January 20, 2022

  • Air quality – breeze air (a gentle wind)
  • Workers can comfortably sit for 10–12 hours
  • The human body will feel 4 to 5 degrees less heat because of its wind chill effects, which makes the air feel colder than it because of the chilling effect of the wind on the skin
  • Also, it reduces power consumption by 30% to 70%

It may reduce the capital cost of ventilation equipment

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Facilities that have wide spaces and high ceilings may have difficulty with air circulation and temperature control. For facilities where moisture buildup interferes with processes or endangers products or livestock, continuously circulating air prevents bacteria and other contaminants from building up on surfaces. Good airflow also helps dry up moisture, even when in unheated spaces.


High-volume, low speed fans come in very large sizes, from seven feet up to 24 feet, with operating speeds ranging from 61-220 rpm. These fans typically come in multiple horsepower (hp) options, including 5/8 hp, 3/4 hp, or 1 hp. Though large in size, HVLS fans are made from lightweight materials and can be conveniently installed permanently or temporarily depending on the application needs. While HVLS fans are typically ceiling-mounted, MacroFan can also provide wall-mounted or standalone complimentary fan integrations, depending on the available space and other application-specific considerations.

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