Let’s Explore Common Reasons Behind Motorcycle Accidents and the Trial Process

Let’s Explore Common Reasons Behind Motorcycle Accidents and the Trial Process

May 11, 2024

Motorcyclists enjoy their rides because they experience a unique freedom. While exciting, the risks associated with motorcycle rides cannot be overlooked. A rider can be severely wounded if a vehicle hits his motorcycle, and many lose their lives as well. Of course, this doesn't mean you should not ride one anymore. However, learning about the causes of accidents is crucial for one's own and others' safety. Let's delve into them and other related details.

  • What can pave the way for a motorcycle accident?

Various factors can contribute to this situation, such as blind spots, weather conditions, intersection challenges, poor visibility, etc. No matter what leads to an accident, contacting reputable motorcycle accident lawyers San Diego can be the best decision for guidance. Blind spot refers to the area a vehicle driver cannot view from the side mirror or backup mirror. Trucks and buses face this problem the most. Motorcycles' tiny stature means that truck and bus drivers may not notice them, even when they are nearby. It can prove fatal for motorcyclists when vehicle drivers merge into traffic or change lanes. Freeways and high-traffic zones create the perfect scene for accidents as every vehicle runs at high speed, including motorcycles. 

In some cases, potholes and other road hazards can be responsible. You can lose control due to the sudden bump and fall. It can also cause flat tires, another safety threat. Wet roads, uneven surfaces, and temporary patches are other conditions one must consider risky. Then, you must also be alert when driving at the intersections, as different traffic paths converge here, and riders and drivers can try to turn suddenly. Car drivers especially need to be watched as they indulge in distracted and fast driving. Even weather can be a factor behind a motorcycle accident. Think of rain, fog, snow, strong winds, etc.

  • What can a motorcycle accident attorney do for you?

A liable party’s insurance company can employ different tactics to deny or decrease your compensation. Without proper legal support, you can easily be deceived by them. They can convince you that you are partly responsible for your accident. However, your attorney can protect you from this hassle. They will collect evidence and negotiate with them on your behalf for the appropriate outcome. If the insurance company agrees to pay a fair amount, the matter can be settled out of court. Otherwise, legal action will be the ultimate resort. Although most cases don’t require trial, your attorney has your back even in this case. They will present all the evidence, witnesses, and other resources to get you the desired compensation.

After winning your case, you can focus on your physical and mental recovery. Follow up with your doctor and undergo necessary rehabilitation, including physical therapies. These steps are crucial for improving your functionality and mobility. It's also important to note that the trauma from the accident may continue, especially if you have long-term disabilities. However, the compensation you receive can help you access treatments and therapies, increasing your chances of healing. It also means you won't have to worry about burdening your family with medical bills. 

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