Plan Your Holiday Expenses for a Trip from India to France

Plan Your Holiday Expenses for a Trip from India to France

December 27, 2023

Embarking on a trip from the beautiful landscapes of India to the charming streets of France is a dream for many. With its diverse terrains, rich history, and colourful culture, India offers a fantastic tourist experience. At the same time, France – a country steeped in history, art, and an unmatchable romantic ambience, promises an unforgettable adventure. France is a cultural feast housing famous landmarks like the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower. The French Riviera invites you to bask on sunny beaches while the countryside unfolds as a peaceful getaway.

As you prepare to turn this dream into reality, one crucial aspect that demands careful attention is planning your holiday expenses. From flights and accommodation to daily expenditures, thoughtful budgeting can make your French adventure delightful and financially stress-free.

Let us understand and ease the financial aspects of your journey – from India to France and dive into the nitty-gritty of planning to ensure your trip is unforgettable and well-managed financially.


Destination Selection

Selecting suitable destinations for your trip from India to France is crucial for planning your holiday expenses effectively. Each city and region in France offers a unique experience, and your preferences, interests, and budget play an important role in deciding where to go. Here are a few destination options to consider:



  • The City of Love: Paris is a must-visit with its romantic ambience. Stroll along the Seine River, marvel at the Eiffel Tower, and explore charming neighbourhoods like Montmartre.
  • Louvre Museum: Home to the iconic Mona Lisa, this museum is an art and history treasure trove.
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral: Admire its Gothic architecture and climb to the top for panoramic views.



  • French Riviera Gem: Nice boasts stunning beaches, vibrant markets, and a delightful Old Town (Vieux Nice).
  • Promenade des Anglais: Walk along the palm-lined promenade overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Colline du Château: Climb for breathtaking Nice and the Baie des Anges views.
  • Cours Saleya: Explore the flower market and sample local delicacies.



  • Culinary Capital: Lyon is a food lover's paradise. Try traditional Lyonnais dishes in the Bouchons (local restaurants).
  • Old Town (Vieux Lyon): Wander through narrow cobblestone streets and discover Renaissance architecture.
  • Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière: Visit this stunning hilltop basilica for panoramic city views.


Flight Booking

Flight costs can significantly impact your overall budget, so finding a balance between convenience and affordability is crucial. Here are some tips for booking flights to France.

Research and compare flight prices in advance

Go online and check out IndiGo’s websites and apps. This portal will help you to find the best deals on flights. Take your time scrolling through, comparing prices, and making notes of the options that catch your eye.

Consider booking a round-trip ticket for potential cost savings

Booking a round-trip ticket often comes with cost savings compared to buying two separate one-way tickets. It is a great way to keep more cash in your pocket for those delightful French pastries.

Be flexible with your travel dates

Airlines offer great deals on certain days, and you might catch a sweet deal. Check out different days for departure and return. Sometimes, flying mid-week or during off-peak times can lead to lower fares. So, don't set your heart on a specific date; let the cost-saving dance guide you. This way, you'll save some bucks and set the stage for a budget-friendly and fantastic journey from India to France. 



Regarding hotels in France, it's about more than just a place to sleep. It's an opportunity to tailor your stay to what suits you best – whether that's the chic vibes of a boutique hotel or the comfort of a B&B. Take your pick, and let your accommodation be a delightful part of your French adventure.

Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are the way for those who fancy luxury and uniqueness. Imagine stylish interiors, personalised service, and an atmosphere as charming as the city. These gems cater to travellers looking for extra flair in their stay.

Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs)

If you're a fan of cosy atmospheres and a more personalised experience, cosy bed and breakfasts (B&Bs) might be your cup of tea – or should we say coffee, considering you're in France! B&Bs often provide a homely feel, friendly hosts, and a chance to savour local flavours regarding cuisine and conversation.

Diverse options for every taste

France doesn't stop there – it's a country of diverse tastes, and this extends to accommodations. Whether you're leaning towards a modern hotel in the heart of the city, a charming inn in the countryside, or a seaside retreat, there's something for everyone.


