React JS Vs JavaScript: What’s The Difference?

React JS Vs JavaScript: What’s The Difference?

December 07, 2023

React JS is a JavaScript-based library highly beneficial for building composable user interfaces. In addition, this library is ideal for the creation of reusable UI components and it is useful for creating modern applications.

Significant Features of React JS

React JS facilitates the easy creation of dynamic applications. Along with it, React JS ensures that businesses can create dynamic web applications with less coding and more functionality. It comes with numerous types of dedicated tools for easy debugging, which makes the debugging process faster & easier. To further know about it, one can visit the React JS Certification Exam. Given below are some of the significant features of React JS.

  1. Improved performance - React JS comes with a virtual DOM and using it helps you create web applications faster. This virtual DOM only updates the items in the Real DOM that have been changed.
  2. Reusable components - It comes with various kinds of reusable components which have their logic and controls. Along with it, these components can be reused throughout the application.
  3. Unidirectional data flow - This library follows a unidirectional data flow and allows developers to nest the child components within parent components. This approach helps a business debug errors easily. 
  4. Small learning curve - It is an easy-to-learn platform comprising basic HTML and JavaScript concepts. You can easily understand React's library after giving some time for it. 

Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript is a very popular scripting language useful for implementing complex features on web pages. This language allows you to create and control dynamic website content and make changes manually. Netflix and Uber are some of the most popular websites built through JavaScript.

Significant Features of JavaScript

JavaScript is a lightweight scripting language and it is developed for client-side execution for web applications. In addition, this scripting language facilitates dynamic typing and defines the types of variables as per the stored value. This scripting language is highly essential for the modern web and it offers developer switch dynamic and interactive features. Using JavaScript brings a website to life with content updates in real time. Apart from these, given below are some significant features of JavaScript. 

  1. Interpreter Based - It is a very beneficial solution and using it reduces the complexity of development. This is an ideal language for creating robust web applications with relative ease. 
  2. Validation of User’s Input - JavaScript ensures form validation and allows clients to ensure accuracy. This feature makes sure that both parties have the relevant details have been correctly filled out. 
  3. Ability to Perform In-build Function - It comes with numerous in-built functions like isNAN (), Number (), parseFloat(), and parseInt(). These functions make it even easier to work with data.
  4. Lightweight and Delicate - This is an incredibly lightweight and dynamic programming language. Using JavaScript in a business facilitates efficient code creation with no need to declare variables. 

Difference Between React JS & JavaScript

React is a JavaScript package that is useful for the creation of user interfaces. This library is useful for functional programming paradigms. React allows developers to easily maintain and update web applications using React reusable components and virtual dom. React JS facilitates interoperability which makes it vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This platform organizes and maintains the code more effectively and has better UI/UX performance than VanillaJS.

JavaScript is a scripting language and it does not require any additional libraries or infrastructure. More than 65% of the professionals use JavaScript and only 55% use HTML/CSS as their programming languages. It comes with vanilla js, which makes the e-commerce websites more expensive to maintain. JavaScript keeps the online apps secure and allows developers to use the middleman APIs. Along with this, this solution outperforms React when it comes to security. Many institutes provide React JS course online training and one can enroll in them to start a career in this domain.


A JavaScript-based library called React JS is quite helpful when creating modular user interfaces. It makes the process of creating dynamic applications simple. Using the virtual DOM that comes with React JS speeds up the creation of web applications. It has a variety of reusable parts with built-in logic and controls. These elements can also be utilized again and again throughout the application. With this module, developers can nest child components inside parent components and have a unidirectional data flow. This method makes it simple for a business to debug issues. It is a simple platform made up of fundamental JavaScript and HTML ideas. JavaScript is a common scripting language that adds intricate functionality to web pages. JavaScript is a programming language designed for web applications that runs client-side. It is a really helpful solution that makes development less complicated when used. In conclusion, this is an ideal language for creating robust web applications with relative ease.

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