Retail marketing: In our mobile-smart society, e-tail is the new retail

Retail marketing: In our mobile-smart society, e-tail is the new retail

July 01, 2024

When we claim that two notions complement each other, we mean it. Mobile is influencing customer behavior. When a customer is thinking about a product, whether at home, on the go, or at work, all they need is a mobile search to satisfy their curiosity. Similarly, while in a store or mall, customers frequently conduct product-related searches. All of these developments point to one thing: digital marketing is a vital engine for a flourishing retail industry.

70% of smartphone users who bought anything at a store first looked to their phone for information about the purchase, according to Google.

That's an intriguing statistic for the retail industry, which is continuously seeking new surprises for its customers. The new strategy for retailers is to expand their markets into the digital realm via e-commerce websites.


E-commerce products that are visible on mobile devices have higher conversion rates; thus, ongoing activity in terms of offer, range, and product category always generates money. Here's an intriguing statistic: After viewing a relevant ad, 91% of smartphone owners purchased or intend to purchase something.

Marketers are using a varied marketing strategy to connect their e-commerce businesses with the target segments in the UAE, providing a consistent shopping experience for all customers. This includes tailored content and shopping items based on their search history, effective remarketing, conversion monitoring via extensive analytics configuration, and timely traffic audits across numerous devices.

Page loading times for mobile-friendly websites directly influence conversion rates for an e-commerce portal. Keep website page loading time to a minimum to effectively engage mobile traffic. Every second delay in mobile page loading could reduce conversions by up to 20%. Reducing page load time and enhancing website UX are the most effective ways for digital marketing agencies in the UAE to increase engagement and business.

How can we help?

In the dynamic world of e-retail and e-commerce portals, dynamic and ROI-driven digital marketing techniques are required. BM Marketing has done it all, from designing and managing an e-commerce retail store to creating and implementing social media and Google AdWords strategies. Regular analytics assessments and tracking audits provide a distinct advantage for result-oriented tactics. For us, every search is a valuable source of insight, and our experienced team understands how to use these shopper insights to promote the business. Data mining enables us to create customer-centric strategies, which leads to higher digital conversions in the retail sector.

To summarize, the retail industry has a unique ecology. It not only connects the physical and digital worlds, but it also ensures a seamless shopping experience for all customers. BM Marketing' primary goal is to make digital search sessions engaging and social media buzzing with positive activity. To learn about the benefits of digital marketing for a retail company, contact our team of digital professionals.

Retail Digital Trends: 78% of shoppers have spent more time researching a brand or product online than in-store.

Keep in touch with BM Marketing, a Dubai-based digital marketing and eCommerce website development company, to stay up-to-date on emerging concerns in digital retail marketing. If you have any questions, need assistance, or are searching for a digital marketing company in Dubai, please contact us immediately. For additional updates, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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