed explanation of Skin. 

Things you might know about your Skin

The Skin is the longest human body organ. And it is the outmost layer of the body that is visible and used for many functions. It has three main layers. The outer one is the Epidermis, the middle one is the dermis, and the inner one is the subcutaneous Skin. It has three main functions: protection, sensation, and regulation. 

The most critical work not mentioned in biology books is to give you a beautiful appearance. Using creams and skin care might make it smooth, but what about the side effects it provides to the internal parts of your Skin? In winter, the harsh and extreme weather extracts all the moisture from your Skin; hence, itchiness, redness, and cracks can be seen in the worst cases. The cold wind and changing temperature worsen the situation, and the Skin's dryness or a whitish appearance can be noticed. Now, the question is how to save the Skin from these worst conditions. So, selecting skincare is a work that has to be done carefully so as not to harm the tiny pores of your Skin. So, let's see some remedies that decrease the effects of the cold on your Skin and maintain its glow.

Remedies that help to Take Care of the Skin


Our civilisation is ancient, and caring for the Skin is not new for us at all. And, hence numerous beneficial or harmful ideas are present in the market that may worsen the condition more for you. In the winter, our skin vessels and tissues get constricted due to cold. That abrupt the passage of the fluid to the Skin. And this results in dryness and cracks. So, to help you with this, we find some of the best methods by using which you can get glowing Skin in winter. 

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Hydrate your Skin Regularly

It is the first and most straightforward task you can do to take care of your Skin. In simple words, drinking adequate water can perform this task for you. And to strengthen this process more, you can add hyaluronic acid and retinol to your skincare products. Along with this, you can also use an adequate SPF to protect the Skin from UV rays causing damage. A good mineral-based SPF won't harm you and the environment and will maintain your Skin's breathability and pore structure. It will create an outer layer that won't be visible but will protect your skin and keep it moist to contradict the weather effects.

Use Luke Warm Water

The hot water harms the Skin and wipes off all the protective oil used to maintain moisture. Avoiding it, you can use lukewarm water for daily activities like bathing. It will benefit your skin by removing dirt and microbes from your Skin. Using it makes your Skin's tiny pores get enough heat through the blood vessels; thus, body fluid amounts are balanced. It also ensures not to react with your skin care product and intensifies their work. To expand this benefit, after washing or bathing your Skin with lukewarm water, apply moisturiser to lock the moist on its surface.

Use an adequate Moisturiser

With growing winters, the dry skin problem becomes more extreme. Due to the quick drop in the Skin's humidity level, moisturisers are necessary. But using cheap products can make your Skin harsher, so selecting a good moisturiser is essential to eliminate skin problems. Using a moisturising cream or cleanser, you can maintain your Skin's moisture. So, with the help of these skincare products, you can create a barrier around your skin to protect it from getting damaged in winter. One more benefit you can avail of with this is clearing the dead cells of your Skin without much effort. 

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Maintain a Healthy Diet

The thought that eating junk won't harm the Skin is entirely wrong. Whatever you eat either benefits or harms your Skin. As to maintain the glow of your skin, a healthy diet is a must. You can add various seasonal fruits to your diet, like berries, grapes, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, etc. These fruits make you highly energetic and provide healthy nutrition full of vitamins and antioxidants. It also increases the water density in your body. And, thus, bring a shiny appearance to your face and Skin. Various other methods, like taking vitamin pills, etc., fulfil all your nutrition requirements.

Routine Exercises

Exercises are one of the essential parts of making your skin glowing and moisturised. Various practices like running, squats, jumping jacks, etc., increase the heart rate and, thus, pump blood faster. Thus, the Skin gets more oxygen and liquid to remain moisturised and healthy. So, following a regular exercise routine can make your skin brighter, healthier, and happier.


In this article, we saw some skincare techniques to make your Skin glowing and moisturised. We saw why taking care of the skin is essential to maintain skin health. After this, we saw some unique techniques to achieve healthy skin and prevent it from harsh winters. 

Ultimately, it is necessary to understand the importance of a healthy body. Because beauty is not about makeup, it comes from inside. Exercises, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep are some of the applications of a healthy lifestyle that brings a glow to your face. And save you from getting wandered inexpensive beauty products.


Q, What is the reason behind a dark and dim skin?
A. The reason behind this is the lack of pigmentation or oil into the skin.

Q, What is the reason behind change in skin colour in winter?
A. The appearance or colour is decided by melanin hormone. But in winter the change in skin appearance is because of the constriction of blood vessels, due to extreme cold.

Q, How healthy diet helps in glowing skin?
A. Whatever you eat contains nutrients, either good or bad. So, when your intake a healthy diet good nutrition like, fibers, and anti-oxidants make your blood pure and hence, it results in glowing skin.

Q, Does SPF harm the skin?
A. Usually not! But some of the cheap products present in the market can cause skin cancer and also harm aquatic animals.

Q, What is the main use of moisturizer?
A. The Moisturizer is a cream or liquid that lubricates the skin and reduces dryness.

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