Industrial Humidifier

Industrial Humidifier

November 07, 2019

As industrial technology has improved, so has the necessity to maintain optimal humidity levels in industrial environments. Modern equipment's sophisticated and complicated components are frequently particularly sensitive to moisture levels. There are three primary applications for industrial humidification systems:

• Static electricity build up should be reduced or eliminated.
• Maintain Inventory, Equipment, and the Building
• Create a Healthy and Safe Workplace and Environment for Employees and Customers

In this article, we’ll discuss these points one-by-one to make it easier for you understand the whole application of industrial humidifier.   

1.Reduce/Eliminate Static Electricity:

According to Edvard's essay on EEP titled "Danger and Control of Static Electricity Build-up," published on December 12th, some common issues that enterprises can face are:

• “Fire or explosion caused by ignition”
• Electronic components that are sensitive are damaged.
• Humans are subjected to electric shock, which is then followed by an accident, such as a fall.
• Mechanical components, such as bearings, are damaged as a result of sparking through the oil layers on bearing surfaces.”

All of these are compelling reasons for businesses to invest in the best industrial humidification system available in order to control and maintain excessive moisture levels. According to Wikipedia, static accumulation happens when moisture levels are too low: “Friction can cause static build up and sparks when humidity is below 45 percent relative humidity (RH).”

Humidifiers are essential for certain industries that are particularly susceptible to static electricity build up, such as:

The accumulation of static electricity is a primary reason why modern industrial organizations require humidification systems to regulate and control moisture levels for safe operation. Industrial equipment is costly, worker safety is essential, and quality control for manufacturing processes is critical for effective output.

2. Maintain Inventory, Equipment, and the Building:

This is another essential application for industrial humidification systems; excessive moisture levels, both high and low, can harm inventory, materials, equipment, and structures. Because industrial work environments can be found all over the world, applications will differ depending on the natural climate and the specific work environment; however, industrial businesses want to acquire effective humidification systems that can accurately regulate safe levels of moisture – with as little maintenance and hassle as possible.
Certain businesses rely extensively on humidification systems to control excessive moisture levels in their working environments, such as museums, libraries, storage warehouses, antique vehicle restoration shops, auto paint booths, clean rooms, cold storage rooms, and many more. Produce will spoil, precious materials will be harmed, equipment will malfunction, and building structures will degrade from inside if moisture levels are not maintained.

3. Foster a Healthy Workplace and Customer Environment:

Finally, the third major application for industrial humidification systems is to provide a healthy, safe working environment for all parties concerned. This is related to the other two purposes since static electricity and mold accumulation within buildings are both hazardous to the health and safety of employees and customers.
Although not all humidification systems sterilize the air, they all minimize extremely high moisture levels, which helps to reduce/eliminate mold. Smart Fog's humidification systems are the only industrial humidifiers that use oxidization to destroy airborne viruses, effectively sterilizing the air.
The 4.2 millimeter droplets created by humidification devices are small enough to attract airborne diseases; however, they are not attracted to any other and are oxidized into the air before contacting any surfaces, therefore removing any airborne infections.
Controlling excessive moisture levels and sterilizing the air with an innovative humidification system will ensure that this happens. Industrial enterprises are responsible for the health and safety of their staff and any customers in their industrial surroundings. Customers and employees will not only be healthier, but they will also be more comfortable.

These three primary applications for industrial humidification systems in organizations have risen in relevance as industrial technology has i
mproved. Certain industrial processes rely on exact control of temperature and moisture levels in their working environments to generate quality goods and assure safety. Nonetheless, every sector would profit from one or more of these industrial humidification system applications.

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