Powder Transfer System | Altomech Private Limited

Powder Transfer System | Altomech Private Limited

September 29, 2023

What is Powder Transfer System ?

powder transfer system is a quick and easy way to transport and dispense bulk powders or grains. This system is a considerable upgrade to any traditional, mechanical, or pneumatic material conveying process, providing a completely dust-free means of material transfer.


Benefits of Powder Transfer System


The advantages of our stainless steel powder transfer system include increased production, as well as built-in safety and cleanliness. Our powder transfer system shortens batch times and assures complete process integration. A suction device, a vessel with automated valves and a regeneration-type filter, a vacuum pump, intermediate pipework, and fittings, and a control panel are all part of the system.



  1.  Suitable for all powder transfer applications
  2.  Closed system for dust-free operations
  3.  Designed for sanitary applications

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