How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on PS4

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on PS4

April 13, 2024

The methods to install and activate Amazon Prime Video on a PS4 are shown in this article. We have also outlined the steps you must take to fix Prime Video on a PS4 when it stops working.

How to Install PS4 Amazon Prime Video


  • You need to connect your PS4 to a stable internet connection and attach it to your TV's HDMI port.
    From the main screen, select the PlayStation Store and then the TV & Video area.
    Find and open the Prime Video app by searching for it.
    To install the app, choose the Download option on the app information page.
    After installation, open the Prime Video app on your PS4 system by clicking the Start button.


How to Set Up Sony PlayStation 4's Prime Video


  • You have to select the language when you first open the Prime Video app.
  • It will select a language by default based on the PS4 settings. Click Continue if you are happy with the language that is being used by default. To switch languages, click the Change button.
  • Press the Sign in and Start Watching option on the welcome screen.
  • You will now see two screens to open the application.
  • You have two options for activating Prime Video: either manually input or scan the QR code.
  • Proceed to sign in using your Amazon account and input the code for activation. Once completed, select the Register Device option.
  • Your account will be linked and the Prime Video app on your console will refresh after verification.
  • The home screen of the Prime Video app will appear. Select the material you want to see, then hit See Now.
  • You can watch free stuff on Prime Video by browsing and selecting No thanks if you don't want to sign in.

10 Easy Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Video Not Working on PS4


If the PS4 Prime Video app isn't functioning, there are numerous methods to fix it and get it to function again. If your game console displays a blank screen, buffering, or stalling when using the Prime Video app, these workarounds will also work.

  • Verify the stability of the internet connection. For SD streaming, it should have a speed of 1 Mbps and for HD streaming, 5 Mbps. To resolve the issue, if the connection is slow, get in touch with your ISP. 
    Use an Ethernet cable to link the PS4 to the network if WiFi signals are spotty. 
  • Check if there is a Prime Video server outage by visiting the Downdetector website. Please wait until the issue is resolved if an outage is reported. 
    On your console, uninstall and reinstall the Prime Video app. 
    To resolve technical issues and clear the cached files on your PS4, restart the device. 
    Get the most recent version of both the Prime Video app and the PS4 system. 
    On your console, disable the VPN connection and give it another go. 
    Reactivate Prime Video by logging out and then back in. 
    To remove all the settings and applications, reset the PS4 system. After that, try reinstalling the Prime Video app to see if the problems with it have been fixed. 
    To fix the issue, get in touch with Prime Video support and follow the instructions.


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