Daily Expenses

Meals: Enjoy the flavours of French cuisine

French cuisine is a masterpiece, from buttery croissants and crispy baguettes to the adventurous delights of escargot. The streets are lined with charming cafés, inviting bakeries, and restaurants serving gastronomic wonders. Set aside some amount for your daily meals to fully embrace the flavours from a mix of local eateries to sidewalk cafés and lavish French dinners.


Local Transportation: Glide through the city with ease

Navigating the streets of France is part of the adventure, and the good news is their public transportation system is as efficient as it gets. You can easily explore buses, trams, and the metro, effortlessly connecting with the city's heartbeat. Budget some cash for your transportation needs to cover the cost of exploring different neighbourhoods and visiting iconic landmarks. You can also leave room for spontaneous detours – because sometimes the best discoveries happen when you least expect them.


Sightseeing: Immerse yourself in art and history

France is a treasure trove of art, history, and captivating attractions. Museums, galleries, and historical sites beckon you to explore their wonders. Allocate a portion of your budget for entrance fees to these cultural gems. Whether it's the Louvre housing the enigmatic Mona Lisa or the serene beauty of Mont Saint-Michel, each ticket opens the door to a unique experience. Plan your sightseeing budget accordingly, and embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in France's rich history and artistry.


Miscellaneous expenses:

Visa Fees: Secure your Schengen visa in advance

Before your adventure begins, take a moment to consider the paperwork. Applying for a Schengen visa in advance is like unlocking the door to your French escapade. Check the visa requirements, complete the forms diligently, and submit everything on time. Visa fees are a part of this process, ensuring you have the necessary documentation to explore the wonders of France without any hassle. It's the key that opens the gateway to your travel dreams.

Travel Insurance: A safety net for peace of mind

Travel insurance is important to keep you protected from unexpected situations. It's like a safety net, providing peace of mind during your journey. Travel insurance ensures you're covered, from unexpected medical expenses to trip cancellations and lost baggage. It's a small investment for a big reassurance, allowing you to focus on the joy of exploration without worrying about the 'what ifs.'

Shopping: Explore the treasures of a shopper's paradise

France is not just a destination, it's a paradise for those who love to shop. Stroll down the chic avenues of Paris and explore high-end boutiques, or lose yourself in the charm of local markets. Budget a little extra for those irresistible souvenirs, fashion finds, or unique pieces that will forever remind you of your time in the shopping haven of Europe.

Best time to visit

Spring (April to June): A symphony of blossoms and renewal

Stroll through the charming streets of France with a light breeze carrying the sweet scent of blossoms. That's spring in this enchanting country. From April to June, France transforms into a blooming masterpiece. Gardens burst with colour, and outdoor cafes beckon with the promise of sunny afternoons. The weather is pleasantly mild, making it the ideal time for leisurely explorations.

Fall (September to December): Nature's canvas of rich hues

As summer bids farewell, fall paints France in warm hues and a touch of nostalgia. From September to December, the weather remains inviting, with cooler temperatures and a symphony of autumnal colours. Crowds thin out, allowing for a more intimate experience of France's treasures. 

Currency Exchange

Before spending, you must exchange your rupees for euros from authorised places that exchange currency. These are like money shops that give you Euros in exchange for your Rupees. It's a simple step that ensures you're using the correct currency for all the fun things you want to do in France.


Planning your holiday expenses for a trip from India to France requires thorough research and careful consideration of various factors. By setting a realistic budget, researching deals, and staying flexible, you can make the most of your travel experience without breaking the bank. Keep in mind that detailed planning enhances not only your financial preparedness but also your overall enjoyment of the journey.

Take the time to compare prices, consider round-trip tickets for extra savings, and be flexible with your travel dates. Furthermore, by booking your flights through the IndiGo mobile application, you unlock an additional 10% discount through its Exclusive fare. Take the opportunity to download the application and secure your India to France flight today. You can also book other tickets like the India to Spain flight

So, buckle up for a journey where every rupee spent is a step closer to creating lasting memories in the enchanting landscapes of France. Feel free to share your IndiGo flying experience in the comments below. Wishing you a fantastic journey!

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