MRP Interlock Bricks

MRP Interlock Bricks

November 28, 2022

Eco-Friendly Bricks

Using the latest manufacturing and design technology, we are delighted to introduce our new Eco-friendly & Economical Bricks for your buildings, which reduces 25% of your construction cost.
# No Need Sand 
# No Need Cement 
# No Need Column & Beam 
# No Curing 
# No Plastering 
# G+1 Load Bearing Structure 
# If You Need Go For Framed Structure  
-> Interlock Bricks
-> Fly-Ash Bricks
-> Precast Compound Wall

  • Reduce Construction Cost by 25%
  • Lower Labour and Material Costs.
  • Faster and Quicker Construction.
  • High Thermal Insulation.
  • Good Sound Insulation.
  • Quick and Easy Assembly.
  • Low Water Absorption.
  • Fire Protection.
  • Disaster Resilient.
  • No Wastage.

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Your economical and environmentally friendly bricks for your structures, which lower construction costs by 25%. Well done.

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