How To Find GRE Coaching Services Near Me?

How To Find GRE Coaching Services Near Me?

February 09, 2024


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What does it take to pursue higher education in a foreign country? Will a good score in your plus two be enough to be called by an international university? Well, not really. You need to prove yourself worthy not only for the course you want to pursue but also to stay in the country. This is where the standardized tests become significant. 

GRE, or the Graduate Record Examinations, has a major role in international admission. With more than 1300 business schools from 94 countries accepting GRE scores, there’s no way to ignore the preparation needed for the test. 

When you search for 'GRE coaching near me,' you will come across many websites like offering coaching to students. While some have made a name for themselves, others are just cashing in on the opportunity to earn more profits. 

If you remember, last year three people were caught for conducting fraud GRE exams. That is why it is important to find the right GRE coaching services near you. When you visit AbroAdvice or any such popular website to check GRE exam for which country, invest some more time and check a few more things. 

Let’s take you through the points to check before you finalize a GRE coaching centre for yourself.

  1. Check the Experience of Teachers

Your preparation depends on the people who will take the responsibility to teach you all about GRE. So, when you start your search for a GRE coaching centre, the first thing you need to look into is the experience of the teachers associated with them. Be it online or offline, everything depends on the team of trainers. It is impossible to learn how to sail through the various sections of GRE without proper guidance. Now, you will come across many that keep the panel of teachers hidden. It goes without saying that you have to avoid such websites or coaching centres. Further, the coaching centres use various ways to promote their business. Invest time to understand if there’s any reality in what they are promoting before you make a move. 

  1. Location and Fees

With online education in the centre stage, location might not be a reason to worry. Yet, there are reasons students still look for offline coaching. We leave the choice to you. However, when it comes to choosing the right coaching centre, you need to look at two crucial aspects: location and fees. When preparing for international education, you would have loads of work related to the application process. Also, you might have to prepare for your boards side-by-side. So, going to a coaching centre that's far away from your home will be hard. When you go through the brochures or other details about the centre online, check the address and fees before all other things. It will help you shortlist centres easily and find one that fits your requirements. 

  1. Average Batch Size

You need to make sure that the centre does not offer admission to a lot of students in each batch. The more the number of students, the less will be the trainer's focus on each student. As GRE is one of the crucial tests for international students, you cannot make any mistake while selecting a coaching centre. When you know how many students are there in each batch, it will be easy for you to understand if the coaching centre is good enough for your growth. Look for the ones that have smaller batch sizes and get admission accordingly. 

  1. Reviews from Other Students

One of the most effective ways to understand if a coaching centre is good for you or not is by checking the reviews. What other students feel about the infrastructure, fees, and all other things is important to understand. Your decision depends on the reviews. If you find other students are satisfied with the training sessions, go ahead and investigate further before you make a decision. You need to keep a check on the reviews published on the centre’s website and the ones available on other reviewing websites. There are instances where the coaching centres publish reviews that are fake to lure more students. You need to be careful and take steps to understand the coaching centre properly before investing a single penny. 

  1. Availability of Study Material

You need to refer to study materials every now and then while preparing for GRE. So, to ensure those are easily accessible, look for a coaching centre that makes things available for students. Further, you also need to check if the coaching centre keeps itself updated with the changes in GRE format and syllabus. Getting admission to a coaching centre that has backdated study materials will not be of any help. Hence, look for the ones that have updated study materials and also share access to training videos from eminent trainers across the globe. GRE has a lot of sections and you have to be well-versed with each to bag the best grades. 

These will help you find the right coaching centre to prepare for GRE. But before we end this discussion, let’s take you through the three sections of GRE.

An Insight into the GRE Format

GRE evaluates a candidate's command over basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis, and college vocabulary. So, how is the exam distributed? Let's give you an insight: 

  1. Analytical Writing

You will have to answer one question in 30 minutes. The score ranges between 0-6 and you have to show your writing abilities in this section. You need to write an essay on the topic you will be assigned with. The section evaluates your ability to respond to a certain situation and how fast you can think about a solution. In this section, you will be asked to read an opinion on a topic and will be instructed with the ways you need to respond to the situation. You must practice well to ace the section. 

  1. Verbal Reasoning

How well you analyse written materials is something you need to prove in the verbal reasoning section. You will come across three types of questions, text completion, sentence equivalence and reading comprehension to ace this section. You need to be well-versed with the techniques to handle the section and implement them to sail through the obstacles. You will get around 40 minutes to complete the section and the score ranges between 130-170. 

  1. Quantitative Reasoning

As the name suggests, this section is all about solving complex math problems. The questions are based on math lessons such as basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis, trigonometry, calculus or any other high-level math. The questions can come in different formats, such as quantitative comparison and problem-solving questions. You need to learn the basics as well as a bit of advanced math to answer all the questions. The section needs to be completed within 47 minutes and the score ranges between 130-170.

Final thoughts,

A good GRE score can take you one step closer to living your dream. You need to take all the steps to ensure you have a score better than others. To do so, you need to find the right coaching centre and enrol yourself for better preparation. However, it is crucial to understand if the centre offers all the things you need to prepare well for GRE. So, go through all the details mentioned in the above sections before you make a move. Understand the importance of GRE and choose a centre wisely. 

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