Organoclay Supplier and Manufacturer in China

Organoclay Supplier and Manufacturer in China

May 08, 2024

Zhejiang Camp Shinning New Material Co.Ltd is a high-quality organoclay bentonite manufacturer and supplier in China. It is a professional organophilic clay bentonite provider integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales. The organo clay bentonite, we provide has stable quality and a better price-performance ratio than traditional organic bentonite clay.
Organobentonite is a thickening rheological agent produced by using montmorillonite as raw material and quaternary ammonium compounds after modification and exchange with cations. This is also called a rheology modifier , suspending agent and thixotropic agent, rheological additive, anti-settling agent and anti-sag agent etc.

Organophilic Clay

Organophilic clay are used to increase carrying capacity and suspension properties, providing support for weight materials and improved cutting removal.

Applications of Organobentonite.

  • l  Solvent based Paints & Coatings
  • l  A water-based paint coating.
  • l  Adhesive
  • l  Cosmetics.
  • l  Lubricating grease.
  • l  Ink.
  • l  Oil drilling mud: Organophilic clay is used as an Suspended additive to oil drilling mud, improving performance in diesel, mineral oil, and synthetic oil 

Oil Based Drilling fluid

  • Base oil:
  • Diesel Oils
  • Crude Oils
  • Mineral Oils
  • Synthetic Oil

Viscosifying drilling Fluids:

  • Oil based drilling fluids
  • Invert emulsion fluids
  • Workover fluids
  • Completion fluids
  • Casing packs
  • Packer fluids
  • Spotting fluid


The organic clay bentonite used in oilfield drilling is divided into dry-produced organo clay   and wet-produced organo bentonite. They only have different production processes, but they are almost similar in performance. And they can be used with diesel synthetic oil and mineral oil.

Properties of Organobentonite

  • Effective viscosifier and gellant
  • Aids control of fluid loss to the formation
  • Increases emulsion stability
  • Improves cuttings carrying and hole cleaning capacity
  • Suspends weighting materials and other solids
  • Confers temperature stability to the fluid


  • Composition                    Organically modified bentonite clay
  • Physical appearance            Off white to tan free-flowing powder
  • Moisture content (105℃,2hr)     ≤4%
  • Particle size (<76μm or 200 mesh)    ≥95%

Packing: Organophilic Clay is packed in 50lb(22.68kg) or 25kg/bag or customized, multi-wall paper sacks or Kraft paper bag with PE liner or customized.

16MT / 20FCL with pallet, 18MT / 20FCL without pallet. 25.5MT/40FCL with pallet.

We can provide a cargo transportation safety appraisal certificate to ensure that our rheology modifier meets the conditions for safe transportation, as it can be transported not only by sea or air, but also by rail or by road to foreign countries.

Why Choose Us

High quality raw materials.

In terms of raw material control at the source, we always strictly control every detail for you. The main components of organobentonite are natural montmorillonite and quaternary ammonium compounds. For the degree of montmorillonite, we undergo strict testing before putting it into production. This ensures that we provide you with first-class product quality.

Strictly control quality.

In terms of production, we not only strictly follow ISO standards to ensure consistent product quality, we also implement a strict quality control system. From raw material procurement to manufacturing to final shipment arrangements, every link is strictly controlled.   To ensure that professional people control professional links. To ensure that the quality of each batch of our organiclay bentonite meets your production requirements. .

Always ensure the full presentation of organobentonite properties.

In addition to its wide range of applications, organobentonite also has very diverse properties. The most obvious properties are its thickening and rheological properties, as well as its efficient suspension and thixotropic properties. In the field of paints and coatings, it has extremely strong resistance to settling and sagging. It can be used in many different industrial fields, such as drilling fluids, greases, inks, paints, coatings, cosmetics, adhesives, adhesives, etc., to always provide excellent performance for your products.

Ensure variety of organoclays bentonite clay varieties.

In addition to its wide range of applications and comprehensive performance, our rheological additive is also very diverse in type. Our organoclay bentonite can be divided into solvent-based systems and water-based systems. Therefore, in addition to being used in paints, coatings, inks and greases, organiclay bentonite is also widely used in some water-based paints and coatings.

Consistently provide pre-sales and after-sales services.

For our organophilic clay, whether it is in your consultation stage, testing stage, purchasing stage, or after-sales stage, we have professional personnel to cooperate with you to complete every stage of your work. We are responsible for every batch of Samples of the products kept to ensure that the quality of our products can always be traced to achieve consistency and stability of product quality.

Experienced technical team and sales team provide you with a one-stop solution.

In our organophilic clay bentonite team, technicians and sales and after-sales personnel all have many years of industry experience. They will always provide you with efficient services to ensure the smooth progress of your project. These provide support and solutions to ensure your satisfaction and confidence in the project.

We will store each batch of samples according to the batch number, whether you send samples or container orders. We store these samples in the reserve room to ensure subsequent product quality control, and every time an order is placed, we ensure that the quality of each order is consistent with the quality of the first shipped order.

At present, we have participated in many well-known professional exhibitions around the world. According to each different application field, we will participate in corresponding targeted professional exhibitions. For example, the coatings show ( China Coat Show European Coat Show , Middle East Coating Show Etc), the grease exhibition and the oilfield drilling exhibition. By participating in these exhibitions, we provide convenient services and products to our users around the world.

Through these exhibitions and thorough exchanges, the professional and technical level of our products has been greatly improved. It is a better promotion for our R&D and production, as well as for our users.

We look forward to better cooperation with you in the field of organoclay bentonite. At the same time, we are also confident to become your best quality Chinese organophilic bentonite supplier and manufacturer.

Please contact us now to obtain the product technical information and samples you need.We will give you a professional reply as soon as possible.

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